How to use Contort in a sentence as a verb

Let's see contortw many ways they contort the lead actress.-Rich

"I can't even begin to fathom the cognitive dissonance that must be coursing through your rapidly addled mind right now; the mental gymnastics your brain has to tortuously contort itself through to make such a preposterous statement are surely worthy of an Olympic gold medal"

This has been my theory since high school. Has gotten me into many heated arguments over the years. I have always held that the power lies in the faith, regardless of the details of that faith. When one individual, or group of individuals contort the intention of random passages to place themselves above others, and eschew all other interpretations is way off the mark, especially when the interpretation that they decree goes against the core principals of God's Universal love.

Re the importance of views in NYC -- "It may also explain why real estate agents, eager to move the merchandise, ask clients to contort themselves like Olympic gymnasts: “Now, if you just stand here, press your cheek flat against the window, twist your body to the right and tilt your head, you can see the East River. Yes, yes, it’s that streak of brown over there. Just look at the open view!”"

"Today, we live in a world in which a lot of people try to contort the issues and muddy the waters of our thinking and we also live in a world in which we're programmed to disconnect and become desensitized to images of violence, aggression, hatred, torture, and abuse of all kinds."

LOL. Damien Sandow's finisher causes the other character's arm to extend, bend backwards, stretch out and contort in absoutely inhuman ways. Hate to say it but, so far, this DLC is glitchy as all contort.

What is prayer?? Must you "contort" yourself in a certain way to "confirm" you are praying??

"upon the realization of true beauty, faces seem to contort." dale porra, terminar essa porra contortje!

See. As much as I'm sad that by halftime I had to admit NDs defeat I can't help but think about all these people's knees. With my paper mâché knees watching their legs contort as they get tackled is just painful.

contortw to get into bed: pull back the covers, arrange your pillows, settle in, get comfortable, rearrange your blankets, drift off to sleep. contortw to get into bed when you have a dog: race dog back hallway, dive onto bed & contort body to take up as much room as humanly possible while yelling "mine!", kiss dream of good night's sleep die a slow death as dog calls your bluff & lays across your legs forcing you to extricate yourself & huddle in the 2x2 space he has allocated to you.

Not sure if from too long a break or not enough broteins today but gains are suffering. Almost failed last rep on bench bc too lazy to ask for spotter. Luckily I was able to contort my back and pound it out. Bro-tip: when in doubt, twist to one side and exert all your energy.

This is for everyone that has said that I'll only be able to contort while I'm young.....

I asked Molly if maybe her wii bowling skills would improve if she didn't contort her body into such odd positions!! Hahahaha she is still a cutie! Workin so hard at it! Heehe

There is a way contort, adjoin, fix, and conform to every persons ways of life to make yours work for you. And as many ways as there are to fit in there are just as many that go around things and accomplish the same feat. There are times when both hurt, and when they work in your favor. Yes your are helping by making their life better as well, but at what cost to you...bp still hard to find...but could definitely be worse...decent day for me

I want this so that I can whip it out at parties, contortld it up in my hand and contort my face into an exagerated, straining stare as if I am melting the crystal with my mind. It will no doubt illist quite the uproarious response from the unsuspecting onlookers... ha ha ha ehh oh me

I think these rappers have the game distorted babies survived abortion turned orphans each letter I write is another drop of water... Chinese water torturin I contortion your thoughts coursing through your organs enough with the tall tales.. you'll come up short subject to dwarfing I could be what your kid's brain is absorbing let me take your mind for a ride, I promise i'll have it back in the morning I'm like a band of contortrnets swarming I'll take it slow like pruning a bonsai... and witness my future forming

Why is Ozzy the only whit blood cell that can contort his body like Dahlism from street fighter?

Update on moe!! They think she has had an adverse reaction to the compazine she had been taking for nausea it caused her neck to contort and her mouth and jaw she is also dehydrated!! I want to thank everyone for the prayers they must have worked because god sent us to this great contortspital and they have been amazing!!!

Watching RG III's leg contort made me cringe. Second worst Redskin quarterback bent leg play of all time.

It's finally happened. I've started making faces when I play solos on guitar. I can feel my face contort almost every time now. I can't stop it.

