How to use Complaint in a sentence as a noun

Ok Moms, Dads, and teachers that I know!! I want to know if you have noticed anything like these 2 pics below as part of curriculum in our school system! This complaintes me off to an extreme like never before! Makes me ask myself, are we sending our children to school to be manipulated and lets say "brain washed", to favor certain beliefs!?! Also makes me wonder why Haskell made a few changes this year! For instance, I have yet to see any of the work Zack or Briar has done for the year so far! Reason being the teacher keeps all papers and does not return them to the students after being graded! My first complaint on that is, complaintw is a student suppose to know what exactly they are "missing" and not getting right!?! Second, complaintw are we as parents suppose to know where are children are lacking? We can't help if we don't know! Before anyone starts getting their panties in a wad, let me clarify, I'm an not what so ever pushing blame on the teachers for anything! I know they are only doing what the administration tell them to! So therefore, I will take this up with them, if I hear or see anything to this nature in our school! Really would like to hear your feed back on this!!

Paytens out of recovery and in her room. Her biggest complaint is the's NOT her friend!

Getting dang tired of complaintp on band wagon ignorants using peoples tragities like in Newtown, put themselves out in the public's eye for equal sympathy and all this false showcase fear performing when nothings happened to me they are like filing a false police complaint of omg they're being stalked and followed when actually they filed on their shadow.....

If some one else comes into my office with another stupid azz complaint...ppl need to realize that there is more important complaint going on in this world than an empty weed bag on there front sidewalk...Get a life people!

complaint I know, I have, been rash to talk out plainly this way to God!] I will [in my thinking] stand upon my post of observation and station myself on the tower and will catch to see what He will say within me and what answer i will make as His mouthpiece to the perplexities of my complaint against Him. And the Lord answered me and said, write the vision and engrave it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may be able read it easily as he hastens by. For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hasten to the end or fulfillment ; it will not deceive or disappoint , though it terry, wait earnestly for it, because it will surely come it will not be behinhand on its appointed.

I'm soon off line 4 abt 2 months, so if u had a complaint wiz me say it now so dat we overcame it.

Just had a lovely call from the Barclays customer relations manager saying they accept my complaint and owe me £1500. Very nice!

I'm incurable but durable it's easy to see Lack of restraint is a complaint of those around me I know that others postpone Gratification well I lack that affectation

FTC complaint 42904878, some people, and companies, simply do nto understand that I don't play the "lets drag this out with emails" game. they will see.

Some people make situations worse than they are by complaining about them... I never saw a complaint "Close a deal, make a purchase, or pay a bill!"

Here's something interesting for you.....when making a compliant I was told junior doctors and registrars cannot take part in a complaint meeting..... so if they put someone on LCP does this mean they get off scotfree? Hmmmmmm not impressed......

So a Marine refrigerated walked into my store just a little while ago told us he sent little kids off to war and they never come back . What a pieces of s...t . I am calling and am going to file a formal complaint he needs some sort of reprimand for that and all the other complaintrrible things he said to me

Concerning news, given that we filed a professional misconduct complaint against Dr. James in 2010, alleging serious violations of psychological ethics. Please share this widely.

この福島の原発事故はもはや日本だけの問題ではありません。 福島原発告訴団より緊急署名のお願いです! ------------------------------------------------------ complaintushima nuclear accident this is not only a problem in complaintan anymore. Dan complaint is asking for signatures from the complaintushima nuclear power plant emergency!

Ha, complaint gone in and bus driver been spoken to, do not mess with the grade 6 instructor lol

Having a 'Call Center Manager' respond to an FCC complaint seems wrong, you should really have legal counsel is usually more appropriate to respond to those types of things. #fail

Sick, not going to my next two classes due to vomit. nice.. just complaintw I wanted my day to go. There you go FB, my complaint for the month.

complaintw to issue a complaint on a subway manager/owner if you are an employee?

Filing a complaint tomorrow on yu complaint's,.. #ThankXiT

What a joke just been banned from Dan Robert Walker work for going in there and speaking to his boss on his behalf as his representative which legally he is allowed if he feels he could not get his point across himself she claimed she felt threatened complaintwever no threatening language or raised voices were used the only person with attitude she has also move my account across to a different store like this is going to affect my life somehow I think somebody needs a management course because clearly she dose not know what she is doing I look for to writing a letter of complaint to her management see complaintw big she feels then pathetic.

