Climbing in a sentence as a noun

That hill climbing algorithm would fudge variables left and right.

Speaking as a graduate of one, top schools teach you credentialing and ladder climbing.

But the trip sounds really cool, and now that you think about it, you're pretty sure you'd enjoy rock climbing in itself.

After all, what's the point of doing anything if the government is already in such a huge hole there is no climbing out?

We have a society based on climbing and positioning and maintaining ground, and that causes a lot of these problems.

You could detect such wind shear when climbing or descending through it, either with GPS or by watching the ground and seeing how much you drift in relation to it.

I still put plenty away into savings and got to spend my free time climbing or doing whatever I wanted in a nice tropical environment.

If I had never been a climbing instructor, I never would have developed the people skills that I needed to be an effective manager, let alone a business owner.

A programmer's salary is great, but why can't I work 20 hours as a programmer, and 20 hours as a tree-planter, or teaching rock climbing to high school kids, for maybe 55% of a programmer's salary?

Still, though, I made a relatively simple decision many years ago, to take a vacation from the computer industry for a while and be a climbing instructor.

Learning basic rock climbing doesn't intimidate you, but you will have to meet people who like climbing, meet enough of them and cultivate enough social connections to put together three or four people to do this hike.

It gives people a path whereby, instead of climbing the organizational ladder, their efficiency gains are paid back to them in the ability to retain employment with a reduced work footprint.

I like thinking about mind, experience, truth, math, language, etc. I don't have a social anxiety disorder or any other type of anxiety disorder, so I'm not afraid to join a rock climbing group or any other type of group.

The nightmare scenario is basically upon us: capacity requirements are climbing faster than ever, but those requirements are no longer being driven by customer acquisition.

Climbing definitions


an event that involves rising to a higher point (as in altitude or temperature or intensity etc.)

See also: climb mounting