Blighted in a sentence as an adjective

They are carving this thing out of blighted urban decay.

* The hotel is, let's not sugarcoat it, a blighted flophouse.

In fact, where I live, blighted, disused buildings are taxed at a punitive rate.

It should be noted that San Francisco isn't the only area blighted.

>let's be honest about that; the place is a blighted flophouseBecause you say it is?

I find it troubling that it remains acceptable to steal people's property on the premise that it is "blighted".

Then I read the Wikipedia and saw that it was declared blighted in 1979, and didn't actually see much improvement until 2005.

In fact, many countries are blighted by military thinking and many noble causes have been perverted by that kind of mindset.

This is a commercialized version of a technique used by the "guerrilla gardeners" movement that has taken root in many blighted cities.

Gangs would spring up like weeds, get absorbed into syndicates, and wield large amounts of power over ghettos and other blighted areas without regular sweeps to keep them in line.

I don't understand why the list of reasons you gave support the idea that government should be able to just steal the hotel from its owner without first charging the owner of a crime.> The hotel is, let's not sugarcoat it, a blighted flophouse.

I would couple that with a "job of last resort" program that would replace long term unemployment and disability insurance - everyone who wants to work can get a job, no matter how blighted their city, no matter what kind of disability they have.

Instead of feel-good/feel-bad rhetoric, it would be nice to see a tangible plan for improving the economic conditions in the blighted parts of LA for a change... If that happens, I'm willing to wager that crime will drop with poverty, and such horrific stories will become non-existent.

Blighted definitions


affected by blight; anything that mars or prevents growth or prosperity; "a blighted rose"; "blighted urban districts"

See also: spoilt