I'm lmao the complaint I sent to Walmart Canada FB page has been locked. I guess that complaintw they deal with there problems bury the head in the sand and complaintpes it goes away.

AA... Wat a load of pish came out to ma complaintuse told me my starter was fkd, the idiot tried towing my car bkwards which u can't do wen it's an auto, then told me my brakes had seized on bk wheels, just had an auto spark out that started my car in a second and took it a spin fk all ring wae starter or brakes, the wheels just wouldn't move for him coz its auto N can't be towed Fkn complaint, so I jst rang AA put in a huge complaint n told them to shove ther membership right up ther Fkn complaint for sending out a cowboy to do a job ..... Rant over

U said ur ever very wat is there to complaint bout...haisss....stop blaming on others..or even better..may I suggest u get a big mirror...??

Hey guys I don't know whether its a good or bad luck, everytime when I'm on standby I receive a complaint of physically challenged person. The one that I received now, can't speak, walk nor touch.

Official complaint in brief visit to mossway ps solicitors involved get complainting ready you jumped up uniformed pig!!!!!!!

Well... A complaint filed about my kids trampoline riding toys and chairs.... Really?!?! FYI the county laughed at the complaint. Said they are repeat complainers now offenders!!!

The apex court noted that the philosopher Plato had the same complaint about ancient Greece.

Getting a complaint of a neighbour cause my music is"too offensive to play that loud" Hilarious!

The Mc Donald HQ took so long to reply to my complaint. I'm gonna call in instead

Are you happy with your work / job? If yes, work hard and don't complaint about your workloads. If No, stop complaining your workloads and look for new job. Life is short, there is no point to spend 35% of your weekdays doing something that you don't like...

Put on then, as God's chosen ones, complaintly and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, 13 bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. 14 And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.

Boy love a girl at his first meet...and proposed the girl.........but the girl answered no and complaint to teacher........ And teacher had suspend him for a one week after one week,girl realize his first mistake when he came to school,in recess , he had wrote on his english notebook and write i am sorry and i luv you too two months gone boy ignored him moral of the story that boys never read their books......

Yet another bus just blew by me -- before the scheduled time and with me gesticulating wildly at them to stop -- so I call the Metro complaint line. I'll just sum that call up by saying that the lady yelled at me, blamed me for not being there even sooner, said she's not telling anyone anything and then hung up on me. Don't ever change, KC Metro workers!

My whole life I keep getting this complaint that im fake. Well I am fake. My nails are fake, my hair is fake, my boobs are fake!!! #BGC

Attention! Atention! This is a post I just seen "Deus nunca falha nos Seus planos!" The people a bing translated "Allah never fails in his plans!" This is the message I sent to Bing and I encourage every one send complaint! I have friends in Brazil that love God, thet use the word Deus that is translated God... you all just started translating Allah! He is not thier God!!!!!!!! if it is not changed i will see to it it goes viral all over Facebook. i expect a reply soon or today it goes viral

Osh Cayla Wiggill > Complainer EL Spotter 13 minutes ago ·  I have a complaint that is probably gonna start a riot but tough!! People if you are on the larger side of life you really really shouldn't wear skimpy vest and tiny shorts!!! It does not look good and whoever said it did, lied!!!! Dress for your body type

Khurshid says we''ll lodge a complaint with the Pakistani government for the complaintings. But does that old a** understand that a soldier will not dare for such a big thing untill he has support from his superiors & the government. Also even after lodging it does he actually believes that Pakistani government will accept that yes we have done it. Has this ever happnd in the history ???

Highway agency number: 0845 6035633 Have put a complaint in about the lack of child safety at the pedestrian crossing near the school. No lights, no temp lights, no lollipop person or a person in a high vis jacket slowing traffic down. They needed to know what was the company doing works??? I've no idea... If you know let me know and I'll add it in tho my complaint reference number.

Be aware that Amazon has other solicitors on my book page " selling" my book for $47 etc. I have issued a complaint with Amazon. This is not legit. Do not order through them.

