How to use Disown in a sentence as a verb

Is there any reason why nohup or disown won't do it?

But if my new puppy chews the furniture, I might scold him, but I probably won't disown the little rascal.

I don't think you'll get the reaction you expect when you inform them that their nationality is a slur they should disown.

: in osx, open finder in the current dir\n lsmod: show kernel modules\n printf: change the format of output\n timeout: execute something and **** it soon after\n disown: protect a job from disconnect\n fc: edit your last command in your editor and execute it\n sudo !!

Presently I'd never disown a relative because they talked about wealth and what it does to people.

If I had friends in the mafia I would disown them, and I'd seriously rather die than join it.

[edit] Ah, never been unfortunate enough to disown the wrong process, so I guess I see the need to reparent something now.

The other two created the account, and now won't let me disown the accounts.

" Neither WBC, nor the Ugandan LRA, nor parents who disown children, have reasonable basis in scripture.

What about parents who disown children who are gay or convert to a different faith?

Every political group tries to disown the negative aspects of its labels.

Thanks for the tip, I didn't know about "disown".

Disown definitions


prevent deliberately (as by making a will) from inheriting

See also: disinherit


cast off; "She renounced her husband"; "The parents repudiated their son"

See also: renounce repudiate