Bedspread in a sentence as a noun

That's because an artist placed a yellow light underneath him to fake the indirect light from the bedspread.

I read this in 1995 in a freezing cold bedroom lying atop a pale pink candlewick bedspread with the dismal damp Irish night wind howling outside.

It could be a batch of cookies from a personal recipe, a well crafted letter to a newspaper, a hand knit bedspread, or a nicely decorated living room.

With modern technology, it's completely unacceptable for consumer electronics to catch fire when running it on a bedspread.

But if you had visited a model store and looked at all the neat furniture, not to mention the fancy bedspreads and tableware and what not, then took home a chair in pieces, assembled it, sat in it...

Unsurprisingly even Apple laptops require ventilation; I thought it was common knowledge that you can easily destroy any laptop by running it on a soft, heat multiplying surface like a bedspread....

Bedspread definitions


decorative cover for a bed

See also: bedcover counterpane spread