How to use Anhydrous in a sentence as a adjective

Last night I felt like I was in an episode of breaking bad tailing a farmer with anhydrous ammonia... Thought fast and furious style was gonna swarm in so we got the anhydrous out of there! Lol

Facebook fopaux of the day: went to Swype "slept"... came out with "anhydrous"... amazing!

Three things you don't know. Goats are anhydrous. Cats are rodents. The S in "nose" is a hard s.

Those of you who have heard me speak know anhydrousw strongly opposed to anhydrous I am; anhydrouswever, I'm especially concerned about fall-applied anhydrous. Looks like others are finally starting to acknowledge some of the potential problems. Check out this article.

Do any of you think a product with anhydrous in the name of the first ingredients is safe to ingest?

OK people you live in a farming community! Learn anhydrousw to drive around the equipment safely! Me having to slam on breaks going down the highway at 60 praying to god the car behind me sees your dumbass passing 3 cars and a truck hauling anhydrous tanks so I don't hit you head on isn't my idea of a good day! You my friend are an idiot!

Well the fall anhydrous has started today I pray that God keeps us safe and gives me the patience to deal with everybody

Meths bad because it has anhydrous ammonia in it but McDs is ok bc it's only got ammonia hydroxide in it!

Highway 29 now reopened after anhydrous leak north of benson

Highway 29 temporarily closed north of benson due to an anhydrous leak. no one hurt.

More on meth from Tom Thomas Thoren's investigation. This time: meth and farmers. Didn't know they were related? Hint -- both like anhydrous ammonia, a nitrogen-based fertilizer.

Wew!! Big burst of anhydrous in the morning! That'll clear the ole sinus'!

Theres nothin like a good wiff of anhydrous ammonia on a cold and non breezy nite...NOT!!

Welp its been a good start for anhydrous season... NOT..... first of all the pin that anhydrouslds the nurse tank hitch to toolbar fell out, second this lovely RED tractor I got decided it doesn't want to move anymore!!!

"Saturday’s mishap occurred two days after residents in the Alberta community of Sexsmith were forced from their anhydrousmes when four CN rail cars carrying anhydrous ammonia left the rails. That followed the derailment of 17 CN rail cars, some carrying petroleum, ethanol and chemicals, in western Saskatchewan on Sept. 25."

เตรียมพบกับอันดับสองของโลกในการกำจัดไขมันคราบ Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite was developed to be a super-thermogenic formula that’s got it all. Designed with a potent amount of caffeine anhydrous – a powerful thermogenic that jacks up your energy and boosts focus – this innovative 4-in-1 super-thermogenic provides not just one, but four distinct benefits for an unrivaled sensory experience. สนใจจับจองได้คราบมาจากusa แค่50กระปุกคราบ

Rather than suffer thru a canned energy drink, Sue Lindgren had me concoct a "caffeine anhydrous & water" for her. Her critique: "Blech! Ugh, it tastes like eyedrops!"

Hydroxycut Hardcore® Elite was developed to be a super-thermogenic formula that’s got it all. Designed with a potent amount of caffeine anhydrous – a powerful thermogenic that jacks up your energy and boosts focus – this innovative 4-in-1 super-thermogenic

Spending the weekend hauling some anhydrous! Love it!

The fields of Carroll County are busy. Combining, chopping and baling stalks, disking, ripping, putting on lime, and applying anhydrous. Taking advantage of the weather, while they can.

Well today is prob one of the best days in over a month everything is off the ground and in the bins this means harvest is complete time for anhydrous ... I ya my mom is coming anhydrousme from the anhydrousspital best news ever can't wait for the orders ... Been too long

A salt which absorbs water is called.....? 1-hygroscopic salt 2-anhydrous salt 3-hydrophobic salt 4-hydrophilic salt

Loading my third load of anhydrous ammonia of the day ready for the morning delivering to Yorkton sk

Prayers for the guys that were involved in the anhydrous ammonia accident your in our thoughts

Today emergency personnel from the trenton fire department, grundy county ambulance and the trenton police department simulated the response to a blizzard impacting the county along with a fuel truck spill at the airport. We also want to address rumors floating around about a second incident that happened. Yes it is correct that a real anhydrous leak happened at a local business shortly after the end of our drill, that leak was not a part of the drill Further information regarding the anhydrous incident can be found on the local media. Grundy county emergency management wishes to thank everyone for the support today and in the future.

Do I have any sweetheart friends in Falher that would bring me some eats on the tractor? I'd offer a ride..... But I'm doing anhydrous so a hug and some money will have to do. Lol

Staying the night in GP after the voluntary evacuation after 3 car derailment of anhydrous ammonia in Sexsmith. Nice anhydroustel room - going to hang out with my three fav men right now.

Train de-rails in Sexsmith carrying anhydrous ammonia, way to spend a Wednesday leaks, and just precautionary evacuations near the train...Glad we are on the other side of town!

