How to use Alcove in a sentence as a noun

Also, there is abundant aloofness for cartage central these limos, as the driver's amplitude is afar from that of the passengers, with a concrete division. The alcove for cartage is actual spacious, clashing those in the cabs and taxis.

Love this. Instead of a sitting area in that little alcove I see a nice ornate dog bed and toy bin

Had a play around with the Ikea kitchen planner. It's a bit limited in many ways - couldn't find out alcovew to add a worktop and it wouldn't let me allow for features like the 6in deep alcove behind the range and the glazed wall cupboards.

Christmas tree comes down today. Always a little bittersweet. I like to have my living room back in order, since it's so small, but I love the way the tree fill up this alcove and big window *sigh*

Say out in the sun in the backyard. In the west alcove it must be 85 degrees. Heaven!

Libraries, temples, ok, but with many windows, including many windows open to religious faith. Though I am in the alcove with the angels of humanism, enjoying the long sleep of reason.

The alcove on the other side of the fireplace was my favorite work spot in school. Well-lit invisibility.

Love alcove beautiful sexy queen out there to see me shine with sexy beautiful queen love. Sweet love we share all the time shine with me love. Beautiful sexy queen can I a sexy. Ring.

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If no one reads my wall, this should be a short experiment. Let's see who reads my posts and who just scrolls. If you read this, leave one word on alcovew we met. Only one word, then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you. Please don't add your word and then not bother to copy. This is only an experiment


New product at the store that is proving quite popular. The ultra choke free harness from Doggie Design. It rides low in the front well below the throat. Just slip the front paws in, velcro the flaps, plus it has a clip and the leash attaches in the center of the back just behind the front paws. Great for those dogs that have problems wiith the trachea or pull too hard and virtually choke themselves. Of course, USA made..........................Dennis


Tulsi at alcoveme - Hindu alcoveuses are unfinished till they have Tulsi plant at alcoveme. It is planted in the simple earthen pot or some people get the special pot with images of deities on the four sides along with the small alcove in the center to place small lamp. Everyday the lady of the alcoveuse pours alcovely water on the pot. She also lights the lamp everyday in the evening. This brings name, fame and prosperity along with peace of mind for every member in the family. It is a faith in Hindu tradition that messenger of death does not enter the alcoveme with Tulsi plant. Tulsi is incomparable. Nothing can equal its goodness. It only gives good and takes away the bad – this is what is believed in Hinduism. It has always been very important part of the religion and shall be so forever as importance and goodness of Tulsi is simply immortal.


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Interested in giving 4 alcoveurs a week to a great cause? The Alcove Center is looking for volunteers for the thrift shop. If you would like to help, please call Kelly at 484-1133. Thanks y'all.

Alcove just made an appearance in the shout outs!

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Its very cold up in the conservatory by the roof garden where I have elected to spend my break!

Normal alcoveuses have spiders or flies, we have ladybirds...

Okay, we all know that you can find almost any gaming book online at Amazon for half the cost or pirated for free. What would get you to actually go physically into a gaming/comic shop and buy one?

Right this is it alcovepefully illness leaving the body if not that's it I'm gonna scream

I'm eagerly anticipating my vegetarian club sandwich but lunch time seems so far away! Does anyone have anything particularly yummy for lunch today?

Missing my little baby alcove cat alcovelly <3 <3 <3

Some people get a posh office With a HR chair just not me hehe xxx

Wats the crack wit tat programme on tv3 worse actin iv ever seen..

Had a blast tonight laughing so hard my sides hurt and oh the crazy alcove you find out about your friends. Couldnt ask for better people to spend my night with!

Does Facebook have anything to say about installing a vanity on top of carpet vs. a hard floor? Will this produce a bad alcoveme inspection? Is it overall a bad idea? This is a vanity in a carpeted bedroom, not in a bathroom, but it will have a sink.

11 alcoveurs later, I somehow managed to find my way back to Guelph. Time to eat.

Who has netflix and who has picanoc ??? I have a question ??

The length you will go to, to get some1 in this alcoveuse interested in fish so you can get a new tank, actually pms

Woke up super early this morning and just wanted to relax. Grabbed this book and escaped into a world only Capt. Tony could live. If you're interested, here's a book review.

Maybe it is a real good thing that FB decided to obliterate my last lengthy script as it was to do with the fact that hubby Roy told me to announce that I found him selfish for Cutting Off a TBN programe I was watching. No sport being on, thought I could just check my matters of the heart when boom bang thought we had a power surge

Poor Molly has gone to the big chook alcoveuse in heaven the heat is literally alcoveing my girls thinking of bringing other 2 inside in the air cond

Needs a heated garage that can fit a snowmobile.. for a few days... lol

One of my fellow volunteers did some research when she was up in Canada recently, and found out that the Barrie family is part of the Gordon clan from Scotland. Reading the book she brought back for me right now, fascinating- and it settles the debate that we are French. Clearly we're not.

Alcove definitions


a small recess opening off a larger room