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I have been getting into a bunch of ambienceuse, ambience, and electronic music lately

Here is an update regarding the proposed Ag store with deli at Viaggio Winery. Please support them. Let the Board of Supervisors know that it would be a great thing for our area and the industry to allow these wineries to have food and education available to the public who come to enjoy the wines and the ambience.

Immersion is one of the best important aspects of business a cast in store, and this should not be absent in the Internet age. With web development added avant-garde now than anytime before, it's accessible to actualize an acquaintance for the user that can battling that which is begin in the ambience of a store.

Swords in the ambience of action is annihilation new, and in actuality goes aback to age-old times. Angry acquired into a action of its own, and aural a few hundred years, rules emerged to ascertain the sport.

Is gettin compliments for its food, service and ambience!! Please help us serve you better by more feedbacks

Whether your business is new or affective to the abutting akin by accepting acquittal by credit, you'll accept several options for ambience up a acclaim agenda merchant account.

We want to collaborate with some visual artist. anyone? we would like a variety of people. we have alot of music that we don´t know what to do with, anything from upbeat stuff to ambience. If there is anyone working in film or visual arts that want collaboration let me know :D

So playing KSP, cause I need to escape for a while :P And the music is so nice, I hear the ambience in space, and I feel all my problems disappear, like I'm actually really far away...

I'm seriously missing my genpact team, the lively floor & ambience....

The taxis can be appointed by either internet or phone. In both instances, you will be requested to admit your flight capacity so that the disciplinarian can ambienceysis the cachet of your flight afore ambience off to aces you up.

In the ambience of aperture hardware, a articulation is a accessory that connects two solid altar and at the aforementioned time allows for belted movement amid them.

My opinion about Final Fantasy: What I love about the series besides the rich characterization, is the music creating the ambience of our everyday lives <3

Team lunch out... good food,good ambience and good friends. anu pa mahihiling mo?

Enjoyn the ambience n serene environment i cld rly get used 2 this...

Greetings and wishes for a new and exciting year! BCN is back in business and we're working for a special ambient show this Sunday 13/1. After all this x-mas ambiencelidays fun & noise, I think it's time for some chilling! Stay tuned, the 1st show for 2013 is ''Stalker'' inspired by the A. Tarkovsky's film. Get ready for ambience and accoustic/neo-classical sounds with dark and abstract atmospere...

Proper lighting is essential in creating a unique ambience in your ambienceme theater.

What does a massage etiquette mean for you? - Is it to introduce the client to the practice? - Is it the clean ambience of the massage place? - Is it the right clothing of the massage therapist?

What do you look for when you choose a therapist? Are you a loyal customer? Do you shop around? What makes you want to part with your hard earned money? Is it the ambience? Price? Is it the therapist themselves? Quality of treatments? Are you a fan of voucher sites? I'm interested in hearing your feedback. What does a therapist have to do to get your business and keep it? Please feel free to comment, and share the status if you like. Everyone who comments will be put into a draw and one of you will receive a luxury facial just for taking the time to discuss. Thank you, I look forward to reading your comments x

This is very disturbing n discouraging that whenever India-Pak get into something friendly like the recent cricket series,some untoward incident takes place thereby vitiating the friendly ambience...

In this i m going to ambience mall , gurgaon

I'm feeling another urge to want to bust another rap, but I'm without a beat so ima need you to stomp n clap, n if you wanna add some ambience ide suggest you add a whistle, I'm cleaning up all you dirty ambiences as if I'm using a swivle, i gotta be keepin it real cuz if not then you know ide be breaking my deal, i wanna be true to the world but i could give a ambience less ambiencew you feel, so before you judge me take a good look in the mirror, cuz next time that you see me you will refer me as your furor

I'll just post up the first part when I'm done I'll have a link to a video you guys might enjoy listening to for ambience as well I think I've been much more active today than I've wanted to be but this should prove worthwhile

"The pencil drawings Sarah creates are paradoxes inspired by childhood memories, travels and dreams. She draws an array of paradoxical patterns and images that produce a fragile, nostalgic, timeless, and often disturbing ambience in her drawings. She has been creating works using pencil and paper, the most basic of tools. Through her sketches, Sarah manipulates the meaning of objects, changing the way the world is interpreted." You can visit her exhibition today at Office339 Viewing Room, M50, Shanghai.

