How to use Uxorious in a sentence as a adjective

I am a word of five letters! i am a value ! if u remove my 1st letter i am after cooked! if u remove my first 2 letters i will become cold. answer if u r mastermind! and:_________ ?????

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Here, as a sequence of comments, is Chapter 5: "Biremes" of "Hero of Magnets" -- the sequel to “Mage of Hornets” [both titles are anagrams of “Game of Thrones”]

आज तो 'निखर गया', पत्नी ने कहा. 'पर आप जैसा ही है. कल का क्या पता?' अब क्या बोलूँ?

Habitus! omni die iustus an explerent, irae! eius odi dilectae Uxori ...... planto vestri cor putrescat additae ... donec vermis inventus de ore meo! ..asu..

Leaving work to go home and work some more. Got to get it done so I can celebrate my lady's birthday!

Uxorious definitions


foolishly fond of or submissive to your wife