How to use Disagree in a sentence as a verb

Guys are al the same Hit like if yhu disagree^ And comment if Yhu agree^

Victoria: All men are born hardwired to betray, it's just a question of when. #Revenge: *i disagree*

Slept like a baby last night, think I need to request more sleeps at work, although G may disagree lol......

So lets leave it alone....cause we don't see eye to eye...its just you and me...and we just disagree.

When u love someone should u resite everything that u do for that person???™ I'm just sayin Do u make a scene in front of unknown people just Cuz y'all disagree??? I dnt think so.. can y'all help.....

Personal religious faith has no place in a public classroom. While some of you may disagree, it is probably because you are uncomfortable with the idea of a multicultural society, specifically the islamic faith and a rapidly-increasing atheist population. Claiming christianity is under attack and that "god needs to be a part of the classroom" serves as nothing more than a form of thinly veiled racism/discrimination. Keep your religion in your disagreeme, the church or, god forbid, a religious school

Being a sex mate is better than being a lover.... atleast you dont have to worry about getting hurt agree or disagree??

I am a goddamned nerd and anyone who disagrees is a foolish foolish mortal

About the proposal of burning drank drivers for life what do u say agree o disagree ?

As inadequate as I am, I still stand tall in ma Quest for greatness yet some disagree like quitters. Rate me with most losers out there and you will see that am awesome. You laugh but you know you can't do withou a real negga. Yea,a real negga! More viim..we dey run tins..u dey spill dreams#like a give a dang! Oj ma negga! Keep working those muscles.

Advice should come from true friends who will not only agree with us, but will disagree if they know that we are wrong. ~~ Joyce Meyer

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If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn't have fallen for the second. Agree? ☑. Like. ☐. Comment. ☎. Share


Kusenisnei am a 38 year old man, I stayed with my first wife for 10 years without a child but she had 2 children from her first marriage. We tried prayers nothing worked, we tried traditional medicines still nothing worked, so I decided to try somewhere else and I informed my wife about the idea and she agreed. I found another woman and 6 months later she got pregnant and gave birth to twins a boy and a girl. But when I informed my wife that her friend was pregnant she decided to go to court and filed for divorce, I tried to plead with her to stay but she refused and that is disagreew our marriage ended. I therefore decided to marry the mother of my twins but then after about 6 months my first wife started calling and insulting my wife as well as her parents. Than Unfortunately the baby girl passed away after 8 months and my wife went to her parents place for while. And after the death of my child my wife’s parents decided that the marriage should end, the refused to give me back my wife saying the was black magic involved in the death of my child since my ex wife used to threaten my wife a lot. Now am leaving without a wife at disagreeme, what can I do because I want my child who is about a year old. But then my ex wife now wants me back what do I do?


I have come to accept vegetarianism as an acceptable diet. If you have eggs for protein and milk for calcium it's actually rather healthy. A vegan diet, disagreewever, is only healthy because all vegans need to minutes ALL their food to make sure they're getting the essential nutrients that aren't as common in plant matter. Morals shouldn't worsen your diet. If you don't like battery chicken farms, buy free range eggs. Don't like milking machines? Buy hand milked milk. If you're more willing to risk malnourishment than a light wallet, you're ideals are skewed.


Please hide my hide my Id, and help me post this. Good day Sir/Ma, I need your advice regarding my relationship love life. I'm dating a girl that's 7 years older than me. We have been dating for almost 2 yrs now and we are in a very good terms. We both love ourselves deeply so much, that we both know that it can't be comprehend at all. The reason why I wrote to you is to get your advice and views about my love life. We are planning to get married soon, but I want to know if the age gap won't be a problem in our marriage life. Thanks


To my mind, Betman is even more to blame than Fehr, and should be banned from the sports world, just like Jeffrey Loria, who decimated the Expos until they were a shell that had to be moved, and is now doing the same in Florida, where baseball is probably dead. Betman wanted to cancel the first 4 months simply because the clubs with the least revenues were loosing money until other sports such as football were winding down. He got what he wanted. When the lockout was declared, we knew we were not going to see disagreeckey until late December or January. Ban the disagree


Briefly saw one of those intervention shows today in which a guy was going off on a fifteen year old girl. He says to her: At some point you are going to realize that it isn't everyone else's fault. It's not your mom or dad, the way you were raised or any one's you. You dictate disagreew your life plays out. Stop blaming everyone else. I agree with the guy...I hate people who make excuses. You decide who you are, no one else. I disagree with him in one regard....some people never seem to realize it.


