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This young man Jewish man is wise and courageous. Except that you are basically not allowed to criticize Israel with out repercussion. See what he gets for speaking truth. The world hears you and conscious people agree with you. Free Palestine.


So i was chopping up some kindling for the fire, i pulled the axe out and it kinda slipped in my hand and fell on my finger... i have a hole in my finger that wont really stop bleeding... i'e put three or four different plasters on it but nope... still bleeding.... fun times!


Vice and virtues are traits that people generally use to represent individuals. Countries and organizations are static entities that individuals make up, or are a part of. In turn, individuals associated with these static entities represent these groups through their personal actions. From my understanding, individuals find it easier to assign vice and virtue to static groups of individuals than to figure out who is who for themselves because that would mean they have to think and form their own assumptions based on the facts presented and found out by them personally. Deciphering the truth seems fine and fun when deciphering what's going to happen next in a favorite TV series or while reading the flaws of your neighbor, but to hold those acting on our behalf to standards is wrong and taboo, it is unheard of to question motives and authority. My personal read , answers, that I get from all of this is that almost everyone is to just let things be, and not to worry yourselves over what you have no control over... WHY?! The people in power play off you, me, everyone that turns a blind eye! They count on it! They are by far cowardly individuals, so afraid of being wrong and losing the edge that they will adapt and react to whatever way of thinking the masses produce, which is why media, schools, and laws are all preaching anti liberty propaganda. Without our minds they control nothing. By giving them our minds they control everything! It is all really that simple. An idea, words, can change the world and have and do and will many more times.


Weeh mngani ngath awaz ukuth ikhotha eikhothayo. . . If u dnt like my post, i wont like or comment on urz.. simpl as dat. . . #Masibambisane


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#pleasestop it is not cute...know why you do things, stop following be a leader!!!

Why was he only the one arrested. Well I'd like to know what really happened behind the camera. The impression that was shown was that he was arrested because he is an American Jewish who stands for the Palestinians and as such was arrested but im smarter than that.

Hahahah aw when your 'friend' comes over and talks #!$% about you while you're in the shower and goes off cause you wont shout her a chop Revaluate yourself 😂

This is the real face of Israel You wont see this video on any channel !

Sick of this #!$%@& #!$% me, no wonder our country is such a #!$% hole and they wont do #!$% all about it to stop this happening or actually get rid of them, another 10 years and england will be propely #!$%@&.

I wont to hav a sex with u

Can anyone help, I am on Skype but there is someone sending message after message and it wont let me block them, the messenger seems to be from a group rather than from an individual, Individual I can block but not a group, I don't understand why?

In addition to what is going on in Malaysia, here is another example of why people of the Bible need to study beyond theology and understand the history and philosophy of the Hebrew people and culture. What is happening in the Eastern world is an uprising of people whose faith and style of living being controlled by government and the Establishment in the name of capital gain, not God.

It is not really a surprise to all of us but unfortunately most have turned a blind eye to the issue ...

Another day gone. Another day this young man wont be home.....we are out there and wont give up. Rest up tonight and hit the Mackenzie River for another day of searching. Stay safe out there people.

I #!$%@& hate work been working for 2 weeks straight n I only get one day off n ima prob b in pa wit Tyler Finney n I habe to drive two #!$%@& hour back to work for 4 fu king hours lik really wtf im gettin pissed nothin getting done im getting irritable this guy wont talk to me no more so im guessing were not friends anymore lik im bout to quit talkin to ppl

Why my son wont take his ass to bed! smh lil nukka think he gone miss suntin

Mafakin medusa, your stone khali wont work on me, ain't afraid of you sir, am the bringer of catastrofee, we know that you a looser, a mafakin wanabe, nightmares that give you goose bumps, i design em like ignition keys

How do u get rid of someone that u dont even love anymore which he wont leave y cause he dont have anywhere else to go no money what no money no honey.. ask if his other kids care about him

Walk out on me wont be here when you crawl back. Not doing It.

"sometimes it's better to have a broken arm than having emotional pain, at least you'll know it's gonna be over. but, when you break your heart, you wont ever know when the pain's gonna end."

Sooooooo ffs. my BF4 wont load past the loading screen. picks up server, shows me the loading screen indefinitely. Any suggested fixes?

No ones made me feel more used then you!!! Grrrrr stay the #!$% away from me!!!! Im beta then you im beta then any one who dousnt take me 4 me!!!! So to all others who wont take me 4 me u can all #!$% off to!!!!

Ahhhh.... A/C in the bedroom. I may survive the summer! Sad Justin wont be here to enjoy it the next couple of weeks!

"I've got my mind made up and I wont turn back Because I want to see my Jesus someday...x2 Donnie McClurkin

Arlington watching over us tonight! They wont let up on us. If you live in Arlington, you should be pissed. Your tax dollars went to them watching us.

You wont it so bad, nothing else matter,s out of life but that one kind thing, life is to short for game,s,ppl got to no ,,,right,,,???????

Dammnn im so dead right now yall might have to bring me back to life she wrapped his ass # hell naw#on god they aint going they throwing hands ju # I wont a #!$%@ like dat , dats gone be by yo side and throw hands with u frfr

You do the most for people who wont do the same for you.. 😒 Smh thats life 👌 # Goodnight 💤🌙

Someone hmu 😒 I wont be mean I just wanna conversatee 😂👌

Aye I wont be suprised in 2017 Obama catch a case for selling weed lol so this not that surprising to me ...the first president ever with a nice jump shot.. 3 for 3 on

Jump #2 - wont attempt to explain how incredible this was -

Last minute senju me ready...keta friend'u nu soldra....but wont come to skul for his fwen....nevermine la

Lol girl Chassity Champion the devil has been so busy and he in drag with a wig and evil smile......ooohhhh im so glad im with Jesus sitting right here cuz the old me....whew I would fed into the negative and showed up where her mouth was. But the wisdom God gave me wont let me respond negative.

True true true............. still most likely it wont happen.......

30hp,forward controls,quick and reliable,high compression,new plugs,95 model johnson,trailer has new tyres and rims,trailer and both have long rego,trailer has some rust "usual",but tows great,heaps of extras! Solid 4 metre ski/fishing boat,heaps of rego!! Ready to go!!offers over $2000-only so swaps for old holden!! Wont sell for under 2k!!

Ku jola na nuna wa munhu swi karhata hiku wena you will be told about her, you will read about her on facebook, in fact you will know everything about her but she wont even know you exist! that's how it is, yes he is cheating with you but he will go an extra mile to protect his wife from disrespectful #!$%@&!. #simply because he has no intention of leaving her for you!

When your cat wont lick the peanut butter of your nuts!!!!!! like you lick it off my dick why not my nuts!!!!!!

For anyone who doesn't know the difference between "Jews" and "Zionists", this video captures it pretty well.

This is what a perfect relationship looks like .. To bad all the guys by me are douche bags , and don't know how to keep a relationship . ✌️

I would've completely freaked out if that was in my house. I wont be moving to Australia. Lol

One thing i wont do explain myself to anyone. ✌

This sweet guy ... keep watching...he is brutally attacked by numerous Jewish police...the whole thing caught on camera. And he taken away, who knows where.

People who is pranking me keep trying becouse i wont pick up only if there is a number so you low lifes lol

I love this! I wont do it, .... but I love it!!

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commonly used or practiced; usual

See also: accustomed customary habitual