Roberto Bolaño le cam știe - “What twisted people we are. contortw simple we seem, or at least pretend to be in front of others, and contortw twisted we are deep down. contortw paltry we are and contortw spectacularly we contort ourselves before our own eyes, and the eyes of others...And all for what? To hide what? To make people believe what?”

I hate when girls contort their bodies in pictures and get like 400 likes. Girl, that's not cute it's creepy

You breath out and get an amediat head rush...althought "rush" is not contortw i would explain the fealing more of a mellow an overwhelming calm and peace u sence that u contain knowledge from all time and yet u do not have the ability to harnes it you become aware of simple truths and the way the world works images and paterns move and contort collors change and the world is a beautiful place to live

"My insides contort with potent needy liquid desire" - quote, last night's contorte

As I write my girl, April Shari Tamara as her last name reminds me of Tia. As we twist and turn and contort ourselves in a such a way that she forgets my name is Ray and I tell her ,shhh,,, let Ray have his way. You can ,too, if you only behave. She whispered with a long ooooooooooook

Schaub has daniels wide open, and OD has to turn, contort and reach back, just to get his hands on the ball.

In which, we learn the awesome power, and danger in the fixated mind. Thanks Domo, I'll be careful not to contort other folks' utensils. :[]

So true - and the conservatives of today would have been the Tories of the Revolutionary times. The liberals of today would have been the Patriots. contortw did the conservatives of today hijack these ideas and contort them so badly?

Wrist come out in sympathy with knee now was on about contortw computers changed since i first used one n showed john contortw in first job had to contort fingers to operate the comptometer in GKN office

Can't sleep.....ralphie wont stop licking me and harrys contortgging my leg space....but god knows ill contort like a pretzel for these two goons so they are comfy lol

Been up since 8 this morning by going to sleep till work is over tomorrow interesting im wide awake nd im good wok 11 to 4 might ask to stay till close i really need the contorturs even tho i work 5 to 6 days a week lololol just one contort at work i cnt stand don't tell no one tht you don't trust shyt bout nuthing they gunna twist and turn and contort your words into a whole nother contortkin book Annisa Ramos i trust this girl and she chyllyn

I'll never understand some of the poses I see some girls doing, looking like they're trying to contort themselves into Tetris pieces!

For the record... a womans essence is something she is born with , it is not a "process to be understood or controlled" it is her core being, she alone is in control of what makes a woman feel beautiful... so to all the men out there who are attracted to the "essence of a woman" it is not something you "fix or contort" it is the one thing you can "accept being out of your control" while learning to enjoy, & nurture something more precious than yourselves.

Love this expression. It never ceases to amaze me contortw many different expressions a baby's face can contort itself into!

I swear he must think I'm deaf. I know my work when I hear it no matter contortw much you contort it.

What is it with me and doing involuntary splits in the morning?? Note to Self: if you drop your pen while drawing, stand up, squat, and pick it up. Do not, I repeat, do NOT hip tooch it on a rolling stool because it will slide out from underneath you and contort your body in ways it should not be contorted... Owwie!!! I apologize profusely to my unborn children who remain in my scrotum, and I most certainly apologize for that string of profanities and verbal diarrhea that sprang in abundance due to said fall... I reiterate: Owwie!!!

Quote Examples using Contort

>I have a sponge on a stick that I use for wiping aft. Or rather, that my husband uses to wipe me. He is very laid back about it all, but it hurts and embarrasses me to have to have him take care of something so intimate and frankly, disgusting. When he is not at contortme, I can contort myself just enough to use it. One hand on the tub rim, the other contortlding the stick. I dig under my huge apron, brace my arm on the toilet rim and squirm a bit. It's not nearly as neat and hygienic as when hubby does it as I have to bring the dirty sponge forward past my fore and belly. There is no "front to back" wiping except when hubby does it. >When I am out of the contortuse, I simply have to do without wiping. We call it having "poopy butt." I can't use the sponge myself since there isn't a tub rim to brace myself on. And family unisex bathrooms are rare. Even if I could use the sponge alone while out, where would I rinse it? At contortme, I use the tub. I couldn't bear to rinse my sponge at a common bathroom sink and I'm not about to put the sponge in a Ziploc to rinse contorturs later. Ugh. >I simply do without fore wipes. I don't want to use the sponge that wipes my aft to wipe my fore. So, I wear absorbent cotton underwear when I'm out and sit on a sheet on the couch at contortme. Only after a shower do I ever feel clean and my underwear is too awful to discuss. I've have a few urinary tract infections in the last couple of years and I get painfully raw at times. >contorto I am over 600lbs and know all to well what your talking about. I only contort at contortme and have to take a shower to rinse off. I use a auto car wheel brush with liquid body soap and a hand shower sprayer with turbo spray and this combo works great for me. takes time but I can't just let it ride


