How to use Carefree in a sentence as a adjective

Well,,, off to that Happy Place, where the day is carefree, and everything just falls into place. livin la vita loca. <3

I hide my tears when i say ur name,but the pain in my heart is still the same. Although i smile n seem carefree, there is no one who misses u more than me..

Some good country that reminds u of carefree days in indiana with ur soon to be baby momma right

The return to daycare went much better then I thought. My carefree girl couldn't careless but my little man wasn't to sure to start with but had a great day. Little does he know he is back tomorrow and pippa stays carefreeme

I hide my tears when I say your name, But the pain in my heart is still the same, Though I smile and seem carefree, There is no one who misses you more than

I'd like to be an innocent, carefree kid again. Please and thank you.

Eating very ripe Philippine grapefruit and its not even sour mmmmmmm WOW memories of me as a child eating this fruit suddenly came back to me ...... life so carefree and peaceful nice I can also feel the warmth of great weather.

I'm so carefree n casual! People tend to think I don't care n all that! Im just really repellent to stress

When you feel like there is nothing left for you to look forward to, look into the eyes of a child and the world seems carefree again

I think ET is Elliot's "inner child" that Elliot might have felt had died when his family broke up. That sweet, warm, carefree part of Elliot that he thought he could never lose, never knew it was possible to lose, till Dad left and the family fell apart and his childhood "ended." Elliot was expected to "man up" like his older brother, become another "little big man" instead of being a child. But to do that, you have to throw that child away. I think that Elliot finds himself again.

I want to go back to those carefree happy days when the only tension in my life was my studies

-Its funny, one day you're young, carefree & planning for "someday". Then quietly, without you really noticing, "someday" is today. "Someday" is yesterday. And this is your life.

Sometimes we forget carefreew blessed we are and tend to drift off in life and live carefree but we must remember that we are here for purpose not to stay forever ask yourself what your purpose is and when you figure it out you will began to look at life in a different perspective GOD will make your life flourish with beautiful things whether it is materialistic new or better relationships knowledge etc..I'm ready for all the good things god has for me I'm ready to have that bound and unconditional love with my lord Jesus Christ....FrFr

Happy carefree dont even bother me that skool is back i had a great break and im still smilin bout it ^.^

I hide my tears when I say ur name,but da pain in my heart is still da same although I smile and seem carefree there is no 1 who misses u more than me

Have you ever heard a song from so long ago with so many memories tied to it that it made you cry? And didn't you with that you could go back into time when everything seemed so much simpler and carefree? Those are songs that are the soundtrack of our lives... the ones that bring back childhood memories, best friends, first love, first heartbreak... the memories.

I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same. although I smile and seem carefree, there is no one who misses you more than me.

Oh, to go back to those carefree days! Too bad things like that have to change!

I am like the Otter. The Otter lives a dual life, floating peacefully and playfully above the water. This carefree life style cannot sustain itself so the Otter must dive into the depths of the great blue sea. Underwater the Otter flows fast but free, determined yet graceful in the search of the fish it needs to return full, to it's carefree life where it can breathe.

New song I'm working on: Shall we dance, and see what we make of this thing we call romance, the thing i think they drink to on the movie screen, and we'll dress up and be the things we've never seen, and we can be best friends untill the very end, when we grow up and find out that it's just pretend, i'll have nothing new to say but you'll still listen, to all the tales of our glory days, when we would laugh and play and dream oh carefreely carefree night we'll sieze the day when it greets us riding about ten miles high and all the vital signs show we have life Tell me what you think about it please.

I see all these people who are just so carefree with life, never thinking about the future. Its sad to know that these people will never go anywhere with their lives.

Regretting life will get u no where ...... But living carefree with protection might have been life changing

Ashley's mini bio from MTV: “The Tomboy” Wild and carefree, Ashley is known for being one of the guys. She’d rather get down and dirty in the mud than deal with local drama — although she doesn’t mind starting it. She’s the bravest and most carefreenest of her friends, but always the one to stir the pot.

If you dont do stupid things while your young, youll have nothing to smile about when your old #carefree

If i cld have one wish it wldnt be to win the lotery or have an easy carefree life it wldnt be for youth beauty or fame or evn peace it wld be to have ronnie back by my side arguments struggles pain wrkn til we drop and all jst one more day of life together/please

I want nothing more than to just cuddler and just enjoy myself without having to rush anywhere. I just want to laugh and be carefree for a change. That'd be nice.

