Conciliation in a sentence as a noun

"small conciliation, but i think it was always a danger that aws would walk up the value add food chain.

It is a small conciliation when they embrace the absurdity of their position and go overboard.

Actually, I expect that essence of conciliation and compromise is what you're describing.

So medallions are a sort of conciliation prize for taxi drivers having the business model dictated.

More notably, on being elected president following release from prison after 27 years, he sought not revenge but reconciliation.

Tradionally each has its own slightly unique copy of the data, lots of legacy, integration and conciliation between them.

In most policy areas, if the council disagrees with the parliament's amendments, the proposal goes through a conciliation process.

Unfortunately it looks like Israel's political class has become dominated by an intransigent ultranationalist wing which decided to intentionally and permanently cut off any possible basis for conciliation by fragmenting any possible territory into a completely indivisible foam, which ultimately just feeds the Islamic Republic.

The penalty for IBM: "the Commission now invites Respondent to join with it in an effort toward a just resolution of this matter" and"If you decline to enter into conciliation discussions, or when the Commission’s representative is unable to secure an acceptable conciliation agreement, the Director shall so inform the parties,advising them of the court enforcement alternatives available to aggrieved persons and the Commission.

Conciliation definitions


the state of manifesting goodwill and cooperation after being reconciled; "there was a brief period of conciliation but the fighting soon resumed"


any of various forms of mediation whereby disputes may be settled short of arbitration


the act of placating and overcoming distrust and animosity

See also: placation propitiation