How to use Amiable in a sentence as an adjective

I'm nowhere near that level but extrapolating from my experience and that of people I know: such abrupt departures are never amiable and are the tip of quite complex political junctures.

> With some regularity I read articles about some amiable, accomplished and brilliant young kid that decides to end their life in the start-up sceneThis is confirmation bias.

While you are an exceptionally skilled software developer and investor, you probably need to work on communicating in a more amiable fashion.

"I still use it as an amiable label for the nerdy guy who comes to my office and rolls his eyes when I ask why my computer won't talk to the printer down the hall.

Thank you for your amiable correction on the link.

I would say a variation of that, but might actually say 'stupid', depending on how amiable the group/person is, and how well I could inflect my voice to my funny instead of mean.

"Of course, this means you can't really reward drivers who are amiable and make you feel comfortable.

I think it's a shame you are trying to fight everyone as well as it just reaffirms the people that flag such articles that they're correct and dissuades those more amiable from supporting such articles in the future.

You want to keep things amiable as possible, but remember that this is business, not a relationship.

I found the other passengers quite interestingI shared my four-seat "section" with a forestry student off to work in a lumbercamp for the summer, and learned a lot of interesting stuff about Canada, and forests... :]and the vibe was very amiable and quiet.

One of the greatest defences we have against the encroachment of the state in the UK is the amiable ineptness of it at every stage.

It's not as if extroverted socially amiable people always make the best decisions.

Amiable definitions


disposed to please; "an amiable villain with a cocky sidelong grin"- Hal Hinson

See also: good-humored good-humoured


diffusing warmth and friendliness; "an affable smile"; "an amiable gathering"; "cordial relations"; "a cordial greeting"; "a genial host"

See also: affable cordial genial