How to use Wonted in a sentence as a adjective

Dis #!$% ain't for me I only wonted her but it is wat it is #FukRelationships

I got a connect at american apparel and at Nike and more 50% off on everything if I wonted to be fly I could. But it's all money in💰

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Going to go take this dmv test n the morning .. and did I mention fail??? Yea. Smh. I said I wont gne take it again but my sis keep worryn me. I fail this time I really aint going back .


I have just started an online Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care --------- Does anyone know of any child care centres looking to employ? They would need to be open to hiring a student who is required to clock up prac hours, one day a fortnight? I have a part time job in the public service and two small children of my own. So i dont have alot of time left to do more than 1 day a fortnight at a centre. I wont consider a full time job in the child care industry until I have finished and obtained my Diploma. I love babies and children and cannot wait to enter the industry. I have a genuine enthusiasm and passion and would love an opportunity which will allow me to achieve my goals!


Your excuse to talk to me again is to see how im doing? Well im doing better and feeling better and i decided to stay away from people like yourself. And leave it in the past, i blocked your number so i hope you read this. & dont go look for me at that house i moved already. Made that mistake a lot wont happen again sorry. Take care of yourself tho


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Always remember. ...what you wont do some one else stay on your #!$%...whatever it is that you do

Does anyone know how to fix a phone when you drop it and it wont turn on? -.-

Real men wont love the most beautiful girl in the world, they will love the girl that can make there world the best.

If you aren't happy single,you wont be happy taken. Happiness comes from within not from men.

Im making a private page for the naughty piercings at my jobbb if u wanna join and wont snitch me off I will discuss your approval

Anon asks My 1year old girl wont eat. We still breastfeed multiple times during the day and night but isnt much interested in food unless its mince not worried cause of the boobie milk but would love to hear your experiences or any tips you have to encourage more food less boobie.... Thanks

Going to Joshua Tree for the weekend. telling myself i wont check phone/email and i'll just do some zen-like writing and nature stuff. i hope i listen. #breaktime

Oh poor internet boardgame shopper... Im sorry... I wont match the online preorder price for that soldout/allocated item you want that you are now not getting from your online site you buy from all the time. You should have preordered from your local game store who would have taken care of you.

I still wont ever forget the day i met fifth harmony omfg camila and ally hugged me and ally said i was cute aw theyre the baes

Showing your boobs wont make me fall in love with you. Youre just making me horny Pare, bwahaha.. #goodmorning

Taught me half the #!$% a know and a wont ever forget it, taught me how to bill it, taught me how to bag it, taught me how to build a line, taught me how to slang it, even if a had no baggys he would show me how to wrap it, might not sound normal but to us this life's sanity

I dnt have everything i wont n need but i thank him fo wat i do have... #MyTimeIsCuming!! #StayingPraydUp!!! #HeAintDneWeMeYet!!!!

Greed vs Guilt. You wont believe what this pastor does with this stuff.

Everybody got a sex tape out now huh lol..wont see nun of me........I hope not lol

Lms And i wont delete you o; ?

I just realized that when my wife gives birth, I wont be able to have sex for like 90 days.

If i was to tell ya who im inlove with ya wont belive it 💘💯✋ x6

We need to accept that we wont always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up sometimes-understanding that failure is part of success.

Niggas wont shoot. Won't fight. But will talk #!$% from a distance. Why not just do do something productive wit ya day?? All that actin like a thug #!$% old.

Parents: Your Kids gon do stuff u dont want them to..that they actually Learned from you

Topic: I've been trying to get help, and talk about everything, but some people that try to listen don't understand. I lost my husband 4 yrs ago and now I am trying to get my life back on track, my children have turned their backs on me because I am trying to be me again, they are saying I am selfish. I am disabled and also have agoraphobia. My children know about this but wont to help me, so now I'm alone and feel more depressed and have panic attacks which also at times brings on angina attacks, please someone help me before I fully give up?

Usually when i say "im done" . Im not done 😂. When im really done, i wont need to say "im done" i'll just be done. Did that make sense? 😩

Now deedee u wont to bless? Now when im over yo house an i sleep over an in yhe morning yo mama get on yo ass about brushing yo teeth an washing u walk straight out the house with out doing that? Tru or nah? But stay under girls like it anit nun

We have Rico, Tyrell and Jackie here today and remember folks Jackie is doing 30 dollar piercing's so you need to get down here fast cause this price wont last long and i also hear there is a budget board here with incredible pricing so be sure to check that out also! 804 785 1041

Got me a hydrocodone pill i'm taking it for my back pain tho, i wont lie i missed the feeling but i wont go back to always being on it and #!$%... if anyone is nice enough to find me a connect for some lean tho id appreciate it

He just won The Masters...but the food police would rather harass him for eating at one of America's favorite restaurants. Check it out.

Cmon girls, i get 50% off at greggs and i'm a training bartender at a night club, why wont you love me

U foolish gals wont work for ur own money but be takin guys to juju so dey can pay u well...why na u born de guy??