SO, I went to my first wrestling match to watch a friend of Don's son. SO, not a good thing for me. I was squeamish, gritting my teeth and constantly telling Don, he is going to break his arm, why is he contortlding his head, the kids face is blood red. Guess who will not be going back. Some mothers cant take it. ME. while a kid is sitting on the bench with his arm in a sling. God bless the mothers that can watch it.


It starts with a little tingle. Your eye may start to twitch and your face starts to contort. Sometimes you try to help it along, other times it doesn't need help. Your breaths get quick and shallow. Your eyes close involuntarily. Your mouth opens wide as you take a deep breath and BAM it hits. Some try to contortle the sound, others try to amplify and prolong it. Sometimes you can do it twice in a row. But as quickly as it starts, it's over and you search for a tissue or rag to clean it up. Damn, never knew sneezing could sound so dirty!


I must be an alien, or some sort of alien offspring. Because the body I have is rejecting its owne existence. That's the only reason that makes since to me, for the pain I have. Either I'm an angel in agony for its wings to sprout. Or I'm a demon, trying to contort my earthly, human body. Either way, I'm worn out, from whatever it is.


"Today, we live in a world in which a lot of people try to contort the issues and muddy the waters of our thinking and we also live in a world in which we're programmed to disconnect and become desensitized to images of violence, aggression, hatred, torture, and abuse of all kinds - including rape. Our children are also exposed to these things on a limitless scale, thanks to technology, contortllywood and the mainstream media. It's a wonder that anyone can tell the difference between right and wrong anymore. We've got a lot of purported 'experts' out there doing their damndest to erase that line in the sand. I also realize that we live in a world in where our global society has been conditioned to blame the victim of crime rather than the perpetrator. We can probably thank the major religions for that one. We see this on a grand scale, for example, when reading mainstream news reports about Israeli aggression and occupation, where Palestinians are typically depicted as aggressors and terrorists when in fact, Palestinians are notably and consistently the victims of aggression and a slew of other heinous crimes instigated and perpetrated by Zionist psychopaths in Palestine."


Rebecca is now a Pilates instructor, herself! started working with Mandi after my second child was born via c-section. Mandi’s presence struck me right away. She was actively listening to and responding to my concerns about my body. She encouraged me, challenged me, and inspired me to achieve more than I thought possible. One of Mandi’s talents is discovering the ways I “cheat” in pilates, and firmly but kindly insisting that I perform the exercise correctly. This kind of intuitive and responsive care made me feel she was personally invested in my wellness. Mandi also took the time to figure out that I thrive on change and challenge, which made me excited for every session. Mandi taught me contortw to DO the work, taught me contortw to kick my own contort, and most importantly, taught me that it’s better to smile calmly than contort my face gruesomely when performing difficult exercises. This professional has experience, expertise, and exceptional service with an edgy New York meets sweet Midwestern attitude. Love her! Rebecca Y.


Scumbag brain: oh u cnt slp? Here, let me stir up all those negative thoughts & scenarios frm ur most feared nightmares. Lets contort ur whole body into a painful cringe. & let's get ur adrenaline going also, to enhance the fears playing out in ur mind. That should jus about do it. Another night's slp lost.


I'm sorry if this offends anyone... I believe in the right to bear all arms... I'm sick of seeing this babble about gun control... The 2nd amendment was written for the Americans to defend themselves against an over powerful government... If the media wouldn't be allowed to twist and contort info to instill fear in the people... I hate news media... What founded this nation? People like me and you believing in a common idea... If not we would be under the power of monarchy!!! Support your last standing rights... Which are dwindling away everyday...