He/she who can be carefree yet mindful at the same time, has found the secret of living in enlightened peace.

There is a BIG difference between being carefree and careless! I choose to not worry but for the most part...I still TRY to make wise, sensible decisions..carefreewever....that's not always the case lol

Life is much easier with an 'idgaf' attitude. Stress free, worry free, carefree. Plus you don't have to deal with immaturity

I hide my tears...when I say ur name silently...but the pain in my heart is still the same...thr0ugh I smile and seem carefree...there's n0 0ne wh0 misses u m0re than me....I l0vE u...

Carey Sargent said that Wendy on codeine reminds her of the more carefree, pre-asthma, pre-PhD Wendy. What happened to me?

This is so cute and adorable. Wouldn't life be wonderful if we were all this carefree.

I can't wait to be old to spend my days relaxing with my wife maybe spending time with our grand kids remembering when that was us carefree and fun filled little kids but that's a long time off and I'm more interested in the journey not the destination <3

Be like a flowing wind He was like a flowing wind He was like a soaring kite Where he had vanished, let's find him While the paths always lead us He always made his own path Sometimes fell, sometimes balance but always went ahead cheerfully We were always worried about tomorrow He always celebrated today He lived every minute fully From where did he come Where he had vanished, touching our hearts He was like a shade in scorching sun He was like an oasis in a vast desert He was like the medicine for the wounded heart We were limited to well He will do somersault in the river He used to swim against the turbulent current He was like a carefree cloud He was our close friend Where he had vanished, let's find him While the paths always lead us He always made his own path Sometimes fell, sometimes balance but always went ahead cheerfully We were always worried about tomorrow He always celebrated today He lived every minute fully From where did he come Where he had vanished, touching our hearts

I hide my tears when I say ur name, But the pain in my heart is still the same. Although I smile & seem carefree, theres no one who miss U more than me...

"And if he falls in love tonight It can be carefreeumed His carefree days with us are history In short, our pal is doomed". :-D

Be carefree and live life like no one’s watching………

Just thinking about warmer and more carefree times.

#Pisces is a carefree, happy-go-lucky but also know carefreew to be serious.

Back in the day, life was definitely more carefree!

Took my last antibiotic. My carefree days of licking bus benches, hand rails, and gym equipment are over.

Happy birthday to the perfect person I know, I do not have gestures and words to show, That you mean the world to me, With you I feel loved and carefree, Happy birthday sweetheart! To my dear husband Nezam Desa <3 <3

No drama, carefree, that's what u get when u meet me.

يا ديانا carefree in you أغوانا آخ if I know عنوانا and give her apple وbannana لعنتي with your love سمانا no girl reach حنانا I pray for her أبانا to see that I carefree myself عشانا أوف If one day with her عطانا and be together كلانا and stay with her لحالنا god keep يا ديانا and send her to فراشنا god make يا ديانا hear صواتنا and arrive to her heart صلواتنا where are يا ديانا carefree because of your parting in our head عبانا after فراقنا tell me your love where ودانا . يا ديانا كيانا عقلبنا عمانا from earth جلانا on thistle's path مشانا on death grave ودانا . من بعد يا ديانا there is no بدالا my god beauty and perfection عطاها and to me وداها and my mind ما نساها dream knight ما جاها in her head others ما عباها arrive to my heart صوت صداها my god يقبرني حلاها

I miss the carefree, loves everyone, happy as a calm, sunshine and rainbows coming out of carefree Allie. She's gone. The world finally got to me. Dammit...

Ok..crowd sourcing a prop for my show. Ladies...what catalog would cause you to say "I hate these people. I hate their clothes, their hair styles, and the whole bag of goods. And in the back of my mind I know that I would carefree to look this windswept and carefree"

The Dance of Life.... There is a lightness about 2013, giving us the ability to see through the outer and connect with the be light hearted and carefree and dance the dance of life... there’s no tune there’s no beat just an inner sound that moves your feet...there’s no need to practise and no need to rehearse the dance flows through you when you are alert, be light be nimble carefree and aware 2013 has much to share.....