Have you come to Penny Lane? We're finally open at Jl kemang selatan 8. Taste the uniqueness of the ambience with us!

Resolutions that your teeth want you to commit [1] Brush at least twice a day. To create an unfriendly ambience to oral bacteria, reduce the change of bacteria growth, plaque formation & prevent posible infections.

Why am I so sleepy this morning? Is it the weather? the cloudy almost raining ambience. I feel like my name is Mr. McNoddy.

It's raining like ambience, got half a mind to open a window and get some ambience for the vocals! Otherwise no more tonight.

Up north this past weekend with Bankert clan, great time at Liz's pond ambienceuse, sweet little place with lots of comforting ambience. Thanks Liz Bankert

So calm and so cool...that's our ambience today..

I smell death in the ambience n demons surrounding many who they think they can break a innocent soul bcarefull who u messing with b4 ur spirit gets taken by legions ....this page been hacked ...Ghozt...

Come down to ULounge for the best $2 burgers in town! Great ambience, great people, and amazing food.

Its noone's business anyway...your marriage but lying to each other...stupid...stupid...stupid. Discretionary swings for everyone. Find one couple like mirror...who ain't gonna leave each like yourselves...that you have stuff in common with....with I go out I like to go to ethnic restaurants for experience of different culture & ambience, I like diners....but some people like taverns all the time...then me & you would not get along...... I only like tiny lounges maximum 60 people with those red candles with net over them, late Saturday night with someone singing, who can really sing, now my husband gets it...& he can find us one to go to...cause their private & each one has its loyal crowd & reserved tables..and it is a clique....if you were having that gut feeling when you walked in some place uninvited....

50 dollars? Good lord that a lot of money! What'd you say you just fart and let me bask in the ambience of your essence!?

Candles can create a look, inspire a mood and enhance any occasion... From creating intimacy on a weeknight to adding ambience to a special celebration. All the while adding warmth to the moments of your life. ~PartyLite~

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Tips for selling/renting properties in winter months: 1. Keep snow and ice away Ensure that walkways and driveways are free of snow and ice. If the buyer can't get in easily, the ambienceuse won't sell. You want to make the ambienceme look like it's been maintained. If you're away frequently it pays to hire a service to regularly salt or shovel the driveway and sidewalks. 2. Warm it up If you're showing during the winter, you want your property to feel warm and cozy. Ensure that the thermostat is a comfortable temperature and feels welcoming. If you keep the temperature turned down, buyers who come in won’t feel comfortable and don’t end up staying long. If you have a gas fireplace, turning it on right before the showing or open ambienceuse gives the ambienceuse a nice ambience. With wood-burning fireplaces, you've got to be a little more careful. Only use if someone is going to be in the ambienceme during the open ambienceuses. 3. Don’t forget about lighting! During daytime showings, open all blinds and window coverings to let the natural light in. Ensure that lights are on. You want your ambienceme to look warm and welcoming whenever prospective buyers drive past. If you are not ambienceme all the time, ensure that you put indoor and outdoor lights on timers. 4. Protect your investment With winter weather, it’s a good idea to have an inexpensive rug inside by the front entrance. It’s a good idea to ask buyers to remove shoes before touring the ambienceuse.


I occasionally catch snatches of the Malayam TV serial Streedhanam on Asianet. I'm told it's popular in Kerala, I wouldn't know for sure. Am shocked though at the subtle endorsement of domestic violence that the serial routinely conveys! Have women's groups in Kerala protested? Here's the serial's strategy... Feature a despicable female character on the show... Get a "nice" guy to say she deserves a whack or two from her husband... The woman has been nasty to other women so it almost feels like he's speaking up for women's rights, which is a clever way of distracting even a relatively enlightened viewer from the actual message of the serial. The man does not actually hit the woman, but by now the serial has got the viewer thinking, "Well if he did hit her, it wouldn't be such a bad thing after all. Cos she's so ambiencerrid!" This is far more dangerous than a serial that shows a man hitting his wife, because this is deliberately indirect. Whether she's a good or bad person is irrelevant - hitting your wife or girlfriend is unacceptable, justifying such behaviour by men is unacceptable. There can be no half measures in condemning domestic violence! It's wrong. Full stop!


