Bowed in a sentence as an adjective

You got a quick sense that it was a poor fit and bowed out, which is in both parties' best interest.

They bowed to no system of external rule, while making as much money as possible.

No one but me reads my code.”Matsumoto bowed his head and said, “All hackers cooperate, even you.”“You are a fool, Matsumoto!

Only the API developer remained, his head bowed in defeat before the monitor.

Sorry, has check-in been "won" by Foursquare now that Gowalla and Facebook have bowed out, or is it actually the case that check-in is just dead?

I say this because a huge amount of the skill in playing a bowed instrument is controlling changes of bow direction and the beginnings of bowings.

Apple has repeatedly not bowed to companies desires for owning contact information and I expect they will fix this contact hole in the near future.

A giant chunk of our national mythos is bound up in westward expansion, where in a thinly populated frontier, the cowboy-hero did what he wanted and bowed to no man.

If they bowed to the current pressure and allowed outside access to their data, the web would risk losing a long-term standard, and, these days, consistent, trust-worthy standards are in short supply.

Shortly after her 17th birthday she was granted permission to date, then bowed to her parents' pressure to break up with one of our mutual friends because she liked him but it wasn't going to result in marriage.

As someone who bowed out of the SpaceX interview process because he couldn't see himself coding in C++ anymore, and now focuses on web and mobile instead... I wish I shared your confidence right now.

Artificial body parts?This is more an anecdote, than an answer, but when I worked at the Rapid Prototyping Center [0] we built 3D prototypes for Johnson & Johnson including a slightly bowed rod with several holes drilled at various angles.

Bowed definitions


of a stringed instrument; sounded by stroking with a bow


forming or resembling an arch; "an arched ceiling"

See also: arced arched arching arciform arcuate


have legs that curve outward at the knees

See also: bandy bandy-legged bowleg bowlegged


showing an excessively deferential manner

See also: bowing