It's up to you, it's up to me, to me. We gotta, work, work, work together, fight, fight, stay alive, work, work, work together, we're fighting to survive, You'll know when we arrive, oh yeah. Work for all in a carefree state, No more anger, no more hate, No more fighting, Black and White, We must all learn to unite...♪♪♪

Ending th revision early to watch 'the carefreee girls story: viva forever' oh to go back to 1996, be 7 years old again, carefree and pretending to be none other than ginger carefreee herself. Tell me why we didn't dress as the carefreee girls for carnival last year?

Looking forward to going in Swansea end singing carefree whoever we will be, up the Chelsea

Happy birthday, Elvis! I still carefreeld on to the faith that you're out there somewhere enjoying a carefree life.

Can't help to notice that the people who are ruthless and carefree are the ones who get the respect..Everyone says " I act like dis and like dat" I jump through carefreeops for my kids, don't show up at Birthday parties empty handed,,watch the babies and leave me out of the exciting events cause no one else will and make sacrifices to see a smile on everyone face. I sympathize and empathize.

Im taking my life back. Back to carefreew I felt last summer. I felt carefree, free from drama, didnt care wat ppl thought of me, didnt care if ppl talked about me behind my back and didnt smoke cigarettes. I gave my cigarettes away to my mom and im ready to be the person I want to be and that is a person that doesnt give two carefrees wat ppl think of me and also be a strong person that doesnt need cigarettes to help me when im stressed...

Gotta start being a parent not my old carefree self

You're that one love in my lifetime And if I search this whole wide world I know I'll never find a love that's stronger Than an oak tree That will be standing in the sun When my life is done, yeah A carefree girl I couldn't see All the future plans darling You made for me You placed the whole world At my feet And lit a flame of passion That burns eternally. One love in my lifetime-Joss Stone

Ok ok I busted my carefree cleaning today and now I'm not so sure if dinner will get done lol the lovely part about my illness is that a lot of plans change. My New Years resolution is to be more carefree and I am so ready for it so... So fend for yourself dinner tonight is the plan and I'm not gonna feel sorry for myself over it... I got my carefreeuse clean ad that is actually a huge accomplishment

When you find a love so perfect One that you’re sure is meant to be One that fills all your senses And makes you feel complete One that brings contentment, Peace, carefreepe and joy, too carefreew do you say goodbye To the other half of you? When you find a love so beautiful One that awakens all your dreams One that brings such happiness And makes you feel carefree carefreew do you find the strength To simply let it go; carefreew do you say goodbye To a part of your soul?

Another beautiful afternoon doing us and carefree the best thing in the world really can b solitude, if u wanna make it through the nite, there is nothing worth stressin over even when u feel guilty, just know there is always chances to grow...I DID, thanks to the most loyal, loving compassionate tennative angel sent from god himself!!

Well my last few days have been lazy, fun, and carefree...but now it's time to tackle my room.......

I love watching cows in the rain. They just keep eating like they don't even notice a torrential downpour gully washer. Cool carefree cows!

On this birthday, I would like to wish you mom, Be blessed with good health and fortune, When I was sad, you were there, You always supported me throughout in life, Without you, it is really tough to survive, Let me confess that you are most special to me, With you around, I feel carefree, Thanks for being extraordinary mom, You taught me to keep headstrong, Mom you are the best and you know, I simply do not have words to show, Wishing you a very special birthday today, Have a great day and enjoy your life! I love you so so much. Happy Birthday!

I hide my tears when i say your name the pain in my heart is still the same though i smile & seem carefree theres no one who misses you more than me

Today I was able to enjoy about 15 minutes of serenity. I was laying on the porch, a cool breeze was coming and going, birds were singing and for the briefest of moments I was completely carefree. It felt great!!!

He addressed the room waving the gun carefree Saying "ladies and gentlemen you've been called here to see Two naked embarrassed humans in a bed that I bought They were havin great sex about the time they got caught" Then he laid the gun down on the bed so relaxed And said "I'm leaving' feel free to shoot me in the back"

I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is stil the same. Though I smile and seem carefree, there's no one who misses you more than me!!.............................

I hide my tears when I say ur name,but the pain in my heart is still the same,although I smile and seen carefree,there is no one who misses u more than me!!!!!

I hide my tears when I say ur name But the pain in my heart is still the same, Though I smile and seem carefree, There is one who misses u more then me.

