Bandage in a sentence as a noun

If she doesn't have a bandage to give you, should she just ignore the spreading pool at your feet?

Rip off the bandage and let them know they didn't make it so they can close it out and move on.

From [2]:> Whenever there was a bombing, Israelis would run TO the blast to bandage people and help out.

A mere bandage on the gaping wound that Disney inflicted on the public domain.

Most pro shops will sell liquid bandage, which is essentially just superglue as well.

All that's doing is putting a bandage on an open sore which is going to fester and make it harder to fix down the line.

I'm now wondering if the UK's medical system was to blame for a country not having self-adhesive bandages.

If you go to the pharmacy and buy a bottle of liquid bandage, it's just superglue with antiseptics mixed in.

Bandage in a sentence as a verb

Valgrind is bandage sadly only available to GNU/Linux developers with lots of RAM to spare.

Or does Hanlon's Razor apply here?In any case, there needs to be more action than just bandage measures like petitions and phoning your Congressman.

In my experience with superglue-based liquid bandage, it works poorly on an actively bleeding wound, as the blood mixes with and breaks through the glue before it sets.

The current response seems to be just bandage it up, like a novice PHP developer's first web app devolves into spaghetti code because he doesn't know what an MVC framework it.

Just rip the bandage off and damn all the hairs its going to pull out. I don't have a good analogy for the impact it had on them, perhaps if the government suddenly outlawed the use of cars or any form of non-public transportation it would throw a similarly sized wrench into the mix.

Because your oversimplification is throwing variables away, you end up having to make stuff up to explain the gaps, which will always be an imprecise bandage.

> But does altering a game so that a child doesn't have to see the optimal moves from someone else do anything positive for anyone playing the game?It didn't, it was a bandage to cover the fact that Monopoly is not a very good kids game.

Why didn't I know it was called paracetamol?Needless to say, my US centric view of the world was shattered over the course of those 45 minutes....and by the time I finished this story, nobody would care that I used BandAid once to describe a self-adhesive bandage.

Bandage definitions


a piece of soft material that covers and protects an injured part of the body

See also: patch


wrap around with something so as to cover or enclose

See also: bind


dress by covering or binding; "The nurse bandaged a sprained ankle"; "bandage an incision"