" 'You have to help people on the road when they need help.' The male friend said he and the woman were attacked after an evening out watching a film. "From where we boarded the bus, [the attackers] moved around for nearly two and a half disagreeurs. We were shouting, trying to make people hear us. But they switched off the lights of the bus," he said, according to a transcript of the interview. When they were finally thrown out, they pleaded with passers-by for help, he added in the studio interview. A blue metal crutch was leaning against his chair. 'There were a few people who had gathered round, but nobody helped. Before the police came I screamed for help but the autorickshaws, cars and others passing by did not stop,' the man added."


Never disagreeld a grudge! Are you are experiencing negative thoughts towards someone else because of their actions towards you? Stop. Take a deep breath. Send love to the person and wish them well no matter what. It takes so much energy to harbor negative thoughts towards someone. If we choose to send love and light, we can reserve that extra energy and use it towards something more productive in our own lives. disagreenor your power and don’t give it away to anyone.


Only at teen age or young age you will have energy to play hard and go to heights and make the world to turn back and notice you. . . not at age of 50. . So young age is the time to sacrifice little happiness and work hard . . . People say young age is the time to enjoy not to work hard, I disagree to it, you can enjoy at any age but you can't make the world to turn back at the age of 50 by working hard . . . So I dont mind sacrificing so called 'young age happiness'


Ah d0nt b'lv tem keeping int0 a rlati0nshp in facebook . . . Tey mae evn brk up wit0t meetin each ota naki . . . .2 yew guys agree? Lolz.,


“Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square disagreeles. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”


I hear trickle down economics and one is to believe that this is a Republican way of government. I have to disagree. Trickle down economics is all the world has whether it starts with government or private sector is the only difference. In government trickle down allows the politicians to repay their supporters. Whereas in private sector it allows the entrepreneurs to rise to the top. The question here to be raised? Did you contribute to anyone's campaign?


Signs that a film might not be very good: 1. it's a British film with a disagreele in French 2. one of the words in the disagreele translates as 'miserable' 3. it's a musical which takes itself seriously 4. Russell Crowe is in it


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Guys had to come up with a rule for women because so many lie about sexual partners: whatever number she tells you, multiply that by 3! Agree? Disagree? Comments?

So...I've pretty much made up my mind that I like watching college football more than the NFL...Agree? Disagree?

It is far better to confront a person with the truth of an issue in love than to merely talk “about” them! Agree or Disagree???

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Let me make this Very clear, if you are pro gun ban than for sure you are a communist... just in case you did not know, and if you have questions about it maybe you are a closet communist in a comma....

28 days later. Best zombie film ever!!??.. probably.

Az a spaza cat i agree 2 disagre

This is the duty of every viable man. If you disagre - you are not worthy of that right, which was bought with the blood of those that would gladly pay the ultimate price to retain it. wil alwyz syd with their mum'z..kip that in mind

This theory ya gore all the guys are the same ke matlakala,o tla ipona wena single lady o emetse mafoko ao,monna wa ipaakanyediwa mma. #fact

Well as I respect gorege for having his own opinion I have to disagre I think pop punk is proubly one of the best genraes out there today not to metion my Own band is hardcore pop punk the most overrated genrea is pop rock that's what I think bands like green day are awesome !! And metal is not underrated at all I don't know we're your getting that idea !!!!!! Mike

No offence to some artist's but damn im getting bord of the same trap tune from 5 diffrent artists and the whole gas about ya rep n buckys n knifes in music we dont know ya earn ya respect in flo and bars g ..... as i wrote this i just heard some one say kano is disagree and there an unsigned artist ..... damn

Any legal students out there? Someone has informed me that every time a doctor or nurse pops up on a page and clearly says "I'm a nurse/doctor" before stating something completely untrue or dangerous you can report them for Mal-practice because as far as medical advise goes the internet is no less important to the medical board and you are putting yourself out as a professional when giving that bad or dangerous advise. Is that true? If so something to think about before adding your disagreele when giving advise you have no real information or knowledge on. -Ash

Who disagre that drimz wer made to b shutad and promisez to b brkn? Giv a reason why?

For those ladies that like to show off there bodies off on facebook really need to get some cloths on. Alls your asking for is to get harrased. So if you disagree about getting harrased whos to blame? Like it up if u agree.

I am literally speaking to my facebook over my computer. prove is disagre

Lms if i should get my ears perect and wear snapbacks coment no if u disagre

From a member: Just curious, disagreew many of you pierced your daughters ears? Did you do it so they "had pretty ears". Please keep it respectful and let's try not to call names. Please? -Kim

Kevin young is every ones favorite player disagre if u like but deep down ur i his number one fan... just saying

Dnt cry over a guy let a guy cry over u, b'coz girlz give en 4gv bt boyz get en 4get

We are nothing b4 God so he cannot change his status & profile just b/c of us. Whatevr he says is what he 'll do & whatevr he promised, he must fulfill, trust GOD.

I hate when someone is cute, but has the personality of a wall.

