How to use Culminate in a sentence as a verb

"There's a world of difference between being fascinated/lusting after something, and actually taking steps that will culminate in the achievement of goals.

It's impressive that a series of small security holes culminate with the release of sensitive software.

The whole point of this series is to culminate in a description of the "embedding trick" I referenced above.

All of these reasons culminate to one point I just realized: Perl is a bad language for a team.

You know, there is quite a bit of very interesting programming that does not culminate in a web-app or even a GUI.

Have you ever thought, not only about the airplane, but about whatever man builds, that all of man's industrial efforts, all his computations and calculations, all the nights spent over working draughts and blueprints, invariably culminate in the production of a thing whose sole and guiding principle is the ultimate principle of simplicity?It is as if there were a natural law which ordained that to achieve this end, to refine the curve of a piece of furniture, or a ship's keel, or the fuselage of an airplane, until gradually it partakes of the elementary purity of the curve of a human breast or shoulder, there must be the experimentation of several generations of craftsmen.

They've already landed much of the back-end code for the new JS debugger protocol [2] which will eventually culminate in a complete new debugger including features like remote debugging of Firefox for Android.

Their government is trying to will the result of prosperity into existence rather than allow it to culminate on its own as it does in a truly free society.

These projects may culminate to their magnum opus, but it's not yours.

The first challenges are simple crypto-based challenges to get participants into the right frame of mind, and they culminate with exploiting a hash length extension vulnerability.

"Start making Kony famous today, but all of these efforts will culminate on one day; April 20th, when we cover the night.

At the extreme, if all else fails, this could culminate in a new social network service by Google but under a non-Google name.

Culminate definitions


end, especially to reach a final or climactic stage; "The meeting culminated in a tearful embrace"

See also: climax


bring to a head or to the highest point; "Seurat culminated pointillism"


reach the highest or most decisive point


reach the highest altitude or the meridian, of a celestial body


rise to, or form, a summit; "The helmet culminated in a crest"