Doublespeak in a sentence as a noun

"Although it seems the word "copyright" is also a bit of doublespeak these days.

People are so conditioned by doublespeak PR, they get the icky feeling from plain talk.

Appease and mollify them with eye candy and doublespeak.

He can't be an uninformed pawn of his corporate masters and be engaged in doublespeak at the same time.

"This might be my new favorite example of corporate doublespeak.

Similar terms used, are "doublespeak", and "newspeak" I quite often hear people say "My data is safe with Google", and very clearly this turning out to be wrong.

The authoritarian-apologist doublespeak it's full of is even more damning than the original story.

Doublespeak definitions


any language that pretends to communicate but actually does not