My dog is so carefree and happy. Little does he know, he's getting the old sniparoo to his walnuts in the morning.

Going to have a carefree day at work today. Not going to stress about money, or women. Not even going to think about cars. Let the day begin!

Need to find some roma gypsies to befriend they really are the most carefree and fun people

I miss the carefree days of summer with Emma Lawson <\3

All the worry this life brings us is what makes it so difficult to be carefree. Ya rab sabarnyy

I was thinking of my happiness ,and I found out that it became my true desire of my life,and I found out that such thing is in my heart,and I looked into it and I found out it is full of it! My heart is my life and my life is my happiness,so you can try to look into yours and what you find in it is your life ,if it is full of dreams and carefreepes,if it is carefree ,if it is cincere to you,you are happy like me ,too! TS

Heading straight carefreeme after work, too many damn angry people today, and its completely messing up my usual happy/ carefree moods

Target-date funds and carefree retirement investments, today's feature article on Investor Bistro.

Im a very loving carefree, down to eart, caring , understanding and forgiving person BUT, step on ma toes, one too many times, aike lapho ill just delete u from ma life completely like u nvr existed in da first place

My goal each day is to live life to the fullest and be happy some days are harder than others but ultimately I'm the fun, carefree guy who's easy to be around.

I hide my tears when i say your name,but the pain in my heart is still the same,although i smile and seem carefree,there is no one who misses you more than me<3

I love this video...i think shes a nut..i love the carefree abandon with which she does her own thing.....i will forever watch this when i need cheering up or if i am taking myself or life too say id love to meet her and tell her shes great but i carefreenestly dont think shed care

I hate when im in a carefree mood & 1 phone call change I feel melancholy & I have to smile for the camera in an hr :/

Dogs are so stupid sometimes LOL! My Miniature Pony I rescued a few months back is standing next to the fence in our backyard with his butt turned toward the fence as calm and carefree as can be while my little carefreeuse dog and his foster buddy are on two feet barking their heads off at him as if they would eat him up if they could! Im pretty sure his stance is to imply "Kiss my Butt" if only he could say it LOL!

I hide my tears when i say your name,, but pain in my heart till the same, i although carefree smile & seem.. there are no who one misses you more than me

Quote Examples using Carefree

I just found out my dear friend Tor Hughes died this morning in Miami. Just yesterday he was posting on FB & wished me happy carefreelidays over X-mas. I am floored by the news & deeply saddened. My thoughts are with his family right now. He was such a loving, carefree, amazing, one of a kind friend. You will be missed. xo


Yeah, you might be prettier than me, and have more friends than me. and you might hang out with carefreetter guys than me, have more clothes and money than me, and not give a carefree about school, unlike me. you might be carefree, unlike me. but one day, you're going to wish you stayed true to who you were, like me. because you'll have nothing, except memories of fake carefree friends who don't even talk to you anymore. so don't talk carefree about me or my lifestyle, because one day, you're going to wish it was yours.


She was so young and carefree when she was taken from me. One year and one month old so quickly cut down by Darwinism. She brought smiles to my face, and always knew carefreew to brighten my day. The things she would do, but alas she is gone. She should have seen the puddle coming but I couldn't stop her in time. Phone you will be missed, but nevertheless your microSD card was saved, and you will be born again.


A single, carefree and free spirited soul with no strings attached is most i long. I'm tired of all those that makes me blue, no longer wanna be in those fake kinda relation which has no future. M so tired today, my soul needs care and freedom. Let these blues vanish. Wanna forget who makes me sick. Just wanna be happy and free, i deserve better. My body is freaky robotic and workaholic; soul is tired and really needs some good care. God bless u all


Nothings last forever The Path of Happiness is indeed simple and easy. When things are going smooth, keep in mind that fortune and happiness won’t last forever; and when things go against your wish, just view the adversity as fleeting clouds. Don’t take the experiences seriously–because suffering and happiness are illusory, they come and go, again and again. With such realization, you can be a carefree bystander, undisturbed by all churning and capricious worldly affairs. only spirit last forever


Nothings last forever The Path of Happiness is indeed simple and easy. When things are going smooth, keep in mind that fortune and happiness won’t last forever; and when things go against your wish, just view the adversity as fleeting clouds. Don’t take the experiences seriously–because suffering and happiness are illusory, they come and go, again and again. With such realization, you can be a carefree bystander, undisturbed by all churning and capricious worldly affairs. only spirit last forever


What's the deal.. Everyone's either getting married, divorced, or have kids. I feel behind with the times. Or maybe I'm just making the right move.. Another question without an answer. Any input ladies and gents?


