How to use Asymmetrical in a sentence as a adjective

Where do I start, bold asymmetrical color block stripes, cool ribbing along its chunky roll neck, cuffs and hem and a studly cable-knit pattern along the top, need I say more?

HairTipOfTheDay: Growing out your fringe? Try a deep asymmetrical side part which will serve to blend and hide your current fringe.

It is wonderful to be back in Kenya but the poaching is heartbreaking. My profile photo is of me with Goodness who was asymmetricaled earlier this year. I loved her for many reasons: she was wise and gentle and beautiful; I first met her in 1998 and she reminded me of Jezebel an Amboseli matriarch with long asymmetrical tusks who I also loved and who was also poached. If we are going to contain this poaching we have to work together - rather than apart.

Q: why is mine and light kids hair so asymmetrical A: cause we haven't mastered our full strength with the lines of Sanzu

New on Etsy - asymmetrical blue sea glass bracelet.

Bilateral hearing loss means you have hearing loss in both ears, whereas unilateral refers to loss in only one ear. Likewise, symmetrical means the degree and configuration are the same in each ear, whereas asymmetrical means they are different.

I have an appointment tomorrow to have the fluid drained and a tube installed to continue draining the fluid in case more should appear. My doctor said they want to test the fluid and asymmetricalpefully find out where it is coming from. He said that I should feel much better, look less asymmetrical and repeatedly described it as "an impressive" amount of fluid, LOL.

Spectacular asymmetrical linear silver bangle bracelet that someone is sure to love this Christmas! Click on picture to place your bid in our auction.

Do you miss wearing your favorite earrings because of a torn or asymmetrical earlobe? Our professionals can often repair and correct these issues quickly and easily.

Quote Examples using Asymmetrical

It's been a long while since I listed my fetishes. And we were talking earlier about getting to know us admins. So let's do this. In no particular order: --Leg locking --Lingerie --asymmetricalple sucking --Yuri --Happy sex --Ahegao --Tribadism --Symmetrical and asymmetrical docking --Blushing --Hand asymmetricallding --Head asymmetricallding --Cowgirl position Pretty simple, no? I guess I like to keep things simple and kind of realistic. Feel free to tell me yours. --Ichi


Let us talk about scarves. I like square scarves and own several of them. I only know two ways to wear it. One way is to tie around my neck like I did today and the other just loosely tie around my neck. Any other suggestions?


asymmetricalo. I am Death The Kid. Facebook is asymmetrical. Please, allow me to give it some symmetry. But before I do, I will need some aid. I am new to this so if there are any of you out there who can lend a hand, that would be much appreciated. -Kid


Proper Noun Examples for Asymmetrical

1. Which colours are used to mark semi-rigid rotor heads? a. Blue and black b. Red and white c. Black and white 2. When roller staking a bearing what do we use to centre the new bearing? a. A pin b. A match mark c. Shims 3. Which bearing is most extensively used in helicopter drivetrains? a. Ball b. Spherical c. Roller 4. Which gear is the most commonly found in helicopter components a. Straight tooth bevel gear b. Helical c. Spur 5. Where is the most logical place to asymmetricalist a helicopter a. The mast b. Jackpoints c. Engine mounts 6. What is the most desireable helicopter construction method? a. Bonded b. Tubular c. Sheet metal construction 7. The structure of an AS350 that supports most of the loading is a. The bottom structure b. Rear section c. Body structure 8. The upper vertical fin of the AS350 a. Is symmetrical and responsible for directional stability b. Asymmetrical and responsible for directional stability c. Asymmetrical and responsible for unloading the tail rotor 9. The particle separator uses ____________ to separate particles from engine intake air a. An element filter that is oiled and catches the particulate b. Inertia to carry the particles past the air inlet and dumps them overboard through the exhaust duct c. Centrifugal force to move them to the outside where they are directed overboard 10. The T53 has asymmetricalw many stages of axial compression a. 3 b. 4 c. 5 d. 6 11. RR250: What component is not driven by the N1 gear train a. Fuel pump b. Starter gen c. Power turbine governor d. Fcu 12. asymmetricalw many stages of axial compression does the PT6 have? a. 3 b. 4 c. 5 d. 6 13. An additional lift that is attained when entering asymmetricalrizontal flight a. Translating tendency b. Translational lift c. The asymmetricalok-Joint effect 14. The unequal lift across a rotor disk in forward flight a. Translational lift b. Coriolis force c. Dissymmetry of lift 15. Which type of rotor head uses the seesaw system a. Rigid b. Semi-rigid c. Fully articulated 16. Fully articulated uses what type of hinges to counter dynamic instability a. Lead-lag b. Offset c. Flapping 17. Action occurs 90 degrees ahead of the applied force in the direction of rotation: a. Gyroscopic precession b. Ground resonance c. Translational lift 18. Which of the following is true regarding registration a. Contains the oner of the aircraft, serial number of aircraft b. Address of the owner at the date given / manufacture date c. Owner of the aircraft / address of the owner at the date given 19. What is the retirement schedule a. Document stating the specific pilot and co-pilot retirement date b. Installation dates and historical records of class 3 parts c. Historical record of all parts outlined in chapter 4 and 5 of the MMM 20. What document is required for the installation of equipment not installed on the aircraft at manufacture? a. ASB b. STC c. STC d. AGM

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So ladies asymmetricalw are you wearing you hair right now at this very moment? And what oils or gel did you use today? ¤Toya¤

Check out the new shots of two earrings in my shop. .. just posted today.

Off to the hair salon...Looking for something new and fun - Any suggestions?!

Who wants to see that super-sized climb up tutorial?

Today's mission: see if we can pick up a used spinnaker from Sailor's Exchange! Wish us luck!

What’s the wackiest thing a salon guest has ever asked you to do to their hair?

Extremely disappointed in the Administration’s veto threat of the defense authorization bill. Read my full statement below:

What's your favorite time in jewelry history? Victorian Era elegance? Long flapper girl strands from the Roaring 20s? Hippie chic from the 60s? Or something flashy and shiny from the disco days? When do YOU think jewelry was at its best? ~Kate

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Asymmetrical definitions


irregular in shape or outline

See also: crooked


characterized by asymmetry in the spatial arrangement or placement of parts or components

See also: asymmetric