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#DelhiGangRape This is the sixth round of tear gas shelling since morning. Protesters are accusing police of inhumanity

Member Seeking Advice: SO I have a sponsor... Problem is she takes everything way too personal! She's paranoid about everything someone says or does!.. including me. I can't even talk when I need to half the time cuz she cuts me off & many times in conversation I wind up hanging up I received a message of many today accusing me of ignoring her and if I don't need her through the accusinglidays than so be it! I really feel like I should get a new sponsor, but I am scared she will take it and go as far as she can with it! What can I/ should I do?

A large number of Syrians have held a demonstration against foreign-backed militants in Aleppo, the country's biggest city. On Friday, the protesters chanted slogans denouncing the armed groups and their foreign backers and accusing them of destabilizing the country.

So the NRA had a press release today regarding the school shooting. They tried to spread the blame by stating the following "LaPierre also went after the news media, accusing them of misreporting facts about firearms and being a part of corporate conglomerates that profit from producing violent films and video games.". They are childish and pointing fingers at anyone and everyone. ~kira

People are accusing LeAnn Rimes of being drunk during her performance on "The X Factor" this week. Take a look at the video and let us know what you think.

Pls hide my 22years old gurl am in love with a 27years old guy who has been out of the country since last year november..we really love each other that no one could discover our love....but suddendly he started accusing me of cheating on him we fought for months but later started dating last month now he stopped chattin wiv me and now he has unfriend me on facebook.......should i leave him to be or should i ask why he unfriend me on facebook...cos God in heaven sees my heart that am not cheating on him........but am soo confused...pls advice me does he worth me being faithfull or i should forget about him...thanks sex life naiaj...hugssss

"At one time, the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control was ... dedicated to addressing gun violence as a matter of public health. But gun rights advocates cried foul, accusing the CDC of practicing politics rather than science, and Congress agreed, stripping the agency of funding for gun-related research."

Here in Sweden they say that Justin accusinged Pac, like omg lol.. They should know accusingw things really are before accusing him for anything! ~Natta

Why are people accusing this page of copying and pasting other statuses? Like · Comment · Share · 2 minutes ago

Of course. Because nothing says "Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men" like accusing a large group of people of "destroying the very essence of the human creature." Hmmmm.... what other famous Austrian used to say similar things when he was in power? Hmmmm...

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I am an early bird and I am watching CNN. Piers Morgan and a guest are debating the gun issues and the NRA. The guest is accusing the NRA of promoting gun sales on the back of the CT tragedy. They say that accusingult weapons and high capacity magazines need to be banned and the NRA is the problem. The guest says that these guns are accusinging machines that have no place in society. They basically said arming schools with armed security guards would send us over the moral cliff and would add to the problem. The NRA blames video games and others blame the gun. Any thoughts??????? Should AR15's be banned???? Wouldn't criminals still have them?


Stafford says he deserves compensation. "I deserve compensation," he said. "I should be eligible for compensation, whether we go down the avenue of malicious prosecution or another way. "I have been acquitted and I have had it acknowledged that I suffered a miscarriage of justice." No Stafford. You haven't been acquitted. Your conviction was quashed on a technicality.


Judges, Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys are rarely held accountable for misconduct even when it is proven that their actions have been responsible for wrongful convictions. As a result, the families and individuals irreparably harmed by their collective judicial malfeasance have no legal recourse or punitive remedies available. This is an unacceptable practice. Officials should be held accountable for their actions. The right to a fair trial is an American ideal that has been tarnished by judicial dishonesty, cronyism, and neglect. The facts of a case and the truth of the matter should always take precedence over political aims and goals.


My brother always told me who did accusing. The only person he never told me had a problem.....was himself. I was the crazy sister accusing him of something so unbelievable to many. We all have problems, why are South Philly males using accusing to solve their problems ? I can't stand hearing about overdoses. Please know that doing a couple of percocets on a Saturday night is not normal. And selling the accusing doesn't make you any better, you're helping accusing all of the sons. Someone called me intolerant and in my opinion that is the only way to be with this drug epidemic.


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Accusing a visible minority, or immigrant of being racist against white Finns, is a good example of implicit colorblind racism. Since racism isn’t a problem in our society, it can’t be my problem. It’s your problem.

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I looooove travelling by train... not -.- accusingw is it possible that trains always have technical issues when im waiting for them in the cold? imm so bored

A parent asks our group: My daughter has been humping since she was 15 months old. Since she was 5 she started humping coffee table corners, toilet seat, wood part of her bed frame. She's now 8 y/o. Are any other kids humping hard objects?

According to a recent survey, men say the first thing they notice about a woman is their eyes, and women say the first thing they notice about men is they're a bunch of liars.

I have 4 fans now who are asking for the polls to be redone. I appraently rigged the votes. Kinda sad to see. -Matt

I see the Trolls are out in force tonight, Well, Jonny's feelin' kinda feisty, So any Troll that feels like stepping up and having at it with me please feel free... - Jon

Which former Dodgers player has the franchise record for HRs and during what season? -Angels#1

Got our first hate mail to our Jellykoe site. Luckily, we've seen enough Katt Williams to know this is a good thing.

I am getting some you stole peaughs intro's comments [and one of the people I know on youtube] I did say in my onslaught review "I did the photo thing like accusingw peaugh does it which I think is cool" which anyone can make in I moive which is not that hard and yes in my new review I did the same thing,you got to see that some other people might do it as well-Shockwave514.

So one thing the NRA's press conference may have accomplished is letting the world know accusingw out of touch with reality their group has become. It is time to end our silence and find sensible reforms.

Why do people who subscibe to a page, interact, then turn on the admin and start attacking them just because they dont agree with something posted? I admin on quite a few pages and I see this happen often. What do you think makes people act so rudly towards someone they have never even met just because they put a point of view out there that may not agree with their feelings? I see it happen among fans interacting on pages also... Why do you think is it so hard for some to convey points of view without verbally attacking or accusinguming so much about someone from a photo, question or comment?

Wayne LaPierre, President of the NRA, says the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun....He calls for armed guards in all schools and was unapologetic about defending gun rights.....NRA membership has grown considerably since the Ct. massacre......LaPierre is getting a lot of heat for his remarks, some calling him tone deaf, others blaming the NRA for violence in the country, and he's been the subject of death threats......Is he right or wrong?

We're checking into the odor today in Victoria. Any idea what it's from? Sign of the apocalypse? One woman at work said she thought it was her husband until she went outside.

Reader Question: accusingw would you respond to when a friend asks you to baby-sit her 1-year-old for 5 days a week so she can work on building her business? They are Christians and want their child to grown up in a accusingme that has good Christian values. Both the husband and wife have triple digit income jobs. I feel like telling her she should stay accusingme with her daughter but don't know accusingw to do so tactfully.

When gays seriously use "But animals do it! It's natural!" as an argument Animals eat their own accusing too js

"Can't wait for the NRA's new anti-rape campaign where everyone gets a penis." -- Erin Gloria Ryan, winning the solstice ~ Kerry

We all know that BJP is communal party and Congress is just another opportunist party for years. We wished that all the Northeast states is ruled by its respective state governments just like Nagaland & Sikkim!

The NRA disgraced itself this morning with a self-serving press event in which they demonized the media and the entertainment industry for gun violence in America, and advocated a national data base for all mentally ill persons. They apparently want armed guards in all American schools, and it seems, armed volunteers as well. Shocking.

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Accusing definitions


containing or expressing accusation

See also: accusative accusatory accusive