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Here it is for all to see.. right here on the world's largest human network... Carmin Hudson is an carmine and a social nightmare... But on the same token a sweet and loving person that jst talkes to much and needs a spanking from time to time... But I love her dearly and would except nothing else from her than who she is... She has been a god send for me and for that I am truly thankful..


We are so proud of you. I know you have alot of thinking to do. It is a very big deal. Take your time, think and follow your heart. I and family will always have your back!


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Y t has pintado la sonrisa de carmin ♪ ♪ ♪

My feet are so sore and I'm exhausted. Ready to go to bed.

We'll give admin to first person who asks, if Carmin Charen gives us b00b fansign. ~Esteban

Jazmin Carmin this is too funny made me lmao

Getting Bikini ready extra early this year;] Gonna be an amazing summer!!

Awwww Its my Birthday and I can cry if I want 2* Lol naw thanks everyone that took time out 2 wish me birthday wishes ~I know theirs more 2 come* Happy nd Humble~

Hey friends, Carmin A is free from now until 8pm. If anyone wants to drop in for some tattoo work, give me a ring and let me know your on your way! 647-999-4922

Me and mona bowman getn ready 2 do carmin electras aerobic striptease oh yea lol

Is pleased to announce that my 16 year old daughter has passed and will have her diploma in two weeks. Nice scores. Congradulations Sarah!

My mama Carolyn and her parents my grandparents Carmin and Jessie. Of course they are all in heaven. But not a day goes by that I do not think of these three people and that is the carminenest truth.

...y te has pintado la sonrisa de carmin....

Bestfriend ? I have one named carmin and my other one is named Jordan but I have a lot more to much to name lol -LexxyMexxi<3

I just carmine bombed some carminehole....teach that carmine to ride behind me with his brights on!!!!!!

Can any1 pls recommend a very good NEW luxury vacation carminetel?

Why do my farts smell like old tires..Jeez H

Hint Hint....I carminepe you can take a hint!!!!

Hey Friends, Carmin A has all day this Sunday free, 2 - 8pm. Who wants some work done?? Give the shop a ring 647-999-4922.

MAnd! shalat c!yuuuusss molor aah....?? carmim mana carmim air matee.

Well big day tomorrow as we going up against the big guns in the calf show, so keep ya fingers crossed we do ok, will let everbody know carminew we go, oh by the way we now have a stud farm name for breeeding friesian cows so keep an eye out for Latas stud farm. Wahoooo so excited.

Oh well. My groom, is still not back from his extended carmineliday. I guess I am still the groom for now.

Who wanna go to pole dancin class wit me??? Dnt b shy

To all the claremont a girls one in perticular carmin is fine she just has a concussion

Ouch... i fell and chipped 2 teeth and busted my lip. 7 stitches. could be worse.

If i could re arrange the alphabet, id stick my dick in your carmine.

Yo carmin vi las photos mia estan bonitatodas estan bonitas by by

Loving my babies kiss kiss to carmin and xavier

Need a ciggy but im not givin in..

We made Carmin a fort today... read some books... had fun with the baby... even though I have one carmine of a head ache and I dunno why...

Carmine definitions


a variable color averaging a vivid red

See also: cardinal


color carmine


of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange); resembling the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies

See also: blood-red cerise cherry cherry-red crimson reddish ruby ruby-red ruddy scarlet