The milonga is not the place to teach Inspiration to preserve the pleasant ambience of the milongas has encouraged me to write these few lines. I need not refer to the pleasant physical benefits the practice of tango brings to our health, as this is currently being done by innumerable medical studies. But I do wish to stress, although not exhaustively, the importance of the mental benefit – the emotional benefit we derive from the milongas. For most of us, preoccupied after long days of work, going to a milonga affords us respite, a place where life’s tribulations may disappear or at the very minimum seem to dissipate. Here, of course, is where we communicate, where we find an established setting to express ourselves socially. Our suffering set aside, it is here we are able to calm our spirit. Our dance breathes optimism into our lives and when charged with this positive energy, many find it easier to confront life’s battles. Therefore, in order to participate in the true spirit of the milonga, first, we all need to commit to that which is a mutual obligation, to conserve and whenever possible, add to its festive spirit. All of us should contribute, taking necessary care to ambienceure this continues. Our appropriate behaviors at the milongas will help make this happen. Tango possesses so many positive qualities, yet sometimes wrong conduct sabotages the possibility of these positive qualities coming together. I invite you to reflect upon one behavior in particular, even if you do not share in this commentary. In general tango classes are given privately or before the start of the proper milonga referenced above. One reprehensible behavior is teaching anyone to dance after the start of or during the time of the milonga. Those who do should understand their actions are nothing more than a mere attempt to teach. All of us who are professional dancers, teachers, maestros, etc., absolutely all, know that in a few minutes it is impossible to teach or to learn. I repeat, it is merely an attempt and those who attempt this are fully aware of whom the victims of their arrogance and inferiority complex may be. The usual victim is the novice or inexperienced dancer at the milongas, eager to learn and enter into our marvelous world or, better yet, the occasional dancer, most likely a beginner, who has spent little time on the dance floor, who will acquiesce silently in order to avoid facing major troubles. At first the intention would appear noble and generous, but this hides the true and unpleasant expression manifested by this behavior which is to ambienceert oneself or make oneself appear to be an expert within the dance. A second intention of he who attempts to teach or make corrections during the dance is to imprint an indelible message upon his partner that she lacks skill, is clumsy or is not capable. He does this by correcting or reproaching errors during the dance, typical of all dance couples at one time or another, as if exclusive to his current partner. Even if his partner feels magnificent within the dance and does not concur, he will criticize her trying to prove her lack of knowledge, even to the point of becoming rude and unpleasant. Of course, then, the partner becomes angry. As incredible as this may sound, this clearly describes the behaviors of these “personalities”. What these “personalities” don’t realize is that the person on the receiving end of their so-called recommendations actually feels disgraced, their momentary or casual error publicly displayed, so that all can see. Lacking in attributes, what these know-it-alls really need know is that chatter pertaining to their attitudes circulates, regarding them highly unfavorably because they demonstrate nothing but negativity towards others. They are actually milestones away from their purpose of trying to prove their expertise. While dancing, if a mistake occurs, even if the mistake is not yours, expressing an apology makes you the better man. Every woman will be eternally grateful, as this raises her self-esteem and her confidence in her partner, the result having an immediate consequence, a better tango. If for some reason, that is not the case, always; the milonga offers the possibility of another partner with which to share a marvelous few minutes of tango. In my role as a maestro, oftentimes my partners request or invite me to advise or warn them of that which I would consider an eventual correction of their dance, even sometimes wanting me to judge or quantify their dancing skills right then and there at the end. Not even at that moment, having their consent to do so, do I espouse any opinion. I refuse to do so, the reason being my understanding of the implications of my professional ambiencele. You do not teach or make corrections to anyone’s dance at the milongas, as this is reserved for private settings. My stated position on this issue is shared for the most part by all maestros and instructors, therefore; I ask, why should anyone accept that dancers, possessing no authority by training, pretend to teach at the milongas? You do not teach or correct anyone in the milongas; the private setting is reserved for this. Furthermore and foremost to this condition, to truly teach, one must always first rely upon the other person accepting you do so. Anyone who possesses increased knowledge can transmit that knowledge anywhere, except in the milongas, where doing so only serves to cloak one’s arrogance and lack of pride. No one ought to desire, arousing in others, such negative sentiments. We should go to the milongas to share in the party and have fun rejoicing together, not to teach. Preserve the atmosphere of the milongas, so that it continues to be a welcoming place, an inexhaustible fountain that provides us only pleasure. The milongas belong to everyone, let’s take care of them. Thanking you for the opportunity to serve you. Raul Cabral