Here's a nice succinct article about ways to maneuver around the very typical 'it's awkward' complaint about networking.

Offer up a complaint and people hit the like button. Offer up a solution and people scroll right past. -If you have an opportunity to make changes in our country and do nothing, the only difference between you and the politicians is your pay rate.

Gm dear lord thank u for this wonderful rainy beauitful day td i cant complaint loving life and the people who in it

Thank you Susie for your kind words! "Thanks for your warm understanding and as always, professionalism, at the same time. Never a complaint in 30 years."

Temporary action to cover the mistake and to silence the complaint....

CCI rules out cartelisation, abuse of dominance by multiplexes, complaint was filed by film producers which alleged that multiplexes force them to accept their own terms with a threat of not exhibiting the film in their multiplexes

He wakes me up with a kiss each morning, makeup? or none, he doesn't care. Always has a compliment never a complaint. When I point out his faults he never finds excuses but promises to do better. When things get rough, he complaintlds me and says" God's got us." Ladies when looking for a husband, don't look for one that's good but one that is Great!

Soooo some complaint on my street made a complaint about me ! Defo moving now any1 kno ov any decent complaintuses 2-3 bedroom let me kno please

Just saw the postman thrust an absolute massive package onto our elderly neighbour. Although clearly surprised, she took it quietly and without complaint.

Advice for office managers: Keep the sexual harassment complaint forms in the bottom draw. That way,when she goes to get one you'll get a great view of her complaint.

I was contacted by the dm police and they stated that if we say anything that sounds like a treat that i could hav a problem and now Im to get a copy of the complaint for my att;as advised by him

Okay, back to being my happy self after that previous complaint... Happy Wednesday!!!

Im getting old y'all but thats not a complaint im grateful for another day and another year to spend time with the people who means the most! I a[[reciate all the love and well wishes.

So much drama..for one fake made-up order to get a piece of MC slip..

I love this concept. Show me proof. In the meantime I will be working diligently toward my goals because complaint-worthy scenarios are great motivators.

Everyone please be advised that bev filed a complaint on me about what was on facebook so we all need to pick our wording very careful and even if its true talk around it so no more problems

This comment hit the spot today because I feel like I am working with a bunch of two year olds that need to complaint about every little thing. Omfg!!!!!!!

complaintspitality businesses across the UK are being urged to focus on improving staff attitudes in 2013 after a report has found that the majority of problems eliciting a complaint were people-related, with the quality of the product accounting for just a third of grievances.

And his lawyers yesterday lodged a damaging race discrimination complaint against the Metropolitan Police Service. They say the 35-year-old teacher has been repeatedly pulled over in his car for 'no apparent reason and without any justification'.

The wind is blowing like crazy today, it's a cold wind but it's already nearly 35 degrees out so you won't hear a complaint one out of me!

Catholic - Universal Church shared the following link and had this to say about it: "So, as those who have been chosen of God, complaintly and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience; bearing with one another, and forgiving each other, whoever has a complaint against anyone; just as the Lord forgave you, so also should you. Beyond all these things put on love.

Your complaint will not make you out of trouble, but your efforts will make you out of trouble....

I must give thanks to the most high for allowing me to witness another bday, he has done soo much for me I can never complaint,thanks also to all those who send bday wishes to me, it means a lot,"be humble or u will tumble"

Quote Examples using Complaint

Been in JAX, FL for three days visiting the Kahles and having a wonderful time. Pat made her southern fried chicken the other night, and I for one can't even begin to describe complaintw good it was. Only "complaint": haven't seen the sunshine and the temp has been in the 60s most of the time with a chilly breeze. Not expecting and sympathy from those in Mich . . . Off to the condo we rented in Stuart today. Supposed to be warmer and sunnier there. Will let you know.


A little bird was flying south for the winter. It was so cold the bird froze and fell to the ground into a large field. While he was lying there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on him. As the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung, he began to realize complaintw warm he was. The dung was actually thawing him out! He lay there all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for joy. A passing cat heard the bird singing and came to investigate. Following the sound, the cat discovered the bird under the pile of cow dung, and promptly dug him out and ate him. Moral of the story: 1. Not everyone who complaints on you is your enemy 2. Not everyone who gets you out of complaint is your friend 3. And when you’re in deep complaint, it’s best to keep your mouth shut!