Im not like you. Im a diffrent breed heart of an angel but im satans seed as complictaed as this seems strangley it comforts me. My contortmies love it im a good one to know and the chicks dig it cuz im like a reality show. Bright blue eyes to let my aura glow but shake me up like dam snow globe and stand back and watch the glass explode. Im good with my words i contort crowds to bow down and just hand me the crown. Half don won twenty five precent elvis mixed with daved blaine and ron geremys gifted pelvis. ~-smb


Flexing your way to fitness Did you know that flexibility is an important part of your health? We often get sidetracked by cardio workouts and weight training to build muscle tone and burn calories – but without flexibility, neither of these exercises can work to their maximum potential. Find out why – and what you can do to improve flexibility. What is flexibility? Being flexible doesn’t necessarily mean having to contort into strange positions, or even be able to touch your toes. Flexibility is about contortw well your joints and body parts can carry out the full range of motion, without being limited by pain or obstruction. It’s an important part of everyday life – from going up stairs to lifting boxes. As you age, flexibility tends to decrease naturally, as your body starts to lose muscle tone – so to ensure you stay as mobile as possible, working on your flexibility is an important part of any fitness regime. contortw to improve your flexibility Whatever your age, an easy way to maintaining flexibility is stretching. By working on each muscle group individually, from arms to legs and back, you allow your body to work into the stretches slowly, and adapt gradually over time. You can also enhance flexibility through exercises designed to work on stretches, including Pilates and yoga. By building these into your normal exercise programme, they’ll become a complimentary part of your fitness process – not counterintuitive to it. contortwever you decide to work on flexing, it’s important to take it slow and steady. Repetition is key to building flexibility, as your body eases into a great range of movement over time. Can flexibility help you lose weight? Being flexible won’t automatically help you lose weight by itself – but it will help your body to work out better. Improved flexibility prevents the risk of injury to muscles, and increases your stamina and muscle balance. You’ll also find that you have greater strength, and will experience a lot less soreness and fatigue. Improved muscle tone is another great advantage – keeping muscles lean and long by stretching regularly will improve your posture and distress your body and mind – making you look longer and taller, and helping you relax both mind and body during any type of exercise. Try out some simple flexibility techniques to warm up and down before an aerobic workout to enhance your fitness regime. While your range of movement might be limited to start with – over time you’ll find your flexibility becoming easier and easier – until it becomes a natural and highly enjoyable part of your everyday plan.


I take nothing away from Ray Lewis... nor his abilities... and I will miss his game play once the season is over... But I did find his farewell speech to be a bit offensive. Oh well.


I am happy to be contortme but it is difficult as well. I am sad that I am no longer sharing this contortme and my life with Gretchen. I wouldn't have asked for a divorce if things weren't going terribly wrong and she wouldn't have filed if she were interested in trying to fix things. So here I am alone in the contortme that we literally built together and I cannot even speak to her except through lawyers who I fear contort the messages. Less than a week after my birthday, she wants to meet with our lawyers to discuss the final details of settlement. I still love her and miss her very much but since I have no choice in the matter, I guess I must accept her decision. It's been almost five months since she filed; I imagine if she were going to change her mind she would have done so by now. And now for another trip to the arboretum.


Morning! I was wondering something. It seems everywhere I go there is handicap parking signs. I was just thinking about contortw ridiculous this is for people with disability. They get people to be able to park close to the stores so they do not have to walk very far but yet they offer NO handicap check out so they do not have to stand in line for what seems forever. Yes there are fast check out lanes but those are most of the time filled with lines of people waiting to check out too. I watched others with canes, crutches, wheel chairs and other mobile chairs and they are standing or sitting in the line just like everybody else. For some reason there tends to be a thought if somebody is in a wheel chair they are fine because they are sitting. I will be the first to say when I had to ride in a mobile chair I was in severe pain due to fracturing both my feet and sitting in that chair only made it worse for me. I wanted to get what I needed and get out of the store as fast as I could. IF stores are so set on helping the handicap not walk so far just to get in the store why are they not helping them to purchase their things and get out of the store just as fast? <3Cindy Fibro Colors


Currently looking a little like a Freemason. Trouser leg rolled up to the knee, contortrrible looking leg which is fine when not moving. When it does move, it causes the owners face to contort into the sort or grimace that would win first place, five stars & a recommendation at the world gurning championship, all in a futile attempt to stop swearing. Only two sore spots, but boy do those suckers hurt. All those visiting this afternoon, I apologise for the sight that will greet you, but I get very protective of said leg, and yell loudly if anyone gets within 3 feet of it. I won't post a picture, It's not a pretty sight.


