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I have been through hell and back to just let Jordan tear me down again. I cant do this. I am leaving. Hopefully she won't hear the door open when I leave.. she probably wont shes on the phone w some girl anyways.


Akere wna my ladie....yu had sex wth almost evry guy in de community...... So tsabe gee we no mre call dt a pussy or private part... Its a public service or community service..... . . . . . . . . .ah joh sowi mara lwena o hoe........yu cn unfriend me if kao roga...coz unfriending me wont break any1's virginity...... #macheloni


I don't understand employers that hold on to employees that don't want to stay and force them to stay. If they don't want you trust me you don't need them! Loyalty comes first and if they decide to let go for no good reason it is because they are not loyal, they don't care about being part of the company, they never cared about how to improve it, how to make it grow. Hold on to those who show you they care, who dedicate their time and effort into making your company a success. Hold on to those who stand by you in good times and bad times. Hold on to those who wont run to another job for an extra 100 or 2 !. Be grateful to the ones stand by you, reward them, learn how to say thank you or well done more often. Remember they do work for you but they are not your slaves. They are human just like you, so say please when you give an order and talk with respect.


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This foo thinks hes all hard hiting a kid that wont do #!$% back....first of all you hit like a #!$%@,second fight someone who will do something about it lets see if your ganna be all hard about it....look at all them hoes in the back thinkin there the #!$% ass well..

Surprised these fools didn't get themselves killed or beat worse

Anyone know how to unblock a sink I put loads of rice down it now the water wont go down

Look at these idiot "pranksters." Wonder which one is gonna end up dead first?

I need a grown guy 2 call bby..nd dat guy must be part of me meaning he will hve 2 understand me better dan anyone....I want 2 say his mine......meaning I wont share him wit any1 bt wit hs family n male frndz nt dat im gridy o smething wen smeting is mine I like taking care of it without any interruptions from any one....dats a brief description of my nxt relationship. ..... Morning yall. ...

I have a very early important meeting tomorrow and my baby just wont go to bed. Why out of all nights this is the night he decides not to go to bed. Please abel go to Sleep

Eish was it a person or wt talking outside ma window or it was a trap 4 me to go out am still asking maself n y dd d talking stop around past 5 n i coul hear sharpening of smthing... Dnt go out guys if u hear stuff like dt a gun wont help u... Dts wt i dd am safe... Tnx God

Gotta love the power of the law! Lets just kill him because he wont stop walking!!!! #!$%@&! retards

Creating racial tension, a psychopath is behind this...

Well deserved ass kicking!! some are really funny!

Tabdili container me beth k ni ati..!! I voted for PTI but I wont again..!

Heard a few guys talking that I wont be able to pull through JIL audio launch in Chennai. All I can say to these guys are - You guys can keep talking, and I will keep working on my goal.

Hate that I love her and the feeling wont go away no matter what she makes me happy

Tbh : Rate : Date : even tho i wont get any likes .-. - but like cx <3

Maybe, Just maybe.. you shouldn't go up & Be disrespectful to random people & Expect them to automatically know it's a joke & To be okay with it. Dumb asses.

#Fbi I think an arrest will be made this wont be George Zimmerman all over again if it is lord have mercy on this nation #JusticeforMikeBrown

These guys are complete idiots and lucky they didn't get shot or stabbed

Sorry friends.. If you dont coment my pict so I wont coment your pict too. I'll like and coment your picts tonight my lovely frnds I must take a rest.

Im home alone & my house & outside are making creepy sounds & the dogs wont sit still #spooked #restless

Wonted definitions


commonly used or practiced; usual

See also: accustomed customary habitual