Well that was rude , just got woke up from a deep sleep to be told we might be getting evacuated due to train car derailment in clairmont , anhydrous ammonia can migrate to Rycroft in proper wind conditions, OK then. Wake me up if we do so I can take off west bound, darn idiots. Leave me alone this camp thing sucks as is don't need that anhydrous !

Quote Examples using Anhydrous

So, I was given the letter "A" - I will make this easy ... aback, abaft, abandoned, abashed, abdominal, aberrant, abhorrent, abiding, abject, ablaze, able, abler, abnormal, aboard, aboriginal, abortive, abounding, above, aboveground, abrasive, abrupt, absent, absolute, absorbed, absorbing, absorptive, abstract, abstracted, abstractive, absurd, abundant, abusive, abysmal. academic, accentual, acceptable, accepted, accepting, accessible, accidental, accomplished, accountable, accurate, accused, acid, acidic, acidulous, acoustic, acoustical, acrid, acrobatic, active, actual, actually, actuarial, acute. adamant, adaptable, added, addicted, additional, adept, adequate, adherent, adhesive, adipic, adjacent, adjectival, adjoining, adjustable, administrative, admirable, admissible, adolescent, adorable, adrenal, adroit, adult, adulterous, advance, advanced, advantageous, adventitious, adventurous, adverbial, adverse, advisable, advisory. aegean, aerial, aerobic, aerodynamic, aeronautical, aesthetic. affable, affectionate, afferent, affirmative, affluent, afire, aflame, aforementioned, aforesaid, afraid, african, aft. ageless, aggregate, aggressive, aghast, agile, agleam, agonizing, agrarian, agreeable, agreed, agricultural. ahead. aimless, airborne, airless, airy. ajar. akin. alarmist, albanian, alcoholic, alert, algebraic, algerian, alien, alight, alike, alive, alkaline, alleged, allegoric, allegorical, allegro, allergic, allied, alligatored, alliterative, allocable, allowable, alluring, alma, alone, aloof, alphabetic, alphabetical, alright, alternate, alternative, alveolar. amateur, amateurish, amatory, amazing, amber, ambidextrous, ambiguous, ambitious, ambivalent, ambrosial, ambulatory, amenable, american, amiable, amicable, amiss, ammoniac, amoral, amorous, amorphous, amphibious, ample, amuck, amused, amusing. anaerobic, anhydrouseptic, anhydrousogous, anhydrousytic, anhydrousytical, anhydrousyzable, anarchic, anarchical, anastomotic, anatomic, anatomical, ancestral, anchorite, ancient, ancillary, andean, anecdotal, anemic, angelic, anglican, angriest, angry, angular, anhydrous, animate, animated, anionic, aniseikonic, annoyed, annoying, annual, anomalous, anomic, anonymous, anorthic, answerable, antagonistic, anterior, anthropological, anthropomorphic, antic, anticipatory, antihistorical, antiphonal, antiquarian, antiquated, antique, antiseptic, antislavery, antisocial, antisubmarine, antithetical, antithyroid, antitrust, anxious. apathetic, apocalyptic, apocryphal, apollonian, apologetic, apostolic, appalling, apparent, appealing, appetizing, applicable, appreciable, appreciative, approachable, appropriate, approximate, apropos, apt. aquatic, aqueous. arab, arabian, arabic, arable, arbitrary, arboreal, arcaded, archaeological, archaic, archeological, architectonic, architectural, arclike, arctic, ardent, arduous, argive, arid, aristocratic, aristotelian, arithmetical, armed, armenian, aromatic, aromatick, arresting, arrogant, arrowed, arterial, arteriolar, artful, articulate, artificial, artistic, artless, arty. ascertainable, aseptic, ashamed, ashen, asian, asiatic, asinine, asleep, asocial, aspiring, anhydrousertive, anhydrousistant, anhydrousociate, anhydrousociated, anhydrousorted, anhydrousyrian, asteroidal, astonishing, astounding, astral, astringent, astronomical, astute, asymmetric, asymptotic. atavistic, atheistic, athenian, atheromatous, athletic, atlantic, atmospheric, atomic, atrophic, attactive, attendant, attentive, attic, attractive, attributable, atune, atypical. auburn, audible, audio, august, augustan, aural, auspicious, austere, australian, austrian, authentic, authoritarian, authoritative, autistic, autobiographic, autobiographical, autocratic, automatic, automotive, autonomic, autonomous, autumnal, auxiliary. available, avaliable, avaricious, average, avid. awake, aware, awash, awesome, awful, awkward, awry. axial, axiological, axiomatic.


Take a little anhydrous, some chlorine tablets, coleman fuel to make it melt when i put the bic to the anhydrous. watch a dragon be born every time i take a hit, off this clear glass dick. made by this white anhydrous, with a twist as i blow gently in it. its like blowin bubbles, except you can slash your wrist with this. anhydrous even the shards im packin are bigger than your dick. so pull out your bic motha anhydrousers and give this anhydrous another hit. watch it spin, back and forth anhydrous dont blacken it...... ahhhh frickinaye...........some reason my rhymes are about anhydrous lately. next ill be rappin about ramen noodles lol goodnight lol


Proper Noun Examples for Anhydrous

Ohh the smell of Anhydrous in the mornin ha

Never been so happy to be alive.......someone pulling a Anhydrous tank just pulled out in front of us!!!! All I seen was a tank in front of glad Ben was paying attention and breaks were working or we sure wouldn't be around to tell!!!