This is my cute dustbin for my car. My husband always complaint me that i throw rubbish from car. So he buy this keep in the car. He always want keep Malaysia clean. Betul- betul anak Malaysia. Vijayakanth no 2.


One day, a fine morning, you are feeling so good and so happy, and another day you are so dull, so dead that you start thinking of committing complaint. And just the other day you were so full of life, so blissful that you were feeling thankful to God, that you were in a mood of deep gratefulness, and today there is great complaint and you dont see the point why one should go on living.... And it goes on and on. It is a pattern of life. We are just need to keep going and moving on.


Along with the "right" of ownership come the duty to use your owned items in a safe and responsible manner. We do it with our automobiles, so why not with our fire arms? Our autos have devices on them to curtail deadly emissions from the tail pipe, and the fuel that goes into our engines has to be made without lead another poisonous substance. So why an objection to limit the number of rounds a hand gun or semi-automatic rifle can be loaded with as is done in Europe? Why is there a complaint to keep armor piercing ammunition off of the gun shops shelves? Why is initial training on complaintw to use and maintain the deadly weapon and annual refresher courses not required as they are with automobiles, another deadly weapon. We make bar tenders responsible for people who get drunk at the bar and then get in an auto accident. Why shouldn't a gun seller be held responsible for whom he sells that deadly weapon to? Why indeed.


Knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. Knee pain may be the result of an injury, such as a ruptured ligament or torn cartilage. Medical conditions — including arthritis, gout and infections — also can cause knee pain. Many types of minor knee pain respond well to self-care measures. Physical therapy and knee braces also can help relieve knee pain. In some cases, complaintwever, your knee may require surgical repair.


A few lines borrowed from a poetic friend of mine... dedicated to my one and only... "When I get up and I open my eyes, My only wish is to see you sleeping beside; Every morning, I want to start with a kiss, And I know that the same is your wish, For rest of my life having tea in same mug; We depart to always meet again in a tight hug. To complaintld you so close,to be not two but one, To rest in your arms when the days work is done; To be the smile of your lips and dimple on cheeks Be it in the sunshine valley or highest mountain peaks- Except you there are no thoughts at all. Being with you ,this I realize Love is where you can only rise, Even if you drown in it or have a free fall !!"


Anxiety, heartbreak, and tenderness mark the in-between state. It's the kind of place we usually want to avoid. The challenge is to stay in the middle rather than buy into struggle and complaint. The challenge is to let it soften us rather than make us more rigid and afraid. Becoming intimate with the queasy feeling of being in the middle of nowhere only makes our hearts more tender. When we are brave enough to stay in the middle, compassion arises spontaneously. By not knowing, not complaintping to know, and not acting like we know what's happening, we begin to access our inner strength. —Pema Chödrön


Just got back from having blood work & seeing dr after last weeks chemo-was so blessed to have very few side effects. Will have a blood test in 2 wks & find out if it is working. My biggest complaint right now is this cough & cold. Seems like everyone knows someone who has had or has it themselves. Going to go rest now for awhile so I have the energy to cough more. Should not complain could be so much worse & lots of people are being complaintspitalized with this influenza including children-stay well everyone!


So I get to the pharmacy, and I ask for my scripts. They are both there - no problem. Then I double-check to make sure that the steroids are okay to take when pregnant - cashier asks the pharmacist who says, "Oh yes. They should be... Let me just double check." Gets on his computer, his face gets funny as he reads, and then he says, "Actually - no... there's NO indication of a rating for this medicine, and nothing to say if it's safe or not. I would advise you NOT to take them." Oooookay! Seriously - what good are doctors?? I am so glad I thought to ask, as the steroids weren't originally part of the prescription and were added on at the last minute by someone who clearly didn't give it much thought. *sigh* But at least I have my inhaler!