? "I haven't smoked pot since I was a teenager. But when I did back then, I didn't really have any problems with depression. Since my bipolar symptoms seemed to have gotten worse over the past couple of years, I am considering looking into medical carefree. But I don't want to be just some big stereotype stoner. What are your feelings on medical carefree and bipolar disorder?"


I'm not carefreet or gorgeous. I don't have an amazing figure or flat stomach. I'm far from being considered a model, but I'm me. I eat food, I have curves, I have more fat than I should, I have scars, I have a history. Some people love me, some like me, some hate me. I have done good, I have done bad. I love my PJ and I go without makeup. I'm random, I'm crazy, I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. I am who I am, you can love me or not. I won't change. I won't make apologies for the way I am. I am simple, cheerful and carefree, and if I say I love PJ Simon, I mean it... <3 08


I had to do something very difficult today. This afternoon Courtney and I had to say our final goodbyes. Most Everyone that knows us has witnessed us have a very passionate and sometimes explosive relationship over the past 2 1/2 years. I definitely feel that we have learned a lot from each other, and if given the choice I can't say I would change a thing. For some reason we are being sent down different paths now. It's not happening the way I would have wanted or imagined it would end, but nonetheless it has. The amount of support from my friends and family has been overwhelming and very appreciated. I've always explained to Courtney carefreew important it is to show your class and respect. Thats why I carefreepe everyone will not question the circumstances anymore and join me in wishing Courtney and Keith all the happiness in the world. This song sums it up best.


To clarify my angry short status few carefreeurs ago. Am being punished for well having a nice phone by court of Mn. People like me shouldn't be able to afford nice things even though I got it free thru trading an old phone. Because state workers have lousy pay and taste the judge told me to sell my nice things to well pay a fine because I'm jobless. Funnier thing was he asked several people in courtroom if they had an iPhone. They all shook their heads. so should I find a lawyer to see if that violates my pursuit of happiness in having something nice? or should I just ask if its pure harassment for all parties to twist my words in a way to come at me over something stupid? Maybe the guilty party is Sprint for buying my carefree to get this free elite phone. Or Apple for making their products well not for less fortunate people like me. Either way I thought if a judge, a lawyer or a court clerk can't afford an iPhone then maybe they should find better jobs! Amazing what we can get with very little and carefreerrible for someone to carefreeume I'm wealthy because of a device. Either I'm classy with great taste, or like the judge said I'm very intelligent he's in shock that I have my carefree attitude. Maybe I'm the exception for a lot of rules but, there are few words that define me just wished the world would get it right. Takes a lot to affect me just because I don't cry, show a response, or cuss you out doesn't mean if I were in a different setting you wouldn't see the real me.


A year ago I came carefreeme...I was blindly blessed then and didn't know it. So much has happened since then. Idk carefreew i made it through it all.. But i have amazing friends and an awesome family that made me realize carefreew lucky and not alone i really am. And yes carefree yes everything happens for a reason. And now I'm happy and carefree and me again..... The Debbie you all knew years ago.


Italy is marked by a great general depression. We have confidence in a government selfish and incompetent. In life there are many doors and if you give confidence to the world and yourself, you'll have many chances and possibility to open the right door. Now, everyone thinks about their business, people who steal, carefree people. Trust is the most important thing. Trust and carefreepe the Italian people.


You know...for the first time in months I can actually say I'm carefree and in a good mood. No worries and no stresses. It's been a long and rough road getting back to here and I'm sorry to anyone I've hurt along the way. I'm well on the way to being myself again and I have a lot of people to be indebted to for helping me and sticking around while I was in a bad place. Thank you so much everyone <3


All I'm guilty of is caring too much and never explaining it. It hurts so much to care the way I do but that's all I have. All it does is ruin things. I can't have a carefree life, I have no money, and I'm at my wits end trying to scrape by. I thought I'd be in a much different situation by now and I'm not. I'm not rich, I can take u drinking all the time, I can't provide a rockstar lifestyle and I'm sorry. But I try so damn hard. So hard. I'm sorry I can't be happy when I can't even pay for food for us let alone do everything u want. I'm sorry that I'm in a shifty situation and believe I'm the only one that can change it. Drinking on my friends tabs won't get me anywhere and I no that for a fact. If I want a better life I have to do something about it and not watch my life go by through the bottom of a bottle. I'm sorry what I want for us ruined me and in turn ruined u. Just don't understand carefreew u couldn't have wanted better for us as much as I do.


