Birthing in a sentence as a noun

All of those things involved their own sets of birthing pains.

Some will describe it as nothing shy of birthing an idea.

Interesting post, but I would recommend not missing out on the birthing classes.

Before the childbirth they should have had a birthing plan, and the doula should have known the mother's wishes and defended them.

Moreover, birthing and medical trends have also gone backwards.

That's a very 20th century view of birthing positions and certainly not in poorer countries.

"I have no idea why my wife was resistant to live-casting the birthing experience."Seriously?

I wonder if these people have ever had the thrill of creation--birthing something beautiful and unique into the world?

I think they qualify as the longest birthing process, with their eggs weighing about 1/4 the weight of the entire bird, and where laying an egg incapacitates the female for months.

An epidural slows the birthing process, and massively increases your likelihood of further interventions.

If you were the birthing doctor and you got her call, how could this thought not cross your mind?As for the people doing the genetic test, weren't they a little surprised that even if she wasn't the kids Mom, she was their aunt?

If taking the argument that no one should live forever, then I assume you would support that no one should never go to a doctor .. starting off with the birthing process and leave it all to chance for the unborn and mother.

I'm also confused by the state, if the birthing doctor and father were to vouch, shouldn't that imply a less aggressive and more thoughtful investigation is in order?Couldn't they extract an egg from each ovary and do a DNA test?

Everything from the correct techniques for birthing to height projection charts for children, through immunisations and treatment for common illnesses, to whole specialties of cardiology, renal medicine, ....

As for the justification of putting prosecutors beyond elections because of "the South": Reconstruction and Jim Crow have somehow become the excuse for birthing a class of invulnerable prosecutors that threaten a young Jewish kid in Boston with 35 years in jail for downloading some history PDFs!

Birthing definitions


the process of giving birth

See also: parturition birth