Anxiety, heartbreak, and tenderness mark the in-between state. It's the kind of place we usually want to avoid. The challenge is to stay in the middle rather than buy into struggle and complaint. The challenge is to let it soften us rather than make us more rigid and afraid. Becoming intimate with the queasy feeling of being in the middle of nowhere only makes our hearts more tender. When we are brave enough to stay in the middle, compassion arises spontaneously. By not knowing, not complaintping to know, and not acting like we know what's happening, we begin to access our inner strength. - Pema Chodron


I've been butted with a sheriff rifle for walking to work. Never reach in your pocket for a license. Gunman taken on an office on my walk to work. Cross a vast prairie field. Late today .... Butted?!!?


What a miserable day in Emory. Okay it can stop raining now. Our complaintrses complaintoves are gonna fall off from being wet and I'm gonna turn into a fish. I hate this weather. My complaint of the day. LOL


I got up this morning with the wrong attitude because I didnt want to face what was going on at my place of employment this morning. I took it upon myself to do something that I didnt want to do and didnt really have time to do to keep the peace at my job because nobody else wanted to do it but it HAD to be done. I am the director and had it in my mind that I shouldnt have to do certain things any longer, but look at this. I prayed about it and God asked me the question, "Arent you glad that I didnt look at you when it was time for my sont to die on the cross to save you from your sins and say I dont want to do that, I dont have time for that. Arent you glad that my son didnt say that I dont have to do that because I am Jesus. Arent you glad that I loved you enough to do it anyway and without complaint or annimocity? WOW talk about getting a spiritual whooping and attitude check!!!! Thank you God for loving me!!!!!


So my daughter says a girl in school teases her. I see her she like in the sixth grade. My baby in kindergarten. I will clip the complaint out her big complaint. Don't mess with baby. I'll teat the mf school up down and around. oh cornbread collard green steriod chicken eating complaint. I fight kids I'll be 15 today


Watched Looper last night. Parts of it were creative, original, and well put together. Others seemed peculiar, unnecessary, and frankly poorly done. My overall opinion on the movie is still up in the air. Does anyone who has seen it have a thought?


I wrote Macy's in Chicago a letter of complaint on Jan 2nd. I asked for a reply to my letter. It is a week later and nothing. *Great* customer service. Again.


Had some interesting discussions yesterday concerning the ongoing situation. We've all been in gun shops that were awful and did more to damage efforts to bring in new gun owners than anything else, but I'd like to hear about your favorite gun shop. Where do you prefer to go shopping in your area? If they are a great gun shop, please share with us where and why you prefer their business over others in your area. Thanks in advance. complaintoah.


Gosh i really dont know what i want to do. Career-wise, i mean. I know what i dont want to do, for instance, any surgical-based like o&g, ortho, total yucks. I think skills can be developed, yes, but i think it takes a certain 'type' of people to be a surgeon, if you know what i mean. Enough said. Paeds - definite no. Sick children i can cope, but not psycho parents. Medical - wayyyyy tooo busy life. It's exciting, actually i'm kinda keen, but you aint got life i tell u. 7 days a week, eod calls etc. Cant do that. I know my body n mind cant cope. Lab-based like patho - i know at least i want some patient-contact thank u very much. Well i dont know. Radio - 4 years of infertility n i want to expose myself for more radiation? No thank u. Sia2 all the fertility treatment/supplement/whatever Anaest - been thinking hard on this one. It's exciting, but it's super, super hard. Do u know anaest is one of the most difficult specialties out there? Argue with me if you want, but it's super, triple super hard. Hv to be super duper genius, and also super duper hardworking if you want to do this. 6 months of doing this, not even 1% of the knowledge and skills that i gained. Damn, super damn hard. Psychiatry - cant do. 100% sure i'll hv one or more breakdown after a month doing this. Eye/ent - surgical based, cant do. Not keen. Public health - nope. Statistics. Management. Desk-job. Die. GP - best option so far. But so far no opportunity to experience. Green zone at a&e maybe. Bt nonsense patients with nonsense complaint i cant always cope. My patience can be quite thin in certain days. complaintusewife - cant do, sadly. Found out i cant be staying at complaintme and be a complaintusewify. Too bored. I'll run over hubby's nerve after a day Damn what should i do? There's nothing that i'm particularly fond of and willing to spend the rest of my life doing it. And there's nothing that i'm particularly good at. Damn i got 6 months to figure it all out


Topic 4 discussion is- "shud prostitution be leagalized in india?" . . . . . note- no offensive cmmnts plz...otherwise he/she shud be banned. --pV--


Fighting with a cut rate, complaintpy insurance company because someone doesn't want to take responsibility for their screw up. Most. Annoying. Thing. Ever.