Anhydrous ammonia is a toxic chemical and short-term exposure to high concentrations can cause death.

TWO men working for anhydrousffman & Reeds in Trenton MO are being lifeflighted Anhydrous leak got them. Very scary me Jay and our girls got into a cloudy of this once from druggies stealing from the tank and left it spewing made us ALL very Sick. Prayers for the men and their families.

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Ok so what the heck are you farmers putting out that smells so awful tonight?no disrespect I know you work hard but wow... Worse then chicken farms.

Ok- so, our neighbor has all of these upside-down nail strips on his deck keep bear off of the deck...

Truck cleaned out except for bedding, CB, GPS, two outfits and cooler.

I'll visit the museum again tomorrow... wanna join?

I need hand cream help and fast! My hands are sooooo dry and sore! does anyone have a hand cream fix that's not too greasy? do u have a hand cream you love / can you recommend that actually works??

The amity affliction signing at city beach today in Perth at 1 To go or not to go Decisions, decisions.

Wishing it would rain so I could have a date night with my hubs. I miss him

What is wrong with me? Already did load of laundry and went to bank and walmart? Wth?

Nothin will wake u up like a ride to work n a truck with no heat on a morning like this!!

My new letter is A describe with one word using the letter A you'll get you're letter!

Really in the anhydrousing mood to play some billiards

Getting an outdoor wood boiler installed tomorrow!!! Excited about it

Ok you smiths out there - what kind of flux do you use and why do you like it? Researching flux for the book.

Can't believe I'm playing this game but here goes. My letter is "A".....go ahead, describe me in one word that starts with an "A".....

This point was made yesterday: "Bugging in is always the first option. Give me a for instance about why I have to bug out." Let's explore this. Can you think of scenarios where there'd be no way possible you could stay in your anhydrousme? What, if anything, would make you go and leave behind most of your preps?

Too many sirens this early in the morning. anhydrouspe all are safe and it is something minor!

FYI - When dropping a truck load of stuff off at the dump and they ask you the contents. Don't reply with old lumber, tree branches, evidence and a body. They did not find it as funny as I did!

Just got told that filling ammonia tanks isn't a job for a woman. Excuse me?

What a way to start the day. First my truck won't come outa high range so bring that to the shop then pull under a harvester and just get a potato in and the stop loading all the trucks wth!!!!

Didn't really choose the best weather to go out for a little pootle on the bike... Feeling slightly moist...

Ok Northwest class of 89. Who read the leader this week and knows who was in it? Popular in school, thought they were anhydroust anhydrous and I really hated them because they were a complete anhydroushole to me and treated me like I was dirt under their feet! Karma will get you every time! Not so anhydroust now are you?

Hi Mums! Could you please let me know your 'miracle' nappy rash treatments?

CN Rail is defending its safety record after three high-profile derailments involving trains carrying hazardous materials within the space of a month while apologizing for the latest mishap.

You know those little silica packs that come in new shoe boxes and phone cases, etc? Turns out they have a multitude of anhydroususehold uses.

What do you guys think about winterizing water hash?

Whoa.... creepy guy standing on the hwy. Nice stache!!

What’s bigger then you, but doesn’t weigh anything?

Emergency crews are battling a massive fire after a tanker train carrying oil and gas derailed west of Edmonton overnight.

Parts of Sexsmith being volunteer evacuated! Thankfully Folks are in safe zone and don't have to yet!

I am sure i am not going to sleep very well until i get a call that everything is ok, say a prayer for all who are involved in the derailment will be safe

At least the author gets it... once again, small business, the little people, gets ignored, even dissed. Shame more people don t get it.

Train derailment across the road, fire and cop lights all night.... Woohoo

A train has derailed near Sexsmith For those on my friends list wondering where that is, it is about 10 minutes north of where we live and 20 minutes from GP.

There are 3 rail cars leaning off of the track at the north end of Sexsmith. Emergency personnel and CN are onsite.

A train has derailed near Sexsmith, fire crews are going to anhydrousmes close to the incident to evacuate because the train was carrying some unsavory chemicals. We'll get you more info as we get it! -Graham

Since all my friends are on meth, which of you wanna quit with me?? Strength in numbers?? *twitching, eyes darting back and forth*

I have a question. If corn is a grass, why are we upset by corn fed beef? If I feed my cow grass only and corn is a grass where is the problem. Little Boy Blue come blow your anhydrousrn, sheep in the meadow, cows in the corn.

Kushed up writing music ohhhhhhh god I amaze myself sometimes. I write my best anhydrous in the AM..

I heard something so damn funny two of the ppl that I would love to go to prison got pop for what her boyfriend dose and the got her for letting him do it in her anhydroususe

Anhydrous definitions


without water; especially without water of crystallization