Dignify in a sentence as a verb

You couldnt dignify them with the term shell.

Probably shouldn't have to dignify a comment like that.

You mean how about we dignify "arguments" like your "Where're the free events to help white men code?

No, that's a preposterous straw man I'm not going to dignify with a serious reply.

The arguments for the latter seem so clear in my mind that I don't really want to dignify the other side with a response.

Like you mentioned, some will not even dignify you with a quick reply to let you know that you didn't get the job. I think some of this behavior comes from the flawed mindset that some people have.

To call this result "unsurprising" would dignify it unduly.

How dare anyone involved in this dignify themselves with such an honour-laden term.

It appears to be a flimsy attempt to drive traffic to something called the Attraction Institute, which I won't dignify with a URL.

I'm not sure why we should even dignify questions about egotism or how we're discouraging developers from learning.

> I really shouldn't dignify your comment thoughYou could try to comprehend my comment first, instead of interpreting it as an indirect ego-attack.

We software developers are in a whole heap of a lot of trouble if we expect the broad market to dignify the idea that digital goods are legitimately priced at "what they cost to copy".

If someone publishes sensational and link baity findings they should say, unequivocally, "I'm willing to stake my reputation on the idea this trend is real and will continue" or "These are just data and I'm not willing to say that they have any bearing on reality".Facebook may not have been right to dignify the initial post with a response, but I hope it works for the best.

Dignify definitions


confer dignity or honor upon; "He was dignified with a title"

See also: ennoble


raise the status of; "I shall not dignify this insensitive remark with an answer"