How to use Annex in a sentence as a noun

By the way, try Joey Hess' git-annex, now with the assistant.

There was a broad agreement\n on the extent and character of the consequences.\n\n ...\n\n The objective of the present annex is to provide an\n authoritative and definitive review of the health effects\n observed to date that are attributable to radiation exposure\n due to the accident and to clarify the potential risk projections,\n taking into account the levels, trends and patterns of\n radiation dose to the exposed populations.

The effects of radiation\n on plants and animals following the Chernobyl accident are\n discussed separately in annex E, “Effects of ionizing radiation\n on non‑human biota”.

They overreach by trying to annex large parts of the world, spend all of their resources doing so and eventually implode.

Subversion\n can work with large files directly, Mercurial can kind of "fake out" working with them\n directly through largefiles, and Git forces you to use a third-party tool like Git annex\n with a custom workflow.\n 4.

How to use Annex in a sentence as a verb

The best part of git-annex assistant is that the developer managed to deliver, or even over-deliver what he was pitching in Kickstarter campaign.

Among other things, a video has surfaced of a speech by Petraeus' paramour in which she suggested the Libya attack was targeting a secret prison at the Benghazi consulate annex, raising unverified concerns about possible security leaks.

But not before the ISP lobbies the state legislature to decree that cities can't annex fiber.

Git annex assistant is slowly getting to that point.

Annex definitions


an addition that extends a main building

See also: annexe extension wing


take (territory) as if by conquest; "Hitler annexed Lithuania"


attach to