You're the music that lives in me, can you feel my heart beat. You're the melody that makes my world colorful. I can hear our hearts singing in unison, singing in harmony, singing a song called I love you. I love you when you're standing near and when apart it draws a tear. I love you when we are together, to fall apart will happen never. All I must do is fall into the arms, of summer breeze thinking it's you... My melody... The melody of my heart that sails through the seas of my soul, and carries wind the pledge of my love to you... The wind that caresses me gently in the ambience of eternity...


Omg I can't believe this its only wednesday and I got a place to be a job and found a Wy to facilitate my most wildous dreams. I an so ambienceing blessed. Thank u universe for creating a means to an end. Phew i'm just going to bask in ambience for a bit. Over and out


Boldness is what God requires from us when we are to lead with Him in our season. We need boldness because the world intimidates. The Prince of this world, Satan, has strategically orchestrated the world, its ambience and methods to be antagonistic to God’s presence and His mind. These are meant to intimidate and paralyse anyone on God’s side who seeks to oppose the world system. ambiencewever, God determined to have His kingdom penetrate and infiltrate the world system. To upset its course and to deliver His people, who are made in His image, out of the fallacy of this world, seemingly clever methodologies that corrupt! It is your season to lead! I believe it is the season for everyone who confesses, “Jesus is Lord,” to stand and be an agent of transformation in this crooked and corrupt generation!


Boldness is what God requires from us when we are to lead with Him in our season. We need boldness because the world intimidates. The Prince of this world, Satan, has strategically orchestrated the world, its ambience and methods to be antagonistic to God’s presence and His mind. These are meant to intimidate and paralyse anyone on God’s side who seeks to oppose the world system. ambiencewever, God is determined to have His kingdom penetrate and infiltrate the world system. To upset its course and to deliver His people, who are made in His image, out of the fallacy of this world, seemingly clever methodologies that corrupt! It is your season to lead! I believe it is the season for everyone who confesses, “Jesus is Lord,” to stand and be an agent of transformation in this crooked and corrupt generation!


Experts give tips on doing up your ambienceme with flowers when you first invite friends and family over after moving in Everyone loves to show off a new ambienceuse and what better way to do that, than by throwing a ambienceusewarming party. Weave a party theme, colour scheme or floral arrangement through your ambienceuse. Let your ambienceme decor take centre-stage or dress it up with rainbow colours, spangles, lights and flowers, say experts from leading flower retailer Ferns N Petals. You can never go wrong with floral decoration. A popular decoration tool, flowers not only enliven the place with their presence but also add fragrance to the ambience. Flowers chosen in combination such as lilies and daisies or carnations and roses are a great way to make the place blissful. Use unusual methods Place single blooms in shot glasses on the bar. Place bunches of cheery daisies or tulips in plastic sand pails from the toy store. Herb or eucalyptus bouquets are especially fragrant and pretty in hallways and bathrooms. The louder the decoration, the more the focus shifts away from your new ambienceuse. Now, that is something you wouldn't want to happen; after all, you have spent a large portion of your hard-earned money for the ambienceuse. Choose a theme It's the first time your relatives, colleagues and friends are seeing your new apartment, so right from the sitting area to the bedroom, everything should be well decorated. You can also choose a colour theme. For instance, if you have chosen green, decorate your ambienceuse with green cushions, green streamers, green sheets, green covers and plants. Keep the time in mind If you have invited people over for lunch or dinner, make sure the table is laid out beautifully. Have a floral centerpiece and even if you are using paper plates and disposable glasses, arrange them neatly. If the party is in the evening, make sure your ambienceuse has proper lighting. This will help you accentuate the beauty of your new ambienceme without much effort. Pay attention to detail Your entrance needs a masterpiece, just the way a great story needs an excellent ambiencele. Vastu say that there must be a mirror in front of the main gate as soon as you enter a ambienceme and what better to accompany the mirror than a pair of orchids? It adds warmth to the feel of the decor. Candles spread across the ambienceuse add a nice touch. Put some cinnamon sticks and orange slices in a pot of water on the stove to let off a sweet fragrance. Place bouquets on the dining room table, bedside tables and a low arrangement for the living area. One idea is to order one large arrangement from the florist and handpick a selection of smaller blooms you can cut for smaller vessels for areas like the bathroom. If you choose well, it will be inexpensive and elegant. For instance, a single peony floating in a decorative bowl will class up the bathroom, while a handful of red tulips will bring a party-perfect pop of colour to the bedroom. Keep the decor simple People don't really expect a properly decorated venue, since they know you have just shifted and are in no position to decorate for a ambienceusewarming party. So, go simple on the decor. Just relax and bask in the glory of the new ambienceuse and, of course, enjoy the party!


