Diffused in a sentence as an adjective

They don't-- it's the diffused cultural knowledge that someone might be carrying concealed.

Ownership is one part of the model, and I think you have a point that it's more diffused in many startups.

Those injectors were intramuscular and the air just diffused back out through the tissue.

The closure that the thunk would hold is essentially diffused into the object that contains the lazy property.

It is steadily diffused into the day to day lexicon so thoroughly that it passes beyond cliche into mere nothingness.

She could have diffused the situation by saying 'We misquoted PG, sorry'.Instead she tries to justify it and says 'Paul Graham was not misquoted'.

All his mails will just drown in a corporate maze of diffused responsibility and mis-communication.

It "calculates" something about how a light-input bounces, is diffused, makes interference patterns, etc.

They don't-- it's the diffused cultural knowledge that someone might be carrying concealedI've heard it say that in Miami the criminals concentrate on tourists because locals might be carrying.

The philosophy of Android does have a whiff of open source about it so by nature means the culture will be diffused and fractured into separate camps that won't appoint a figurehead like Gruber.

Even to nongooglers?I haven't followed this closely, but from the surface it seems as if a couple of paragraphs in a public spec document 9 months ago could have diffused a lot of these ostensibly reasonable sounding criticisms.

And when that responsibility is diffused between a whole network of researchers, academics, industry sponsors, journal editors, for some reason we find it more acceptable, but the effect on patients is damning...."

""And then, the company that invented the VCR, Sony, joined with the major studios in suing the Internet for taking movies that had been diffused on DVD or VHS cassette or over the air and said, "You know, when we put your cable diffusion on a VHS cassette, that was progress, but when you take it and put it on the Internet, that's just piracy.

Diffused definitions


(of light rays) subjected to scattering by reflection from a rough surface or transmission through a translucent material; "diffused light"


(of light) transmitted from a broad light source or reflected

See also: soft diffuse