How to use Carborundum in a sentence as a noun

Sandpaper can scratch sapphire, as it is made of particles of carborundum. Same with some stone garden furniture.

Corundum, carborundum, diamond, or maybe topaz? I've never turned anything on a lathe, so this might be a stupid question.

First of all, there was no carborundum in ancient egypt. Silicon carbide was only discovered in the 19th century and doesn't occur in large deposits naturally.

Some are of carborundum! All we know is that they were completely unable to make them themselves.

Take care of yourself, and illegitemi non carborundum.

The prerequisite talent is mostly the ability to focus relentlessly while illegitimi non carborundum. But since those are rare talents the laptop can only elevate rare people.

Carborundum definitions


an abrasive composed of silicon carbide crystals