I wont be on here much. It is shingles. My prayer is I will be better for the birth of our baby.

The 3D Trout just wont stop catching big pike...

More duke, sorry my terrible computer wont let me put this all up together ...

Object architecture is now closed for the Easter holidays and wont be operating again until Wednesday next week. So have a great Easter everyone.

Mostly when a woman doesn't really feel u, they wont pretend.....they will show it................elo chibaba kupapatila munthu akukondeko, hehehehe

Having worst record wrapped up wasn't good enough, Milwaukee Bucks lose their season finale Wednesday ... the odds say they'll get the first pick, history alarmingly says they wont.

My kik is Bloodymannequin for those who would like to talk about anything and everything. I probably wont answer if you have nothing interesting to say tho.

Never settle for a man that wont give you.... what you give him.... there is a man out there that would break his back for a good woman like you!!!!

Gonna have a new album ready for recording hopefully this summer..but wont be out till next yr..were hoping..well see ...stay tuned!

Its crazy how Some females only want a #!$%@ that got alot tatts , got a lot money , with a nice house and drive a nice car & yall wonder why yall relationship dont last. If you go with someone cus of hes look , shame on you. A #!$%@ can still look Fine af , with a #!$%@& up Personality. But yall females wont #!$% with a broke #!$%@ tha would give you his last dollar.

"I can no longer be your friend because you wont have sex with me" Ok then lmao

Ppl say I got anger issues I wont have em if #!$%@&! dont do dumb #!$% fr

Inbox me and ill tell you a secret about me you wont even believe... Now now

If we playin this "i wont Text you till you Text me first game" ill slap the #!$% out of you , Im too grown for that tbh ..

My punk ass dog picky AF. #!$%@ eats hot chips , pop tarts , candy ,all types of junk food but wont touch dog food. He a #!$%@-.-

Happy Easter everyone, what a wet blustery day here in Auckland, please take care on the roads I pity the poor people trying to set up for the Easter show, we have a couple of rooms for tomorrow night and a few on Sunday night but get in quick they wont be available for long Enjoy catching up with family and friends on this long weekend, I think this would be the only time you actually get to eat chocolate without feeling guilty.

This broke ass #!$%@ getting smart like i wont take the cab by myself & let him go walking 😂✌️

US Airways says it wont fire anyone, but the airline's infamous tweet has generated more than $9 million in negative media over just the last two days, according to General Sentiment's media value calculation #USAirways

We living in the last days, Life is only one, where fools wont hesitate but pussy and patron make me feel alright, let it roll my #!$%@ cause shes feelin pretty tight.

Try replacing dishes that ask for sour cream with Low Fat Yogurt. You wont taste the difference, but you will cut down on calories! #TPCtip

This lady will be live on stage tomorrow night at our Village Reunion...unfortunately it wont be a true recreation as we won't be flooding the toilets!! See our promo team in town for discount entry....

Others are really in tough situations struggling to make ends meet and people here are just taking advantage ! Showing a little titty on "accident" wont save you smh ughh.

In Western countries during any special occassions or traditional as well as national festivals, the price of everything is discounted and transportation will be maintained the same price while some companies give a discount like other goods price too. BUT this wont happen in Cambodia.

I've had several opportunities to meet, hangout and workwith Rodney, and I have to say he is another great human being that makes me proud to be associated with. There are things that happen in the FLW Outdoors family that you wont see in a lot places.

US Airways calls vagina-plane tweet 'an honest mistake,' won't fire anyone

Sorry i haven't been replying much lately, iv been super busy, i dont even know what sleep is again, i haven't slept for two days and i mean iv not even closed my eyes for a min, cant wait to show you guys these designs iv been banging out💃💃💃💃 when you start doing the things you love, you automatically stop wasting time doing things that wont ever benefit you👌 start doing something you really love😉 but i promise immo get back at you all when i have the time❤

Phones broke so i wont reply if u txt me btw

Did you wake to.........snow? Dont worry it wont be round for long.

High of 64 degrees today! Nice days like these wont last long so come by for some Italian wedding and our avocado grilled cheese!

I have such a busy yet fun week planned sooo you wont be hearing much from me, but I hope everyone has a blessed day !!! If we cool u got my kik or # if u need me

"Russia may try to limit or even expropriate foreign companies but that would have devastating effects on all foreign investors in the country who would halt investments or even leave. Combined with the massively accelerated capital flight from Russia ... the Russian economy and financial market would quickly be bleeding into serious trouble." – Joerg Forbrig, GMF. Read more:

Topic: How to face going back to work after 6 weeks off after a breakdown due to traumatic events that happened in my life before starting the job... Tried to move on and forget but over time, my head felt it was going to explode and i could no longer function... Worried work wont be supportive

Sorry folk, due to illness we wont be able to operate the railway today but dont worry everthing else is still open and it will be full steam ahead as usuall tomorrow. we hope driver Smiffy is better soon

Wonted definitions


commonly used or practiced; usual

See also: accustomed customary habitual