Emersion in a sentence as a noun

Yes you don't get the full emersion but thats exactly why both mediums still exist.

Imagine if we integrated this kind of emersion in video game?

There will be emersion of mixed display technology.

Lots of professions call for enormous dedication and periods of complete emersion in a project for some time.

I wonder if perhaps you replied to the wrong comment?> what possible point are you trying to make?To correct emersion about Wayland being an option.

I immediately know because my technological emersion and knowledge of what is possible makes this argument for me.

You very effectively articulate my own apprehension about our emersion in digital technologies and the compromises we possibly make as a consequence.

Not when you have these babies on.-any- interaction with a portable or remote electronics could be done through glasscontextual info lookup, like price matching, comparison shopping, maps, directions, all of itentertainment, eventually vr type emersion.

Emersion definitions


(astronomy) the reappearance of a celestial body after an eclipse

See also: egress


the act of emerging

See also: emergence