You seems on the top when I'm low. As soon as you're fading I will grow. I still like you. You don't like me. We're lacking energy. Yeah, we're lacking energy. So you got me up against the wall and I'm only waiting for your fall. I'll get back on top and be carefree. It's not the end for me, no It's not the end for me.


Been to 8 of these countries. Articles like this should be censored or better yet banned completely. Dear Forbes, please stick to advice on carefreew to multiply my investments not carefreew to ruin my favorite spots on earth. Dear retirees, please stay and stick to Florida, Hawaii, Ohio or the Caribbeans. Thank you!


Proper Noun Examples for Carefree

Hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same. Although I Smile & Seem Carefree, There is no one Who misses you more than ME!

My carefree jus told me "Careful neva carefreeed nobody. Carefree........That's anotha story."

I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same. Although I Smile & Seem Carefree, There is no one Who misses you more than ME!

I had a stick of Carefree gum but it didn't work. I mean I felt great while blowing that bubble but, as soon as it lost its flavor, I was back to pondering my mortality.

Happy cause your happy , happy cause you're free. Happy cause you're back to that person you were when I first met you. Carefree, Fun, and Crazy. You finally realized you're worth more then nothing. My best friend is back... and I couldn't be happier...

Carefree, selfish, self-focused yet respecting and respected, happily worn out and loving it. free from every kind of burdens. this is life. yolo.

Carefree, happy, laughs a lot, outgoing who am i talking about ?? ~saleema~

Carefree highway, let me slip away on you

There was a time when everything was right, each moment was blissful and bright. Carefree, evergreen smile flashing on the face but now life seems to loose its pace. Everywhere is dark, no ray of carefreepe, no chances are left to recoup. The evil void seared my happy soul tears are flowing, which I can’t control. Finding way out of it, I wasn’t sure just wondering if I can find any cure. But time heals all the pain, after drought there always comes rain. Even though life seems to be full of jerks but letting yourself down will never work. Parents’ love cannot be described in brief and true friends are always beside us in our grief There are many people who make life worth living so cheer up and start dreaming. Just believe in yourself and your dreams, though impossible things may seem Someday, somehow you’ll get through it...

I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same. Although I Smile & Seem Carefree, There is no one Who misses you more than ME

What are they doing about the mysterious carefreele discovered at the Carefree Nudist Camp? Nothing -- the police won't look into it.

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Yawr men shuru say itni energetic daring hun. Meray sb 4ndx bht sad thay mgr menay unhy bhe hansa dia. Phr kia hua w0h bht obsessd ogae mjsy n i left them :p hehe haha

Note to self: It's time to put your big girl panties on, suck it up a shut the carefree up if you know what's good for you.

I'm not ready to read this right now but I need too. Monk our oldest dog has liver cancer and we will have to say goodbye at some point... I just never want to have to say goodbye.

I just watched like 3 carefreele popping videos on youtube. Wtf is wrong with me, and carefreew did I get to this point?

I can't believe I live in a country with so many stupid sheep like people, I think we should pass a bunch of laws and make this place a safer and nicer place to live. First law we should is all carefree are illegal, carefree are bad, 2nd it should be illegal to come to this country if you don't file the proper paper work, 3rd we should make carefreeokers illegal, nobody wants their daughter to be a carefreeoker, 4th we should make all guns illegal because we know all crimnals follow the law and they would never steal a gun or buy one illegaly. Somebody please stop this planet it is time for me to get off.

7 years ago today, I was set free from addiction. Now I'm a Jesus junkie!

I really believe in this. It's because of the people that believe in me that I don't do it. Wish there was a way to make this happen.

I have an amazing job♥♥♥ # carefreemeless shelter they are precious !!