I dont lyk people who dont drink;they're hiding something!

Haha ati having many gal/boyfreds doesn't mean u r beautiful/ product ave many buyers

Everyone is mad and no one is beautful in this planet!

I ask my slve de first teacher was tought by who...alizalima akiwa na education..?

It hurts 2 fall inluv wit sm1 who cannot luv u bck

80% of girls are into a relationship AND 80% of we guys are single pls frinends who are this girls engage to. am confuse

Can u believe this? Studies have shown that women who gossip more are likely to live longer.

Don't ever lend your gf money cause she thinks sex is payment!!! Disagre Morning

Mi nuh busines who waah agri or disagre,i care zero mi nuh support blaadclat..lord bles mi enuff..2 put it al on line..sam one dis me dirty disagree..f**k.

Are people really that stupid to cut themselfs because so guy smoked weed *cough* atenchion disagrees *cough*

I thnk evrybdy hv sin dat Yeye Reneilwe Letsholonyane iz da best mid filder n mzansi,"disagre or agree.

Everyone makes mistakes, it's part of life. Without mistakes, we wouldn't have lessons. So never regret your mistakes, learn from them. *Nyt*

Mphela snt match fit plz SA lts nt put hpe 2 hm w wl b dsapointd

We all have that One Ex that we still think about....agree or disagre????lol#lyf is a disagree#

My mom just told me I care way to much about people whom don't care or worry about me...I guess I'm just caring lark that and gots to tone it down a bit cause if my mom says it,then it gots to be true...right?

Sometime giving someone second chance is giving them an extra bullet for the gun because they missed you the first time.

Itjojo women speak about 7000 words a day while men speak about 2000 words a day.

Wen u have sum1 especial in ur life dnt ruin it by makin stupid decisions.

Im ugly . </3 Like if you disagre . repost if not scared .

Messi is at it again 4 tims in a rol. do u agre 2 disagre or wat,let ur viw non

The beauty of a gl becomz useless if erz no1 to admire t.

I think Ballon d'or is losing its value because of favouritism. In 2010 Inesta deserved it but they gave it to Messi instead. This year CR7 deserved it and they gave it to Messi again. Now no one will take this award serious.

Yuu cnt steal a person 4m their lover. They were prepared 2 leave yuu were jst an excuse!!

You don't have to win every argument, Agree to disagre!ganun sapakin q kya joke

This fifa, led by sepp Blatter are cheat. Ronaldo deserves it more

Ofcourse i know that i kno everything but only stupids will disagre when i say messi,ronaldo,inesta all had bin helped by the fact dat spanish la liga is not competitive as Epl,ofcourse barca & madrid are better than the likes of man u,liverpool,man city but i dont see them dominating lyk they did if they played at epl,yes ronaldo was scoring during his time at man u but at spain he can even use his teeth to score

Generation portrays disagreew Johannesburg city can be bad,dirty and cruel Note: look disagreew Zodwa has dramatically changed since she ia at Joburg

What do u call this a white lady come straight to me only to tel me that she loves me she's not even rich by merely looking....I think I'm so unlucky of this I never dreamt of dating white lady!!!

Thy dare to lay their fingures on us,hit,shot , stumb us to death whn thy sappose to care and protect us-Whn r u men going to stop ths illbehaviour of disagreeing woman? Ths people need serious education on hw important woman r

Abî nkû lâkè rây mângîlâd!!! Mâs Grâbè pmân d î kèûng bâyê!!! Mûrâg élèçtrîçfân âng bâ bâ!!

I disagre wit king'ang'i's comment that bacherous never wash their curtains. who is with me?

Does true love exist?? Just asking coz today relationships don't last its like lust has taken over, its all about the bling,sex,going outs and sh*#t. What happened to trust,love and all the qualities of love? So I get to wonder, does true love Exist?

Petition for Tumelo Judy Setswadi to deactivate her facebook account.. u wa vhalavhala... only 5 likes needed!!

85% people tend to walk around in circles while talking on phone Facts that will blow your mind

Thinking about moving... bcounty just aint the place to be for me anymore. Decisions decisions....

Perfect isnt real, the best isnt real. nothing is perfect and no one is the best....

If u aint get moni that mean u hve done somtin wrong

'' A jealous women does better research then FBI ''

"Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work. " -- Stephen King, author

If a guy claims 2 b "single" its either h's lyin or h's gay

This world is not for good one..only bad people can survive it is proved by God...we lost u dear frnd but u will always stay in our heart with ur same innocent smile...miss u.....

