Dole in a sentence as a noun

Do you dole out homeopathic-sized shares of stock?

I just wouldn't recommend that most of them dole out advice about it.

Boys have never been in more trouble: They earn 70 percent of the D's and F's that teachers dole out.

* The current tax law is a nightmare for those AU startups wishing to dole out equity.

He clearly craves validation and doesn't hesitate to dole it out to himself.

In addition, 4chan isn't in a financial position to dole out large bounties.

"Wasn't the jury under instructions not to dole out punitive damages?

So here is the question, do dole and chiquita get away with this because there is nothing else for these people to do?

That is one of the reasons I moved away, no one cares about this stuff, all they want is TV and quite often dole money.

Like FB apps, even legit Android apps ask for the moon, with no option to dole out granular permissions.

It's doublethink or hypocrisy to complain about people getting fat off the government dole while getting fat off the government dole.

All they would need to do is set up a crawler on eBay or any other website where somebody has posted a screenshot of their account for sale, then dole out a warning / suspension / ban.

Of course you can be a hardass and say "she signed it", "should have read it more carefully", "her fault", etc, but now she's on the dole until the clause expires because someone had a hissy fit and threatened to sue her employer.

Dole definitions


a share of money or food or clothing that has been charitably given


money received from the state

See also: pogy pogey