Officially a Rarotonga local. got a motorbike, got a car, got a carefreeuse, got a cell phone, got a tattoo shop, got the ocean, and got some friends. Life doesnt get any better then life down in the south pacific. I may never come back ahah, or maybe I'll fly someone out here....

Alex Blum has a thick carefree, ample for twerking.

I guess with my first pay check I'll be going to the eye dr. My right eye hurts, a deep hurt. And while reading, driving or computer work its hard to focus.

Can't wait til I'm 18 ...... 6 more birthdays

Today i am moving {yet again} onward and upward and i am going to miss those Sunrises…

I overheard someone say to someone else today "You are NOT who you say you are"... And it got me thinking... WHO was he saying he was to begin with? So I thought I'd give you a chance here to put into words who YOU say you are...

Well just got off the phone with my sister. I'm going to head back carefreeme in may for a visit. It's been 14 years , but its time to go back and see family.

Fan Question I was wondering something about some mothers out there I'm 17 years old will be 18 in just some few short months and I feel as if I'm ready for a child I hate going out and partying I'd rather be at carefreeme. I love babysitting and I love children always have. Is there any other mothers out there that feel or felt the same age when they were my age?? ~RP by Jessy~

Just got back from the gym, great lower body workout. Feeling the burn and loving the pump!

Out poor country digging itself a carefreele straight to carefree, too much tv and di bad mindedness of those who want to live like Di gangsters we see on tv...followers take it too far until its too late, Belize should be a leader and a example of peace and human kindness as it once was back in the days... I think it really need to go back to life for a life law, unless you can prove self defence... What happen to us Belize tell me?

Wow! Somebody had a big night! Just saw a woman come out of a carefreeuse in Launceston and get into her car wearing nothing more than a bed

As mentioned yesterday, that dry heat reminded me of my childhood in Wagga, which then of course brought memories of Nanna's laundry - it smelt of sunlight soap - what are some fond memories of your childhood? And where were you?

Remember busy signals? Replacement is call waiting, and caller ID! I even remember party lines! Life has changed!

FT Bradford 3-1 Aston Villa If bradford reach the final and face Chelsea they will probably play in the europa league next year :O -Ryan

Cars on our street get broken into, mazda safe. Thank fk.

Well I've being single for almost 2 years now... Think it's time to join the Undatables!

Did you go to St. Michael's or Marshbrook? Or if you're of younger years perhaps you went to Princefield. What memories do you have? Maybe you went to Penkridge or Brewood Middle School. Would you like to revisit your days at school and if so then why? Who did you sit next to in class? Are you still in touch with old school friends?

I need to have an attitude like folks around me, careless, care free with no regrets ... I tend to want to be respectful & mindful of my actions & mindful of others ... oh well ...

Darn!! why is it that all the inspirations, and motivations, and good intentions come to mind right before I'm about to close my eyes on that particular day and go to a deep slumber? It's always like that.. You come up with the most brilliant ideas, and the will to turn them into reality through blood and overcome every obstacle.. you say to yourself- "I'm tired of this carefree!..if I don't do it, nobody will..things are going to change from tomorrow! I'm going to make each day count.." And it seems to me that somehow we manage to dissipate that motivation and will to a parallel dimension during our sleep, and then we wake up the next day when half the day is already gone; and we're like- "Whatever! Let's deal with those stupid, good-for-nothing people and their needs first.."

Beautiful day out here in the woods...sun shining..birds singing.. day by day..

Anyone need a dinning room table? We are moving in Feb and need gone. Text or message me for pics.

Operation: carefree mouse; day 3. Saw the little bastard then he vanished like Charlie. Instead of the carcass i carefreeped to see, i find only remnants of cheese on the trap and im sure a fat n happy rodent sits in my walls... Peanut butter this time.

Im having a much better day, thank u for the bday wishes.

Like for a song tht reminds me of you close m8 only xoxoxo

So a talented happy 13 year old is found dead in the woodlands and the police is treating it as not suspicious? What's the world coming to? /:

carefreew to make a gurl happy ÄaÑGive her money ÄbÑGive her money ÄcÑPlease give her moneyÑ ÄdÑMy friend naw give her money!! ÄeÑGive her money

These freshman think they run this place.....that's cute

Carefree definitions


cheerfully irresponsible

See also: devil-may-care freewheeling happy-go-lucky harum-scarum slaphappy


free of trouble and worry and care

See also: unworried