Emerge in a sentence as a verb

NewCo would emerge from the bankruptcy as the new GM, and OldCo would be liquidated.

I was happy with it, but then D2 started to emerge which was more templatey than I was comfortable with.

One good thing about reading/browsing HN is that you can get an impression of the ideas that are starting to emerge.

I believe you are simply seeing one of those biases emerge as a side effect of the conversation.

This keeps businesses more conservative and makes it hard for organic enclaves to emerge here.

I'm curious how you think it's possible for a structure like this to emerge after some level of success?

Those effects emerge as unintended consequences from the dynamics of a system.

PHP did not emerge spontaneously from conversations amongst PHP programmers -- people actually sat down and wrote code.

More likely, it's an emergent property of the legal system in a democratic context that can probably be explained in terms of game theory.

If anything it hurts-- it mandates closed-source options that cannot easily be audited, and it slows down the upgrade cycle thus preventing bugs that emerge from being quickly patched.

When the machines are procured, even larger hunks of data are indiscriminately shoved through black box implementations of algorithms in hopes that meaning will emerge on the far side.

This is the biggest danger we face - the slow deterioration of our privacy to the point where when things like this emerge, a large part of the population's reaction is "why didn't you expect this?

If enough Stanfords emerge across the world, suddenly the time-honored value of the Harvard degree seems less shiny than it once was.[Interestingly enough, Harvard does a pretty darned good job at being a Stanford, too.

Emerge definitions


come out into view, as from concealment; "Suddenly, the proprietor emerged from his office"


come out of; "Water issued from the hole in the wall"; "The words seemed to come out by themselves"

See also: issue egress


become known or apparent; "Some nice results emerged from the study"


come up to the surface of or rise; "He felt new emotions emerge"


happen or occur as a result of something