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Disconfuzzled in the puzzle where life is a struggle welcome to the jungle where theres no light at the end of tunnel. licidic acid n absinth im absent minded in dis labyrinth trapped inside of wonderland but i cant seem to imagine. where the 413 at 4real this was descendant from 2 years ago. im waiting until i find someone that is worthy. jay michaels and descendant are the only ones there. whos the 413 mc king. i wanna hear yall descendants spit 4real


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A little awareness of our past history , injustice and prejudice .

So some shish ain't really new. So folks anger or revolt is not solely 'bout sump'n that jes' happ'n'd las' week....un'erstand?

Descendant definitions


a person considered as descended from some ancestor or race

See also: descendent


proceeding by descent from an ancestor

See also: descendent


going or coming down

See also: descendent

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