Averting in a sentence as a noun

A little disruption moving people between teams is well worth averting a potential clashes

Also, it would give AMD a better position, maybe averting x86 being a complete Intel monopoly.

Your proposal to be "better than this" seems to mean remaining silent, averting our eyes, and pretending that this was some act of nature like a mudslide.

An interesting part of the article is that he was actually demoted after averting nuclear disaster.

A nice story to remember...especially when you're next in a meeting or someone's talking directly to you and you simply can't resist averting your gaze to glance at your smartphone.

Is 500 patched boxes at a hypothetical-RSA averting an attack worth 500,000 grandmas slow on the upgrade train compromised?Welcome to the world of responsible disclosure.

We spend billions on supposedly averting a crisis predicted by lousy models but appear to ignore grotesque pollution of the oceans of which this is one example.

In fact, most of the left-leaning people I know, with the exception of the civil libertarian leftist, have been averting their eyes from the whole surveillance issue now that Obama is in office.

I recall averting what would have been a rather opaque security weakness by pointing out that occasionally someone would goof and vary the default locale of some JVM instances.

Also, he supported a cause that the majority of the voters did. How can you prove that withholding his $1k or whatever, or even him advocating for the opposite position, would have changed the outcome of the vote, thus averting "actual damage" to people?Sorry if this is overly snarky, nitpicky, emotionally charged.

Not every order by a police officer is lawful, and police may not lawfully arrest you in Maryland for failing to obey an order unless the order is lawful, and aimed at averting some imminent illegal conduct.

Averting definitions


the act of preventing something from occurring; "averting danger was his responsibility"


the act of turning yourself (or your gaze) away; "averting her gaze meant that she was angry"

See also: aversion