Clairvoyant in a sentence as a noun

But even though this guy was a pretty successful A&R person, he wasn't clairvoyant, as the album was a huge hit.

You practically have to be clairvoyant to foresee all the possible problems.

Sure it might have been the sub-optimal choice in hindsight, but we're not clairvoyant and often try to be thoughtful in our decision making.

For instance, if I claim to be clairvoyant, and predict that the next coin you toss will come up 'heads', that would be a false claim, regardless of the outcome of the coin toss.

Clairvoyant in a sentence as an adjective

That comment is an attempt to lend credence to your assertions by making yourself seem insightful and semi-clairvoyant, by 'guessing' he is a teacher.

Maybe I should have been more clairvoyant, but in the end what drives people to finance and what drives people to tech isn't all that dissimilar - the unique cultures change like to unlike from there.

If it turns out that it wasn't a good idea and everyone agree with you, you'll look like a genius and gain some clout as a clairvoyant; if it turns out it was seriously necessary, you'll look like someone who pouts when they don't get their way.

My point was not that I was any sort of clairvoyant, or had a brilliant insight into the president's soul; it is only that all the politicians are acting under the same incentive system, and unless you have good reason to believe that one acts differently under the same incentives, real substantive change is unlikely.

Clairvoyant definitions


someone who has the power of clairvoyance


perceiving things beyond the natural range of the senses


foreseeing the future

See also: precognitive second-sighted