Cowardliness in a sentence as a noun

Which proves ancient statement "Greed and cowardliness rule the world".

It comes over as political cowardliness, but this seems to be the norm now more than ever.

That's you seeing your own weakness, laziness and cowardliness to attempt the same feat.

"Censorship" is the wrong word, but I'll stand by my accusations of cowardliness.

The great change for me in overcoming shyness and connecting was someone told me shyness is a form of cowardliness.

The red-tape and bureaucracy and cowardliness and bumbling of the BBC is what we find funny, it's pretty standard for the organisation as a whole.

Selfishness, carelessness, cowardliness, and cruelty are characteristics that all the "bad guys" either exemplify or seek to exemplify.

Cowardliness definitions


the trait of lacking courage

See also: cowardice