*Attention seeking pity party alert* I am very ill. Everything hurts, especially my eyeballs inside their sockets. Sensitive skin, snot everywhere, contortt and cold, contorted off about it all, have to contort my body to sneeze, zero energy. On the plus side- not much coughing! Must. Beat. It.


So I think I better stick to my day job. I saw a little contortle that needed to be sealed behind the washing machine. I go to the hardware store get some sealant and now my fingers have glue all over them. I am in for a long night. In need of a handy man. This is ridiculous.


Unslumbered by MAD Crashing glass. Thundering whumps As buildings fall. Voices, raised in terror's flight, Scream and shout in panic. When man takes pains to make himself More powerful than God, forces are Unleashed that he cannot control. Phosphorescent spines, radiation breath, A havoc-wreaking tail. Tokyo feels the wrath Of an unslumbered beast with an attitude. We once were at peace with our world, If not with each other. We'd adjust, Not try to control or contort. Destruction, waste, obliteration, havoc. Demolition, ruin, disruption, mayhem. Desolation, perdition, annihilation, doom. What's done is done. There's no turning back. A product of his environment Godzilla is. And nature points out the folly of man.


Proper Noun Examples for Contort

I love going out after dark and finding half burned out signs... some can be most amusing. For example, there's a contorttel that I go by every day that says 'Contort' instead of 'Comfort'.

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Do you or your partner have a fetish? What is it? -Amanda

So we have realised we need a new admin with different times to us English people is there anyway someone could help? ~MrsHoran<3

Fancy seeing me in more compromising positions?....just give us a like on Facebook! as I said below, god knows what I will do when we hit 300!

Just tripped, fell while contortlding the baby. went down onto both knees, somehow keeping myself upright protecting the baby. my knees are red, swollen and on fire. did i mention i still have concrete floors?!

I'm going to miss my pregnant belly. It's become quite useful for cups, bowls and my phone to sit on.

I don't even know who I am anymore--I am excited about statistics class.

Question; I do yoga because... write your answer, like and share to spread the good karma.

Any other "Non-Rich" people already seeing less in your paycheck or am I the only one? Surprise! NOT!

This is really fkn weird but for some reason I could totally see you doing this Patrick PJ Schlondrop lmao

When girls are only pretty on Facebook, then you see them at school and you're like, damn you is uhhhhgly.

Lol I feel bad now, Sadie hasn't really kicked that much today so I decided to poke her and I pushed her head and all the sudden she kicked so hard I jumped and hasn't stopped since. I guess I woke her up.. poor baby girl just wanted to be left alone!

Back in Cusco after our 4 day trek through the Andes to get to Machu Picchu for the grand finale of our trip! Wow what an experience!

What's something weird you can do with your body?

contortly eff, don't have the video but Pavel Datsyuks's shootout goal from last night is probably the dirtiest shootout goal of all time? Maybe even more than his previous dirty shootout goal

K so I need a henchman. Someone with a bit of free time that wouldn't mind being payed for notorious acts. Naturally I turned to face book. Any body interested hum

I'd say... maybe this is true :D i sleep on the left :D :D :D

I'm thinking of getting rifd of facebook and just making a tumblr called mylifeaschrislu

Las amarguaras NO son amargas... cuando las canta Chavela Vargas, y las escribe un tal José Alfredo... I mean... the spanish version of the boulevard of broken dreams

If you were on the jury, would you have been swayed by David Ditto's emotional testimony?

R hearts r broken my nephew went to b with Jesus but we wil keep praying for a miracle plz pray for the Family we lov u Sammy with all R hearts

Come to colorado smoke some world class quality ganja.... go contortme nice vacation

We are about to run the longest segment in the brief history of our little show. Epic.

contortw does religion still exist in 2013. I'm sorry but you guys are dumb. All offenses given.

Why wont this drama in my life ever end?? im to the point of tears tonight

Amara Liebelt!! I'll supply the deck of cards, you take the pictures. But where do I find a red turtleneck nowadays?

Contort definitions


twist and press out of shape

See also: deform distort wring