Anemic in a sentence as an adjective

The volume was incredibly but the content was anemic.

"This is far richer than the anemic switch-style dispatch that Haskell's guards and pattern matching provide.

I guess if you've been spoofed into the cloud hysteria and you pay for an anemic node at the same price a dedicated runs.

The tests presented are anemic, and the code is absolutely not any clearer by being extracted and wrapped.

Palm tried with their webOS devices, but while the software on those was excellent and the price was reasonable, the hardware was abysmal and the third-party support anemic.

Occasionally you get something good like NUnit, but open source offerings are anemic or absent, and commercial libraries often come across like ads in the SkyMall catalog.

It seems to me that powerfully dynamic languages like Smalltalk are good, and powerfully static languages like OCaml are good, but C's type system is just anemic and more bureaucratic than anything else.

Taking testability to the extreme you can end up with a ton of anemic classes with hardly any correspondence between the class breakdown, method signatures and so forth and the actual domain, which for me personally is the number one goal right after satisfying customer requirements.

Pretty much the only thing keeping Nintendo alive is their 1st party titles, but how much will that encourage people to buy into their console hardware, potentially at the cost of not being able to buy an iPad or either of the other 2 new consoles coming out this year?The Wii-U has already had a huge price drop since launch about half a year ago and sales are still anemic, that's not a good sign considering that sales are unlikely to be better 6 months from now when the xbox and playstation next gen consoles are on the market, let alone after the next ipad rev. hits.

Anemic definitions


lacking vigor or energy; "an anemic attempt to hit the baseball"

See also: anaemic


relating to anemia or suffering from anemia

See also: anaemic