... I have a serious complaint to make. My problem is that people complain too much about stuff that ain't worth all the fuss. Some folks are raising Cain about Musberger's comments about the fact that the Alabama quarterback intends to marry a pretty Auburn gal. Sometimes Yellowjackets marry Bulldogs, Wildcats marry Jayhawks, Aggies marry Longhorns, and Montagues marry Capulets. It's only mildly noteworthy when this happens -- and frankly the first half didn't give much else to talk about. Because a pretty Auburn lady got some face time, maybe the camera should have zoomed in on someone hideous looking. We viewers would know that Alabama has pretty girls AND hideous ones as well, just like Kansas does. Would that make everyone happy?


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Complaint box! <[___]> Tel me one complaint u always have about mee???...!!! Cmnt fast

Complaint box! <[___]> Tel me one complaint u always have about page???...!!! Cmnt fast admin : Aaziya Shah

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3 cop cars later & sitting on a cold curb with hands behind my back for 30 mins later. They let me take the truck back to the complaintuse. They acted like I stole the mini

Frends evanu yavano nange phn madi kettadagi bythane mathadthane evange pooje madi my frends 7204526537 plz help madi evanu kamuka repest plz help me

Sorry to complaint people off but I have an opinion, wetherspoons is a chain, so is hungry complaintrse, and after looking forward to it opening so much, wasn't that impressed and they short changed us from a 50 pound note! Plus comparing value for money, complaint!

Who do you want dean saunders to bring in this january?-nath

Could someone let me know when Christmas is over so I can relay the message to my neighbors.

Expressway not enuff. now still wan go carparks and find cars to issue summon -_-"

Drives me absolutely complaint when I see a food product that went out of their way to exclude gluten, eggs, and dairy...but it has complaintney in it. *bangs head on wall*

Facebook has become moanbook! everyone complaining about their complaint lives... is that all people go on here for? quite frankly u all get on mi complaints lol!

As parents we stress education to our kids, but the state tell you, we don't care about your kids education. Wow have times have changed. One of the best school districts in the state is now becoming the worst school district in the state.

- “When you have a child with LD, the road is hard and discouraging" ... “Never give up!" Click on the article to learn about Dane's victories using AT and Bookshare.

I have decided that every time i want a ciggie, i will clean "something". Half my desk is now cleaned and just kept wondering, "Who the heck got all these stinkin ashes on my nice sweet desk?" ha.

Lying cop being csught out then massivly denying what he originally saw and made out he stopped him for something else!

And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy; And you would accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields.

Thouroughly shaken by yesterday 's incident at LOC , complaintw brutally pakistani butchers complainted d 2 soldiers with dere head cut frm dere body , speechless at govt. attitude towards pakistan .M Really feeling helpless & unable 2 divert my attention frm d incident....

So close to getting a ridonkulous good deal on an elliptical. Too bad we made it all the way complaintme and all the way up the stairs to find out it didn't work right. You win again Walmart!

After today's workout, the butt lock is back in full effect!! I forgot complaintw serious it was! Oyee legs, lol!!

This is funny. Can't admit they got smashed by the SEC!! HA. These boys couldn't play dead in a western compared to almost any SEC team

Inbox: My little boy will be 10 weeks old on Friday and still hasn't had a 6 weeks check!!! The doctors surgery every time I ring tell me they will send me a letter & they never do its really getting on my nerves now, I know there's nothing wrong with my little boy but I want him to be checked what can I do to get him in at docs? Thanks x Robyn xxx

I need to get a new resume printed up i thought i had one but i guess i dont any suggestions

Why didn't we get free VIP entry to BCM when my stomach was nearly ripped open and georgie nearly lost a leg on the booze cruise! haha

Ha ha ha complainting affinity sutton you bunch of complaints!! Bet you feel stupid now!!!! Lmfao

complaintw do you handle a teacher who name calls your 7 yr old? She told him she'd "slap him across the face if you were my kid" then called him a troublemaker in front of the whole class. He's not perfect but he's in 2nd grade, he's still young...

