How to use Emboss in a sentence as a verb

But once you pass, you get the pride and responsibility of having a seal that you can use to emboss blueprints.

Apple already gave their customers a chance to be treated like tool-using human beings, and the result was a decade of barely moving enough boutique desktops to keep their lights on. Now they basically emboss "suck it, consumer" along the rounded corners, and they're swimming in money.

I think that buttons with some kind of bevel/emboss - ones that resemble the ones people have seen on computers for the past 20 or so years, and in the physical world for 100+ - are going to be more recognizable.

You're going for shadows and emboss, but that's completely flat.

Experimenting with multiplying, dividing, combining, and inverting color values gives you effects such as emboss, drop shadow, glow, inverse, etc.

IE, customization isn't buying you anything other than the ability to emboss your name or make a slightly different iphone case.

A few weeks later they added a negative emboss effect.

I wonder if skeuomorphic designs will be looked back at and be viewed like we now view the interfaces from the 90s, with huge amounts of bevel and emboss, shadows and gradients.

As print becomes less prevalent I miss the textural experience a screen can't provide such as the feel of paper, emboss, deboss, foil stamps, spot varnishes, die cuts, etc.

Nobody would expect them to be endorsing my "I love you" message for my wife if they engraved that, so why do we when it's a politialy charged message?As for why people get Apple to engrave the message rather than "carve/emboss/sharpie/sew" the message themselves; it's neater and looks good.

Anyone is totally free to carve/emboss/sharpie/sew those words into the pencil/shoes/car that they buy. No one is stopping you.

Currently I only offer engraving rather than embossing but it wouldn't be too hard to emboss instead.

Emboss definitions


raise in a relief; "embossed stationery"

See also: boss stamp