Category in a sentence as a noun

Do you create a new category for me?

It's easy to mark stuff as read/unread, one by one, or in bulk by category.

Wouldn't that kind of "cat ****" complaint fall in the exact same "unhelpful comment" category ?

[Disclosure: I hope your entire product category dies]

In my experience, those who work remotely tend to be far more in the transactional work category.

I think it might make more sense to think of it as streaming video, the category of goods, rather than Netflix, the company.

You absentmindedly dismiss these 95th percentile professionals in the "junior, shady or clueless" category.

You say that you are talking about comparing computer programmers as compared to other highly skilled professionals, but then you narrow your focus to the highest percentile in each category.

If this were the olympics of mental gymnastics, you would take the gold medal in every category.> So, here's the story: He is expecting a number at around 100 miles because he thinks he's being more efficient now.

However, because the Times is in a category of one, the choices its management can make, and the outcomes of those choices, are not illustrative or predictive for most other news organizations, large or small, old or new.

But I'm still not sure what the interesting part is... so far this sounds more like Google Wave than anything else, and that alone might be enough to pass on backing the idea, under the "will fail because it's too hard to convince people they need this" category.

That was a little different they filed the TM in the wrong category and I claimed defense of "descriptive use" how else would a blood themed beverage be described?However, the Candy Crush Saga creators are even further behind the 8-ball on the TM "Candy" vis-a-vis video games.

This "non-apology" apology, is the classic example of a tattletale at school...the classic excuse of its not my fault cuz everyone is doing it...more importantly, it is wrong, and demonstrates a "our sh don't stick mentality" exchanging a tweet for a link is considered exchanging services for a link, which does indeed fall under the buying links category.

Category definitions


a collection of things sharing a common attribute; "there are two classes of detergents"

See also: class family


a general concept that marks divisions or coordinations in a conceptual scheme