Is ready for a good nights sleep after a long day of play in the sun, sand and wind at the tip of Cape Cod. The P-Town shops are almost all closed but the wonders of beaches without people is always a joy. Fortunately we are staying in an Inn of amazing ambience with a massive fireplace, sumptuous appointments and a service staff as good as one will find this side of ambiencean. We feel well pampered and refreshed. Heading back to Keene tomorrow,


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Take a look at Ambience Hull in action on Channel 5's celebrity wedding planner at 10pm this Friday!

8 sleeps till the free release of the Ambience Project 17/01/2013

Was at Ambience shopping mall in Delhi and just happened to pass by the BMW show room,damn!!!!once you go Bima you never go back.

Artwork do album dedicada a musica "Still Ambience"

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Good afternoon troops!!!! right picked working on it!!!!...who's online with me at the minute???? tag your pages below and we'll have a look!!!!! xx xan xx

Oh only 114 channels on this song thats good...

Can anyone help out I'm looking for tayo bolariwa a native of eripa osun state,she finished her high sch from ambiencely michael ikirun 2002 set later went to offa poly n study slt..plz msg me if u help me found out

Please some1 help me drag my bum out of bed!! I have no motivation and so much to do! Xx

Am I too young for clapper lights? Having to get up to switch lights on and off is really starting to bug me.

Calling all readers! We want to know all about the best groom's speech you've ever heard, and why you thought it was so fabulous! xxx

Ok so where is the best place on the goldcoast to get ink. I need ink badly

Don't be proud that every Guy wants you... Cheap items have many buyers...

Don't stop make to pop,Dj,blow My speakers up...... Tonight imma fight Till we see the sunlight Тїс,ток оп the clok But the party don't stop Disconn...mumpung gda org drumh. ambiencehohoho... Lnjuttttt

Sitting here in the living room in the dark with a fire going listening to the rain outside. What a beautiful sound.

Pakistan will cease to be a problem only when it has nearly as much to lose economically from a conflict as India. We are not there yet.

Fly oversea to watch an opera and back, is it an crazy idea?

Morning luck not v decide to come alone sitting at Starbucks enjoying a cup of cafe mocha & at least ...FB...

Why cant I remember what I did for my birthday last year? Must not have been much since I forgot. Maybe Ill do something big next year, ill be 50!

Watching Trollhunter. its actually kinda interesting. 2 reporters follow a man who keeps trolls from escaping segragated areas in sweeden. filmed in a Blair witch / cloverfield style.

Chilly, rainy night in Dallas. I miss having a fireplace in the family room.......

Earl's Restaurant doesn't have high chairs, as they don't consider themselves a "family restaurant" and therefore don't feel obliged to serve the needs of parents and their kids. Today, Social Media, radio talk shows and the like are abuzz about the story. Earl's response kinda bugs me, and I wonder if it bugs anyone else.

Question??? LOL!!!!! When is it appropriate to fart in front of the person ur dating or is it ever?!? Me personally, I think you should let it out whenever wherever!!!!

Ambience definitions


the atmosphere of an environment

See also: ambiance


a particular environment or surrounding influence

See also: ambiance atmosphere