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Thoughts from Worry Free Island: It cannot go without notice, that the amount of stress, anxiety and depression reported, is in direct relation to the state of the economy, and the money situation of most people has a great effect on how they feel. Of course in our consumer society, we tend to finance things that we may not really need, and get tempted into interest free periods of grace, that seem to disappear a lot quicker than we thought. We soon realize that our income has not changed and the new payment becomes due, adding even further stress to an already difficult situation. My observation is that old fashioned ideas of saving up for things have slowly been eroded, and lending institutions have a plan, to get you into debt as soon as possible. Now I used to get a lot of slack from people when I talked about good and bad debt, but just lately the economy has turned most debt into bad debt, and even the old fashioned idea of saving has suffered, because the returns are so low. TIP: Unless you are paying it off monthly, cut up your credit card. If you have a house with equity, negotiate all your debt into one and put it on the mortgage. Ignore special offers that offer interest free periods, and lastly start enjoying the real gifts of life with a new relaxed feeling. Once you get back this relaxed feeling, you will find that a lot of the stress and anxiety will disappear.


It’s sad that relationships have become this way nowadays. Well maybe back in the day they were, I don’t know but I really see the effects of it today. Hell I think we all have experienced this at some point of our lives and we all have a fall guy. Whether it is the media, our parents or blogs, we tend to point the finger at these mediums rather than check ourselves to see what we do and how we act. It’s brave to get in a relationship far less marriage nowadays but it’s safe to say that generally relationships have become really self-indulgent. What do you think and have you ever experienced a relationship of this kind?


Tip 5 drinks Well in a perfect world I recommend water but for those that prefer other try to buy 1 or 2 litres from the super. Market as you will pay a premi for drinks in resorts we specially families. Alcohol I have to say I love red wine and tend to stick with it as its a healthier choice. However I realise not everyone does so buy your alcohol from the shops not the hotel at 7 to 9 dollars a drink. I can buy a reasonable bottle of red for that . Please like if it helps you and please share if you think it will help someone you know


So I'm playing a game online, black ops 2, if anyone cares. And there is this kid playing, at least I hope he was preteen age from his lack of Grammar and liberal use of swearing. Anyways, his team gets beat and we all go back into the game lobby. The kid proceeded to whine and complain, as people tend to online, and one line of dialog came through plain as day and I'm pretty sure stunned everyone actually paying attention. While I won't repeat it word for word, it included a unique combination of small rodent, lubrication, and the human body. The best part was not that line, but as two or three other people talking fell silent, someone else screamed that he promised never to tell and both subsequently logged off. No other information given, definitely none asked for. All I know is when I logged off a minute later, people were still laughing in the lobby. So this is a reminder to all those people on my friends list. Please for the love of all things you hold dear. Don't say it, don't post it. Unless you want us all to know about it and laugh at you for it. Thank you


I'm a true country boy,i like girl in wranglers and a Stetson . I'm very affectionate. i was raised old school meaning i take care of my amorsshhh. i have my own trucks a job, and i take care of myself. i tend to be one of the boys.... i smoke, i drink, i run backroads at 2 am i love country music. guys like ccr. steve miller, caballo dorado, George Thorogood,and many more ,i go to concerts as much as i can, Sometimes with my amorsshhh,Sometimes solo


It turns out this personality type has a scientific name: psychopathic. Lest you think I merely kid you, I quote from Scientific American: Superficially charming, psychopaths tend to make a good first impression on others and often strike observers as remarkably normal. Yet they are self-centered, dishonest and undependable, and at times they engage in irresponsible behavior for no apparent reason other than the sheer fun of it. Largely devoid of guilt, empathy and love, they have casual and callous interpersonal and romantic relationships. Psychopaths routinely offer excuses for their reckless and often outrageous actions, placing blame on others instead. They rarely learn from their mistakes or benefit from negative feedback, and they have difficulty inhibiting their impulses.


All my life since like preschool I been considered different. Different because I see things in another perspective than most of my peers . At the end of the day I am my own person and I don't need to follow anybody. I never fell into peer pressure and never did anything I didn't feel like doing. The problem with most people my age is they tend to follow others that are doing negative.


If you use a bunch of cliches in your writing... consider stopping. It is highly looked down on by the academic community. Which in a less formal way means. People who are educated tend to assume people who use a lot of cliches without being ironic or to make fun of cliches are stupid or uneducated, and generally someone who is probably better off being ignored. There is quite the stigma around it.


T turns out this personality type has a scientific name: psychopathic. Lest you think I merely kid you, I quote from Scientific American: Superficially charming, psychopaths tend to make a good first impression on others and often strike observers as remarkably normal. Yet they are self-centered, dishonest and undependable, and at times they engage in irresponsible behavior for no apparent reason other than the sheer fun of it. Largely devoid of guilt, empathy and love, they have casual and callous interpersonal and romantic relationships. Psychopaths routinely offer excuses for their reckless and often outrageous actions, placing blame on others instead. They rarely learn from their mistakes or benefit from negative feedback, and they have difficulty inhibiting their impulses.


