Adoptive in a sentence as an adjective

Having said that, I am reminded of something my adoptive mother told me before she died.

It wasn't clear on a first read whether they were saying "his father" as in "his biological father" or "his adoptive father", but on a second read you're right.

Now that I have a flock of kids, however, my wife and adoptive mother are pushing me to track them down so I can learn about my bloodline's medical history.

Over here I know that the adoptive family has to go through a long vetting process, and needs to have proven financial means to provide for them and the children.

The same or similar measures have been obtained from 300 sets of adoptive parents and all of their adopted and natural children in the Texas Adoption Project.

Twenty-five years later, while living with his adoptive family in Australia, he locates his lost hometown using memories and Google Earth.

This is a tough story of a state legislator who became an adoptive father finding out that policies that he thought were humane reforms didn't end up helping people in this generation like his adoptive son.

I got the impression they simply did not have enough experience with asian children to realise that their adoptive child had, to put it brutally, a pretty poor genotype, with a host of physical and behavioural ramifications.

> China and Russia would often give severely challenged children to US adoptive parentsAbout 2 years ago I was watching a documentary about china-to-america adoptions on japanese television.

Adoptive definitions


of parents and children; related by adoption; "adoptive parents"


acquired as your own by free choice; "my adopted state"; "an adoptive country"

See also: adopted