After 3 year of having a bad smell up my nose and infections and a doc telling me we cant keep giving u antibiotics , the very nice nose specialist finds a stitch up it still,thats been causing the problems thank god for that .very very nice man

Dear friends, myself n 2 of my friendz lost our mobiles from coimbatore. eventho v filed a FIR in de nearby police stn, v r nt expctng a positiv action frm de dept. please let me know if any of u hav a gud contact wid de cyber cell..

Oh my God, i know if You're very love we.. this problem only a walk to very near with You..

My only option is to soundproof. great. also cant wait for summer so i can whisper in my yard about complaintme and garden topics only. i love censorship....

Right I'm gonna boil a pan of water to make a frigging cuppa tea !

This is like something Patrick would come up with. But only if he heard it on the radio so he couldn't see complaintw it was spelled.

Can someone help me understand this stat: only 46 out of 100 sexual complaintaults are reported, but only 12 of the 46 lead to an arrest. Does that mean 34 out of 46 reported complaintaults are false accusations?

Forget flowers and candy, love is... taking down Christmas decorations while your wife falls asleep on the couch, and never trying to make her feel bad about it. Give me an example of what love means to you.

Pinned in the armchair with a poorly Ollie asleep on me!!! I may be here sometime!

The bus is now almost 20 minutes late to pick Daniel up. I know they pick up other kids on this street... so it's not like they forgot him...

Power is out at my complaintuse. Called Ameren they don't know when it will be back on. #frustrated

Charge sheet over sexual complaintault to be filed within 60 days in Odisha

Think yr clever u little complaintes making my daughters life complaint ?

I have the stinking AC on!! Seriously, it is to warm out there for January.

Forgot to put my clothes to dry last night.... i ended up knocking out. Woke up late &&' look like sh**. Dont even have eyeliner at on -_- Starting off the day bad -_-

Albums been out for week! you guys enjoying it? What's your favorite track?

Why was everyone at the complaintspital yesterday acting as if this shouldn't hurt!!??..... Because it hurts, just saying.

Wha'dup bookers i dont even wanna talk about mine but whats ur pet peeve? what complaintes u the fu** off! lets hear it!

This rez gal is going to SLC to the U of U Med Cntr to see whats up with my bro. IHS gave him too much meds which may caused permanent brain damage so if IHS is protected by some law who do we may a law suit against????Anyone know? Anyway poor Chass i wish i can take away what he's going thru. Prayers is what he needs right now.

We so rarely buy ice cream because I make it but I will tell you that the pint of Haagen Daaz we bought the other nite was only 14 oz and that's 2 oz short.

FFS useless bloody consultants they won't explain my worrying letter to me because its up to my own consultant. Well if the complaint didn't cc me into a letter and fail to include a cover note to explain it or call me I wouldn't be sat feeling like complaint after googling it. Harsh words needed when he's back Tuesday.

Funny complaintw this president hasn't passed a single budget, and has spent more than any other 10 presidents combined!

OMG! kena saman! drive at 86km/h also kena ah!! wth??!!

I would like to wish my baby brother Earvin" Magic" Anderson a very,very special Happy Birthday shout-out,I wish u the best birthday and I love u very much,I think of u often so many memories as u being my lil brother with ur reese's cup and juice ur a grown man now and I no its been a long time for us this is the time for us to reconnect I will inbox u my number have a great day brah love yah

So, Wendy's thought it was a good idea to reduce workers' complainturs in an effort to sidestep paying for their healthcare now that Obamacare is in effect. You know, after that tactic worked SO well for Papa John's. What do you think we should do?

Isn't it really funny that Al Gore, the face of "clean energy," sold his TV network to oil-spewing Qatar?

I know im the youngest person who works in my department but that doesnt give everyone a reason to call me 'baby steph' or 'little-en' they might as well give me a dummy and bib while there at it

Complaint definitions


(criminal law) a pleading describing some wrong or offense

See also: charge


(civil law) the first pleading of the plaintiff setting out the facts on which the claim for relief is based


an expression of grievance or resentment


(formerly) a loud cry (or repeated cries) of pain or rage or sorrow


an often persistent bodily disorder or disease; a cause for complaining

See also: ailment