Abundant in a sentence as an adjective

It's fashionable to be fat when food is scarce, and thin when food is abundant.

I grew up in a house where abundant praise was given for completion of the most mundane of tasks.

He missed the sixth most abundant element in the human body, and, now that it's there, he is sure everything is OK?

"""Email synchronization is a fool's errand; but there seem to be an abundant supply of fools that undertake it.

As abundant as they might be in space, increasing the cost of iron 1000 times is going to have profound implications for our entire species.

This surplus of sugars provides abundant food to your billions of gut bacteria, and they start to grow out of control, and mutate.

I was a little concerned about the abundant whitespace, but after a bit of using it I can say it's quite an improvement.

To all of them work is a means, and not itself the end; on which account they are not very select in the choice of the work, provided it yields an abundant profit.

It's not about abundant capital - it's actually easier for American cities to leverage the bond market to raise capital now than it was in the 19th century.

To be able to answer it, you need to be aware of the Reconquista, abundant military resources, conquered wealth, etc. and be able to support any claim you make about them.

Here's a factor I bet was bigger: US emissions hitting a 20-year-low this year due largely to electricity generation switching from coal to natural gas[1] due to record low prices of abundant natural gas.

I'd suggest a permanent base on the Moon as a useful first step - it has some water, abundant energy, plenty of Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium and a lack of atmosphere that makes metallurgy easy.

But there are rarer men who would rather die than work without enjoyment in their work: the fastidious people, difficult to satisfy, whose object is not served by an abundant profit, unless the work itself be the reward of all rewards.

Abundant definitions


present in great quantity; "an abundant supply of water"