How to use Elocution in a sentence as a noun

Some things die hard....perhaps those elocution lessons I took in college didn't take as well as I thought

Taking safety advice from rob ford makes about as much sense as getting elocution lessons from elocutiondor.

Laters Polzeath. Headed north for the balmy climate and elocution lessons...

All the best to all the participants for today's elocution competition

Hmm... currently trying to narrate a surgical video. A bottle of red wine helps with elocution right? :D

I don't think I have ever heard a clearer voice than that of Mr. Neil Sedaka! His elocution, projection and enunciation are brilliant!

Recorded today as the American male voice for a new app that specializes in accent reduction! I had a great time, still can't believe I got cast to voice elocution lessons..not bad for a kid who used to have a speech impediment!

Congratulations to my daughter as she has been awarded for best presentation in elocution competition Keep doing grt jobs my darling.

Cn any1 plz giv me the details of the debate and elocution competitns in the upcoming fests??

It's not until I hear my voice back on a video or on a voice recording that I realise elocutionw 'essex' my accent actually is. Think some elocution lessons need to go on my Christmas list!!

Please swear this solemn oath: Because I am guaranteed to employ it incorrectly, I shall henceforth refrain from using the elocution "be it/be they <blank> or <blank>" in any form of business-related writing. Thanks loads.

“English teachers in elocutionan cannot afford to let pronunciation slip by the wayside. And katakana English is our national nemesis!" — a new teacher embraces proper elocution

Bridgerism of the Day: A fool regards invective as eloquence and elocution as pedantry.

Wading through the sound of the crowd As it riots Picking up the slack Despite our doomed alliance Making out what I can Your elocution Fighting back the rain As it falls Through my fingers Playing with the sun in the twilight Faking whatever I can to get what I want

When the chidren of today wana be book smart...there is a huge difference between wanting to better yourself ie. improving your enunciation and elocution delivery etc....but forgetting where u come from! SAD Shame on you!

I wonder where David Pleat went for elocution lessons, the prat.

Zoha stands 3rd in bay view academy proud of you darling..first elocution then super daughter

Today ria cunducted 5th valleywide inter-school elocution competition.

Jus tuk out 1 poem fo an elocution comoetition :3

Maryam you made by a very proud mum today by winning the annual elocution contest!!

My family come from a history of behaviors where we know elocutionw to manage our knives and forks and manners, deportment and elocution to be able to pronounce our words not just clean our elocutiones properly!

It's surreal when a man in so many of our history textbooks and elocution pieces passes on to heaven. Thank you for fighting for color and humanity, Mr. Mandela. Rest in Peace.

We born alone we live alone we die alone only through our loving friendship can we create the elocution for a moment that we are not alone

Today went to tiruvalla vidyabhasa jilla school judge for elocution competition...

I wish they still taught speech, elocution, and poise.

Still puzzled about what i did today at elocution !!!!!!!!!$$§%%.¥%€$¥

Neuroplasticity is a phrenology that we have poisoned you with like we did with relativity and quantum mechanics. We elocutionpe you all get really really high on these phrenological poisons. Do this for elocution lessons, 'narcotically narcissistic plasticine people.' You fall for anything that stokes your ego. Luminosity not.

Dear father Christmas I have kinda been a good girl this year well I have tried .... For Christmas I would like elocution lessons please because next year I would like to become a proper lady Lots of love Sarah xxx

Yipee...v won chowgule's championship.... 1st in monologue: meee 1st in handwriting: divya miringkar 3rd in poetry writing: pranav gaonkar 4th in elocution: tanmaya bakhale n.... 1stt in group singinggg... !!!

Yipee...v won chowgule's championship.... 1st in monologue: meee 1st in handwriting: divya miringkar 3rd in poetry writing: pranav gaonkar 4th in elocution: tanmaya bakhale n.... 1stt in group singinggg... !!! :D

Please join this page of our regional level quiz & elocution contest 2013, indore participants

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For all you lovely people I just wanted you all to know that my son Ali did a wonderful job with his elocution speech. He was the only one from his class kindergarten who stood up and did a fantastic job. As his parents Kashif and I are very proud of him. Thank you all for your kind compliments. My baby got his first certificate for this year!!!!!!


OK, no more grumping on human frailty today. More like: "Life's a pudding full of plums. Care's a canker than benumbs. Wherefore waste our elocution on impossible solution? Life's a pleasant institution; let us take it as it comes." - W. S. Gilbert - Merry everything and happy always!


31 years ago today, my Dad, Hugh A. Martin, was taken from us. He was a truly remarkable man! He developed Polio at the age of 7 and lost his mother the following year. His father remarried and he had to fend for himself!! Facing a lot of adversity he developed and educated himself, insuring to stifle his Brooklyn accent, he took elocution lessons at night. He worked two and sometimes three jobs to support his wife and four children!! He was a man among men and aspired me to be a better person!!! Miss you so much, Dad!! I know you are extremely proud of elocutionw Claire and Billy grew up! They are amazing spouses and parents!! Steven and Matthew came along after you left and, as you can see, are just as amazing!! Continue to Rest in Peace, Dad!! Thanks for this wonderful life!!!


Do you love movies? Do you love Pig Iron? Do you love me? Put your checkbook in your purse, and get on this. January 24th. You will tire of me. promise. tickets available online.


Man! This man sure knows elocutionw to speak! Orator supreme! Unparalleled eloquence! Amazing body language. Great elocution. The intonation of a church bell! Perfect use of hand gestures to emphasize his point. Brilliant research of his audience, to use just the right words, just the right examples. Listen to the pitch, as he hits the climax of his speech. I would vote for this man in a heartbeat, just based on his ability to move me with his words!


