Baryon in a sentence as a noun

>The baryon known as Xi_b^*A word on your PR, physics.

A proton is a baryon and neuron is a baryon but there are lots more.

They have neutral charge, but opposite baryon number.

Energy/mass, charge, lepton number, baryon number, etc, all of these things are conserved.

Half of baryon mass as million K intergalactic plasma is a lot of matter.

Should you wonder what baryon acoustic oscillation is and how an earth-bound telescope could beat out a satellite this is your article.

Is this a physical principle of the universe emerging from conservation of baryon number?

After decoupling, the photons streamed away, but the baryons remained and eventually formed galaxies.

As we go to larger scales there are different kinds of dark matter required--we know the baryon density of the universe and it isn't enough to explain what we see.

Usually the discussion is about if it's really a pentaquark particle with 5 quarks, or it's only a baryon with 3 quarks traveling along with a meson with 2 quarks.

One of the other major pieces of evidence for the existence of dark energy is the observation of baryon acoustic oscillations.

If I were being charitable I might think that he was referring to conservation of baryon number or lepton number...but all other indicators point to him not knowing what he's talking about.

Conservation of baryon number prevents the neutron from decaying into an anti-proton, which would otherwise make neutron sources a cheap and convenient way of producing anti-protons.

Baryon definitions


any of the elementary particles having a mass equal to or greater than that of a proton and that participate in strong interactions; a hadron with a baryon number of +1