Bobsled in a sentence as a noun

Hear the Jamaican bobsled team needs cash to get to Sochi.

That won’t handle the number of degrees of freedom a bobsled uses.

Not about business, but based on a true story about the first Jamaican bobsled team.

It seats 2, but the passenger sits directly behind the driver bobsled style, which is kind of cool perhaps.

Even the Jamaican bobsled team had to qualify for the Olympics.

He would be better off trying to get bobsled team in a tropical country off the ground and practice sprinting with a sled for a couple of years.

Bobsled in a sentence as a verb

Reminds me of the Olympics, when for a brief few weeks every 4 years, a ton of people suddenly become experts in the skeleton bobsled.

4-person bobsled, two professionals controlling the sled, two passengers.

Sure, it was fun, and I didn't die, but they would not let the elderly, those with spinal injuries, or pregnant women ride a bobsled even for 90 seconds.

Which makes sense because the better bobsled drivers are observed not to suffer from these oscillations as often as their competitors.

If I recklessly [flew my helicopter/drove my tank/rammed my hovercraft/ran my bobsled] in to a child it would be met with outrage, so why do we apply different rules to automobiles?

I've never operated a bobsled, but if they're like other machines I've operated with physical controls that have mass or that move in response to things that have mass, then the oscillations are caused by the driver.

Bobsled definitions


formerly two short sleds coupled together

See also: bobsleigh


a long racing sled (for 2 or more people) with a steering mechanism

See also: bobsleigh


ride a bobsled; "The boys bobbed down the hill screaming with pleasure"