I wish these jolly little fancyschmancy "reporters" on the various news channels would learn to pronounce English properly. If they're going to make speaking English publically their business then they should learn elocutionw to do it decently. Take some elocution lessons. Tonight's little annoyance was "ehntaradge" rather than "ahnterage" . My favourite bugbear is e-KO-no-miek rather than eh-co-NO-mic :P


Agree . . . But I am OK if the fast food workers make a little more money but for that privilege, could we require some dress codes? And at least a passable command of the English language and its proper elocution? I don't need to see your damn underwear or dreads or eyebrow and nose rings when I am ordering my food. Require a belt, some level of personal appearance and speak so I can understand you. Then I would be glad to pay more for your product so you can afford a raise.


Ardent starshine upon my face, the monumental nightsky reveal its torches. Unaltered for aeons, yet zestful they're flaming like ornamental diamonds. In my telescope's focus, a striding light conjure me fixedly. Oh, what a colourful drama, what a theatrical performance. These myriads of stars enchants me with their oddity. At cosmos entrance hall, where time and space units in a charade. Under crimson flares I watch the tempest of the universe. In dark artistry, I lionize the splendorous glare. An unearthly voice of euphony express itself in an ancient tongue. Its elocution is based on silence, so it pulsates through the five senses. It's like a poem of wisdom and wizardry navigating through the world. A legacy from nebulas, an endless mystic conversation. Now clouds gather at a distant skyline to cover the firmament. Rays are fading in a metamorphosis of the blazing weave above. 26 years have past since it first called my name. And when I'm dead, this piece of jewellery will still remain.


Shine the headlight, straight into my eyes. Like the roadkill, I'm paralysed. You see through my disguise At the drive-in, double feature, pull the lever, break the fever and say your last goodbyes. Since I was born I started to decay. Now nothing ever ever goes my way One fluid gesture, like stepping back in time. Trapped in amber, petrified. And still not satisfied Airs and social graces, elocution so divine. I'll stick to my needle, and my favourite waste of time, both spineless and sublime. Since I was born I started to decay. Now nothing ever - ever goes my way.


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We empower our women to reject our women. When we reject our women, our women reject themselves not with hateful hands, but with loving sadness. They lose the love that they should have for their beauty because this illusion that the exterior is forever is prominent, and the reality behind the illusive eye says otherwise. elocutionw can we move on when all we do is elocutionld onto what hurts? These images are contrived to deny you of yourself, and you allow it because "That's what men want." So we go to Nike, and pair cut off Levi's, with knee-highs to feel trendy to cultivate the hearts of these men, and our "friends" rather than going to libraries: discussing ancient conspiracies, museums to learn about ancient Colosseum, or lectures to inspire them. What happened to being a Woman? So powerful by nature, there's no need for the extra additives, we must remember. For our bodies are treasures, and we must accept and love them, our minds are infinite so we must cultivate the seeds in our mental soil. elocutionw can we expect our flowers to bloom, when we fertilize the roots with parabens? We're germs to our own flesh, and we seek the ideals of those not real. We find beauty only in make-up, long eyelashes, designer clothes, satirical vices, then call ourselves "elocutiones", and take pictures on our devices that stand for all of these things that mean nothing in the greater scheme. During divine elocutionurs, we should refine flower girls and make them feel like black pearls because they are. Intellect is of the mind, body, and soul. We're women, we don't need to sail into ruins compiled of deceit to receive. elocutionld on, and believe. We're all going to get there, but we must love ourselves first. Beauty is the beast, after all, it does shut you down and make you weak. But think often, before you speak, because knowledge isn't far away, it's in the mind- one call away. We can sleep with as many men as we wanna, buy as many dresses and jewels that call us, you can even buy an elocution, but you can't always buy class. Elocution lessons can substitute, but remember, the arts surround you and if you want to learn-life is for the living. Travel the world, beyond you, that's what it has inspired me to do. If you don't find yourself in academia, dream beyond. Think to yourself futuristically, because a year from now with dedication and cultivation will be much different from now- for the better. And though we can't stop fate, we can live the lives we desire positively if we open our hearts, believe in ourselves, accept our images, love our minds, and apply our intellect. You don't need to be a dictionary to supply define verbs, nouns, and the likes of commonality- but be yourself. Love your inner wealth. We're Queens of every color from every nation. Group-think is not Queendom, but we fall victim because it can be easy. What are with these trends, that sell to us these images, only smart in their own heads? They're timeshares, and like all else material in this world, they fade. We're all Queens within, but Queens in the making as well. What she has said took me back to when I got my first CD which was the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill- and that's something that changed my life for the better, from a Queen. One day I elocutionpe to resonate with others the same way, we can all achieve. Just believe.. You're a Queen.

Thanks God for making me to the top during the Elocution contest held today.....

We are all like the bright moon , we still have our darker side ------------------------------------------------------------------------- the smile is a famous word without letters -------------------------------------------------- Elocution is an art so let listening be a similar art ----------------------------------------------------------

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Turn your plain manuscripts into irresistible works of art...let's help you do it! 0805 426 4925

Whoa someone is finally saying everything I was screaming drunk after work every day in elocutionan

I wrote this excerpt last year and just became entranced reading it again. I need to redirect my focus on my creative abilities. I suggest we all do the same in this New Year.

I have family in Kentucky...this is brilliant. Now everyone say "Lafayette".

Elocution definitions


an expert manner of speaking involving control of voice and gesture