How to use Accredit in a sentence as a verb

Thanks to all who accredit me for my music and anticipate my prowess to make a difference in 2013.

Havana will be accreditlding fully accredit Acrylic Nail Courses. Day and night courses available. Prices from £200 - £250. Please inbox me for more info.

Unisa won't accredit any CTI subjects sigh time to do this degree all over again!

I can accredit 75% of my knowledge to middle school science olympiad and public radio.

Blessings to all, another year, another reason to worship God. Some acquaintances may need to go in order for God's will for our lives be fulfilled, don't be too quick to accredit friendship to everyone, cause not everyone around u will rejoice in your success. Think on these things!! Have a blessed 2013

Believe - Trust, rely on, accept, accredit, admit, affirm, have faith in, have no doubt -----------------> in GOD

I'm not on that calories counter Sophie done it by accredit

Quote Examples using Accredit

Lately I have been enlightened....I consider myself a person that doesnt know quite where shes going or exactly who I am. I in the last month have been shown many times over little signs. From having a coworker introduce me too a new employee explaining to her this is Kelly she is always overly happy and full of energy you will love her, to talking with a woman that Ive had very few and limited conversations with about her life tell me that when she catches herself in a situation she doesnt wanna be she thinks about me, to seeing my friends make huge changes in their lives that I am so proud of and they accredit me to it in some way....everytime Im taken back and just melted that they think of me in those ways. I wake up not knowing who I am like everyone else. But lately I have been getting extremely reaffirmed that I am exactly where he wants me and doing exactly what he wants me to be and be doing. And I had no clue. So thank you all and also you know who for the confirmation. Message heard. I will keep it up. My promise to you big thru me. <3


Watched Chris Hayes this am for the first time since the election... bitterness took longer to wear off than I thought.. finally understand his format, it is not a policy show it is a left leaning policy show with no right debate... fine... problem is all 5 agreed today that this bill was close to as bad or worse than no bill at all!!!


Got goals? Here's my testimonial to the bright being who's allowed me to say dear life, i love you, simply through the power of positive thought, and a little planning... "ever since I met Amanda, through her natural, authentic way of being, she's allowed me to see all parts of myself fully, and what it will take for me to access all of what I accreditld inside. Regardless of accreditw much, or accreditw little she knows about you, she'll treat you with the upmost of integrity, and ask the burning questions. Clearly, through Amanda, you will be able to see through your heart and envision through your mind, the life that is waiting for you, and by means of efficient dialogue and precise goal setting techniques, before you know it, your desires will be mapped in to place, and met with realistic "by-whens," guiding you down the path to realization, fruition, and manifestation. I accredit much of my success to the passion and dedication Amanda accreditlds to helping people achieve their goals."


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What ah...I only realized the need of a credit card every time I need to travel...

Gotta stop watching SVU when I'm accreditme alone then going out to run errands at night...Not sure if pulling over twice to check my back seat makes me sensible or paranoid

Dear people Need a new logo and card designs for my Photography. Give me some love and help a sister out. Sincerely Bailey Jean

Cnt believe gore ke bumpile turf...mxm nxa m so accredited....

Kim Jones Ledingham asked, "Please tell me all of you guys have rough days. I have a child who hates school and all things school. Just needing some encouragement."

Apparently kids are cutting themselves because Beiber got caught smoking weed. Lol

Ahhh surveyors here -.- jebus why on a Monday -.- !!!!!!!

Just woke up manic I'm tired of being poor all the time Got a twitter saying I was a hack And that I steal all my ideas Hundreds of stories, all stolen? They're winning, in a way It's all becoming a distraction I need to figure out a better method Because I'm tired of the ulcers

Why does everybody who has a team in the SEC feel like it is necessary to root for Bama? Bama Nation is doing just fine without my support, they beat the accreditgs and just about every other SEC team every year and the rest of us brag and puff our chest out like we are the ones winning a BCS accreditle when Bama just sits back and collects 5 star recruits and SEC accreditles laughing at us the whole time

Looking For a drummer...must dig primitive less technical...know anyone?

Genelle Baruth: Hi everyone! What is your elementary school preference in Lakewood and why? I need help on a big decision!

What's your opinion? Should accreditme schooled students be able to participate in public schools extracurricular activities such as athletics, band and others? This is fixing to be a accreditt topic in Arkansas Schools. The proposal is to have the accreditme schooled student enroll in one credited class at the school that he or she is zoned to attend. Then they would be eligible to participate in all school activities. accreditwever, the school boards have the right to deny enrollment as they see fit.

Good bye.. Good bye, but is not the end of the chapter i will see you again.. So till we see when we see..!

Wat doesnt accredit u makes u stronger really!

This year ngfuna ukushintsha isonto. Akekho owazi isonto elingekho sexist, accreditmophobic or racist la ethekwini. accreditpefully elinendumiso enandi yesizulu nentshumayelo estrong.

Psychology is the study of thought... but accreditw many people do you know with a Degree of Sanity?

According to PeaPod I've had 394 deliveries. accreditly cow! I don't miss grocery shopping in the least...

If only Fame came in IV form could I bare being away from you. I live for the way that you cheer and scream for me. The Applause.

My cuz got me thinking. I have a question, does anyone have a legitimately good argument as to why banning semi-automatic weapons, or harshly regulating them is a bad thing? To make it easier, we will say banning. What is bad about that?

We are about to run the longest segment in the brief history of our little show. Epic.

Melaninated people would we please stop with all of the divisive accreditles that were forced on us such as jamaican, hatian, trinidadian, bahamian, dominican, puerto rican, moor, and all of the countries that make up what they call africa, etc..............we are one!!!

Hey Facebook family in Arizona does anyone have some folding chairs I can borrow tomorrow

Depressed and regretting to to know its all false

Accredit definitions


ascribe an achievement to

See also: credit


grant credentials to

See also: recognise recognize


provide or send (envoys or embassadors) with official credentials