How to use Twister in a sentence as a noun

Sentence using twister.

Fun tongue twister of the day.. "Masturbation, quite the sensation, Even if you don't got no Lubrication" - Mr. Chunk

Hello all we will be posting our very first youtube video withing today currently twister is so tired she wont wake up so that leaves rainbow to do all the work so all you losers can wait for the vid.

Cockermouth as we speak for a charity event at the kirgate centre! Then later at club rock, supported by twister! Hope to see you at one of tonight's gigs...

She is the eye of a twister undone. I've been in the middle of love. #lyric

I took this rocker right off Judy's porch before she could say the tongue twister about the pink house... lol

Khanak singh k khadaknne se khadkti hain khidkiyan ya khidkiyon k khadknne se Khadakta hai khannak singh. Hahahaha. Kis kis ko tongue twister yad hai. .Khanak.

Useless info of the day: The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick is said to be the toughest tongue twister in the English language.

Proper Noun Examples for Twister

Got the Sno-Twister painted. Chaincase clean and freshly lubed. Tuned the carbs..or so i thought. Bottom end is good. Top end bogs. Skips the rare time. 70 mph in about 5 seconds. Cruising at 30-40 mph and i pin it, lifts the skis and throws ke back.

Coming soon. I'll have the following red cat models on hand. Electric models. Twister XB Brushless edition, Lighting EXP Drift, Earthquake 8E. I'll also have one Gas powered model on hand as well. Rampage XT 30cc motor. Runs off of any octane as long as its mixed with 2cycl oil. I recommend using non ethanol premixed and 100% non ethanol mixed with 2cycl oil. I also recommend you use a little bit of magic bullet in your gas models as well. It'll help keep your engine clean 24/7

Great night in store in the Kelltic with Twister rocking till L8 and Live open from 10!

Friday night --- karaoke party !!! Everyone who sings gets entered into a chance to win a prize !!!! Special thanks to Naked Twister they were Great !!! They will be back Jan 10th & Jan 26th !!!

Hoje a última Let's Club do ano relembra os melhores shows do ano com Alexia Twister! Ainda da tempo de levar ótimas lembranças de 2012, vem ferver com a gente!

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¿Que les dieron para navidad? Jhlaksdkaljdlka yo recibí una tablet alskdjlkasd Y ustedes? ~Ale-1D

Comente aqui a maior velocidade de seu motor ! Carro - a velocidade Moto - a velocidade Vamos ver quem corre mais !!

No puedo negar que me parece curioso cómo los peruanos -al menos los que tienen acceso a Internet-, invierten horas en elaborar viñetas, hacer escarnio público, fomentar el maltrato, hacer gala de una ortografía deplorable y sacar a relucir el crítico culinario que tienen dentro, para celebrar el desacierto ajeno. Asco da la facilidad con la que nos dejamos manipular por una información cuya explicación no está enteramente al descubierto hasta el momento.

We need help...soon, we are going to be making a new ice cream flavor that is vanilla based with a swirl of caramel and chocolate covered pretzels. But we do not know what to name it. We will be picking a winner off here and whatever name we choose will win 2 free half gallons of the this new flavor. Remember, the name should have something to do with whats in the flavor.

**** group battle time*** show the best you got..then maybe people would wanna battle u...see lots of newbies in here your style here - sara

#OpenAdd# 300 Tercepat mimin Add!! comment 'Add me' jgn yg lain!!dikasih waktu smpai Jam 9 besok pagi Min_Nda

Miss of dlu ya pay! see you tomorow! miss-gigiers

<Unrelated> Anybody knows any good games for playstation 1? xD -Loke☆

To Own ChiBi kak,lgi on? coment yaa.. soalnya aq mau ngomong sesuatuuww.. #Wanner

Kelasnya besok aja ya dan jangan lupa kelas christy besok masuk ya mimin mau off dulu daah min5 rahma

Kepo terakhir 5/5 kalian kelas berapa?? me : 7 adm_salsa

Tulis id fp: 1 orang fp'nya aku resmiin d fp>Angel Chibi wajib Like fp ini>Cherrybelle *Angel*

Twibiboys pintar Chibi bisa go internasional ~Iya ~Tidak ~Bisa jadi *Min"Nad*

Share nope #iqballe CJR 5tt aku inbox ,, Di acak #sandrina

Kepo 2/5 lagu cherybelle yang kalian suka ?? me : love is you adm_salsa

Twister definitions


small friedcake formed into twisted strips and fried; richer than doughnuts

See also: cruller


a localized and violently destructive windstorm occurring over land characterized by a funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground

See also: tornado