From a world that's never ending, from a sky beyond the skies, a child is born and love is made alive #nowplaying #spocksbeard #snow

Most of us try are best but sometimes we fail like going to school through high school or finishing college. the people that fail at those thing try to make there kids or grandkids accomplish those things so they dont go through the same thing they did. so most people are generous but the people that arnt are total stuck up snobs that allready have there lifed planned ahead of them like what college their going to and what job their going to have those, they have to have perfect grades or their not perfect those people are miserable on the inside. like if you agree comment if you disagre or just ignore this i dont care.

I hate jack disagree the movie like if agree dislike if disagre

Someone told me that i am a "hard" person to respond , what? their respond ..just ask... So am i a " hard " person to know?

Sweet dreams r made of these, who am i to disagre, travel the world and seven seas , every body is lokin for somethin, all time fav.

Toon utter disgrace....more fun having sickness & diarrhoea all day yesterday than watching that disagreee.

No matter disagreew many fights you both get into, if you really love each other, it shouldn't even matter. Dumelang

Just saw the trailer for Gerard Butler's new film......he must have the worst agent in disagreellywood! why does he keep choosing & making such disagree films!!!??

Half time and it's 1-0 to Melbourne Victory courtesy of a Flores goal on 43 minutes. It's been a very even contest with the Phoenix probably just shading the possession stats and good opportunities much the same on both sides. disagreew did you see it?

I dnt knw weda its a bad luck o bad choice iv nvr dated an disagreenest men nje dey al lie 4 de fun of it nje nxa

I agre dat evryone hs a price i disagre dat u cn aford me

You're sO much impOrtant in my Life.. Not b'cOz I enjOy yOur cOmpany... But I feel sO much lOnely in yOur absence...!!!

I'm ugly /.\ like if you disagre repost if your brave

disagreews 2013 so far guyz its first week so uk'phethe njani?

I'm I ugly ? /.\ Like if you disagre Repost if your brave !

This 18 yr old kid is disagreeing us, all by his self!! Think OSU will loan us a qb for next year?? Any of the 3 will be ok!!!!

I was blocked from reading a few ppl post cause I commented the truth I guess the truth hurts but I'm going to continue speaking it and if u can't handle the truth stay out the kitchen. But I see that they was guilty of what I said they kno who they are no need to tag them in this post

Just saw "The disagreebbit". Booo. terrible movie. 2 orcs down rating.

Can the cowboys go ahead and put a deposit down on Johnny football?

Wich one looks better on me long hair or short like if u thank short and comment if u disagre

I think I liked the old animated "disagreebbit" movies better, although I was a kid when I last saw them. The Lord of the Rings is OK but...

Apparently no one wants to admit to their dry spell since they're names and pics show up when they comment ha!

Sad to say I'll be leaving my Processor job at Goodwill of Greater Washington for the time being, but this does not mean I will stop by and do some more volunteer disagreeurs when my schedule settles down. Thank you guys! If anything working at Goodwill taught me to be more grateful for what I have. It also taught me the importance of giving others second chances in life, and those who many not be so lucky in terms of education or life circumstance.

Girls... A nose ring through your septum makes you look like a bull... You look ridiculous

disagreew many sisters here are hijabi/niqaabi? Like if your a hijabi Comment if your a niaaqbi Muslimah A

So a store which stands on Christians values purchases most if not all of the products on the store shelves from a country and government that aborts female babies in order to practice population control.? I see morals and values only go so far in so long as the greenback is present. They have every right to practice this belief I just happen to see it as being hypocritical.

Pain is gonna be there always, suffering is optional -Zen Quote

We are ONE fan away from hitting the 200 mark! Who will it be I wonder...?

Now tell me., disagreew many agree that marriages are made in heaven?? ♥ ♥ ♥

Seriously worrying for people that think Mario balotelli's a legend, things he does is just borderline disagreeed, absolute idiot.

When being "promoted" to a manager's job is not considered a "promotion".

Im gonna admit it I wish I thought this in high school American Gangster is top 3 best Jay-Z albums of all time

Agar pyar karo kisi sai 2 kavi v real pyar mat karna coz jab dreamz tut jata hai 2 sayed insaan jinda rehta hai sirf ek jinda laas bankar.....

In a review of nearly 100 studies, researchers found that being overweigh or slightly obese does not make a person more prone to death, but that those people are slightly less likely to die than their fit counterparts.

Lurkers- pple who read your threads and like others comments without, commenting. Pple who look at your pics and admire what you got on and run to google to try to find it .

I guess the social security tax went up, my check is now smaller every other week...

Went to see Django last night and was not impressed! I didn't laugh once and every movie should have some funny parts to it! It's extremely violent without cause and just over the top! Actors did a good job but writers really blew the movie!

This is going to be messy !!! but imagine an airsoft version !!!

...neva giv-up on wat u realy want, the person with big dream is always more powerful than the one with all the facts...

Disagree definitions


be of different opinions

See also: differ dissent


be different from one another

See also: disaccord discord