Canard in a sentence as a noun

The whole "it's not a cache" thing is a canard.

This post rolls out every OOP canard there is.

That's kinda like the old AI canard: once it's obvious how it works, it's no longer considered AI.

" canard: NYC, SFO, and SJC have slower, poorer, more expensive per bps residential broadband options than Chattanooga, TN does.

Yet another company that pretends to believe the "1 in 100" canard:If we assume that only 1 in 100 qualified engineers meets our bar ..

All this handwringing over imaginary debt ceilings and such has been nothing more than an incredibly destructive canard.

This ridiculous canard that we can never critique a story without being jealous is obnoxious.

One has to be either exceptionally ignorant or exceptionally motivated to find a way to blame America to believe this canard.>>> Question is - who is the aggressor in this situation, really?Really?

> Class-action lawsuits also enrich the lawyers mostlyMany companies love to use the public's negative sentiment against plaintiffs' lawyers to their favor, by invoking precisely the "class-action lawsuits also enrich the lawyers mostly" canard.

Strangely, the article fails to follow this up with the next logical sentence, which is:"Also, a rotating spacecraft is trivially easy to implement, meaning that the entire zero-gravity argument is nothing more than a ridiculous canard by those who'd rather suck down a few more tens of billions of pointless microgravity biomedical research before allowing us to leave Low Earth Orbit and do anything interesting.

More importantly, who pays for the cleanup when the value I offer to my customers is crops free of GMOs?If a GM wind- or bee-pollinated crop is planted within a few kilometres of my crop without my permission, who owns the genes that get transferred to my crops due to cross-pollination?Don't trot out the canard of "societal benefit" when the only people who actually benefit from GMOs are the companies who own the patents and manufacture the herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers that the GMO crops depend on.

Canard definitions


a deliberately misleading fabrication