Bored in a sentence as an adjective

So if you're bored on your current job, look into SpaceX.

Chronic use probably means your devs are bored.

Maybe the guy was just bored or thought that female worker was beautiful.

A successful idea is one which takes a life of its own before you get bored of it.

" It would be nice to say I'm simply bored by smalltalk, but I can't kid myself; it isn't that simple.

It may be why people are bored with the stories on the frontpage; there doesn't seem much if any change in those.

The reason you went out looking for jobs even though you didn't need them is not because you were bored.

The show was pretty tame so I usually got bored and turned it off and did something else with my time.

It's not a case of possibly being bored, or eventually becoming bored.

If not, they're bored, and you have a ticking clock to do something about that engineer before he leaves.

I don't think enough emphasis is put in these studies on the rise of cheap entertainment for bored male youth.

My closest brush with metallurgy was in a high-school chemistry text-book, which to be honest bored me to death.

I get bored when I'm not engaged, and I have difficulty engaging with people because anxiety and stress make me shut down.

Like most kids I just ignored it and played a little D&D over at my friends' houses till I got bored of it and listened to rock music just the same.

But do something, because he is going to get bored and quit and we'll have to do this anyway, only Joe won't even be here to help transition.

I was bored and slightly drunk from brunch on a Saturday afternoon, and got it in my mind that Id catch up on the final four Harry Potter movies.

If by some twist the intercom started working, you might not understand, because the conductors are bored and like to read the script as unintelligibly as they can.

At best we have won the war on idleness, which is only a lite version of it. If anything, these ****-time gadgets exacerbate the deep boredom problem, what Pessoa calls tedium:Tedium is not the disease of being bored because theres nothing to do, but the more serious disease of feeling that theres nothing worth doing.

Some bored member of staff just didn't like the look of this American weirdo with a video camera for an eye, a piece of paper that he waves around and an attitude that he is entitled to buffer everything he sees anywhere in the world and then publicly blame an entire multinational for a minor, local incident.

Bored definitions


tired of the world; "bored with life"; "strolled through the museum with a bored air"

See also: world-weary


uninterested because of frequent exposure or indulgence; "his blase indifference"; "a petulant blase air"; "the bored gaze of the successful film star"

See also: blase