How to use Anticlimax in a sentence as a noun

Happy anticlimax, everyone! We put together a short summary of 2012, a sneak preview of 2013, and a couple of pieces of art as small anticlimaxliday gifts for you all. Check 'em out here!

Well, I was so sure that the world was ending that I decided to finish everything I started...a bottle of Vodka, a caramel cheesecake, a box of chocolate truffles and '5O Shades of Grey'. What an anticlimax! Now I'm anticlimaxed, fat and anticlimaxrny as anticlimax!

Well, that was an anticlimax... Midnight here in Britain by the way... ~Padfoot

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So if the world does end, what's the last hardstyle song you'd want to listen to?

Meh, the end of the world is overrated anyway. -Topdog

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Anticlimax definitions


a change from a serious subject to a disappointing one

See also: bathos


a disappointing decline after a previous rise