Ju rrefyet dhimbjen e zemres ne vite, Fjalet e tua tregonin deshmin e kesaj dite, Ti fala dite e net dhe i qete degjoja, Shpirtin, zemren, ndjenjen, doja ta sheroja. Vitet pa ndricues ne floket e saj, Qeliza te prishura dhe me inde brenda, Ngjyra e syve blu, veshtronin me ankth, Plaget linin gjurem mbi zemra e nene. O Zot, bekoje shpirtin qe lengon ne vite, Ndjenja te marrin shprese e mos mbaj meri, Dashurin kuroja, plaget te mos kene fuqi, Qelizat e trupit treti ne kenaqesi. Mekatet e te tjereve prehen te e verteta, Lutu ,thirre zemren,trokitjen degjoje Zemres jepi ndjenjen, endrra te lulezojn, Zgjoje jeten tende embel dashuroje. Mes zjarri e ngjyrash zhvishe shpirtin tend, Nga erresira e viteve vishe fustan e bardhe, Per cudin e tjereve diellin beje toke per ty, Shperthe ndjenjen zemres ,drite perhere ne sy


Pensamento para o Dia 10/01/2013 “Seja ansioso e sincero para saber mais e mais sobre a arte de uma imperturbável vida feliz. Alguém só poderá avançar passo a passo, e há o perigo de escorregar dois passos quando você subir um. O que importa é a determinação para escalar, a resistência com que a tendência a deslizar for encarada, o desejo de crescer, progredir, conquistar os impulsos e instintos mais baixos. Se você tem isso, a fonte oculta de poder surgirá dentro de você, a Graça do Senhor desafogará seu caminho. Mantenha o ideal diante de você; marche. Apenas aqueles com ideais são respeitados e lembrados com gratidão para a posteridade.” Sathya Sai Baba


I would just like to point out the obvious for a moment if I may. Smoking meth is a horrible habit. Known as the worlds worst drug because you end up loosing everything that at one time mattered to you. Also because it is so highly addictive and cheap. There have been specials on tv on this subject. It is horrible when someone chooses the drug and the supplier over their own children, when they are willing to "forfeit" their life to continue down this dark and twist road. Rock bottom has got to be the worst place to be, sadly too many people don't realize that they have hit that place and continue on thinking that this would never effect them to that extreme. By the time they realize that they have hit rock bottom and lost everything in their lives, including their children and families, it is too late to set things right. Just some food for thought. Some of my friends will realize where I am going with this, and for those that don't maybe it will shed some light to the devastation that this drug causes.


Who I am in case people don't know me. I am an idealist and I like pursuing my dreams. Im capable, competitive and very hard-working. I tend to self-doubt myself whenever things go wrong. I tend to be too harsh on myself. im creative and like to dream. I can be a very good friend. In a relationship, I enjoy being good company and I am generally very caring and considerate. my weaknesses are Extreme, self-doubting, and lack self-consciousness. my strengths are Imaginative, romantic, and interesting.


I was right. I put 2 + 2 together about the education system in USA. GOP does not want us to be fully educated. They know that the college-educated people tend to vote Democratic. That's why GOP discourages Pell Grant, etc.


" Learning something new means finding not just a new way to see the world, but often a new way to change the world. Artists constantly seek to find new and improved means to transform ideas into reality. Artists rely on their intuition much more than those who are analytically trained. Analytical people tend to take a complex problem and reduce it to its component parts in an effort to solve it step by step. Artists, however, attempt to make giant leaps to a solution, seeming to ignore all constraints. By making those leaps, they sometimes miss the solution completely. But they are not afraid to miss the target. Ironically, with all the communication technologies at our disposal today, it’s still difficult to get a message across to the person sitting right next to you in a reliable fashion. The shortest communication path between two people is a straight talk. "


Ok. Steve Rayman stopped me today and asked about these "booms" because I have felt many of them and heard most of them. You said that these "booms" are happening all over the tri-state area and have unknown origins.. Well, on my way home tonight, my inner nerd kicked in and it dawned on me; "booms" that I described as like a muffled explosion... Emergency personnel cannot locate these sources of "booms".... I DID feel a shock wave after a few of these instances... Some say aliens, some say government experiment, so say pretty much crazy things all you want. Has it ever dawned on you that we live on a fault line? Has it ever occured that the reason we cannot find these "booms" is because they could maybe be deep inside the earth? You have all heard it atleast from one person in your life that we are over due for a nice sized earth quake... A friend of mine and I rigged up a make-shift seismograph and have noticed that it has picked up on alot more activity under the ground then we are even hearing with our ears and feeling under our feet. Don't take my word on it though, people tend to not listen to me until it's too late anyway. So I am placing an "all-in" bet on the trifecta for this one.. I don't want to cause panic or anything, as it could be nothing, but the seismic activity some universities are picking up and no one is blowing a whistle on it, I hope I AM wrong because it will catch us with our pants down in the near future.


We love to agree with people who agree with us. It's why we only visit websites that express our political opinions, and why we mostly hang around people who hold similar views and tastes. We tend to be put off by individuals, groups, and news sources that make us feel uncomfortable or insecure about our views — what the behavioral psychologist B. F. Skinner called cognitive dissonance. It's this preferential mode of behavior that leads to the confirmation bias — the often unconscious act of referencing only those perspectives that fuel our pre-existing views, while at the same time ignoring or dismissing opinions — no matter how valid — that threaten our world view. And paradoxically, the internet has only made this tendency even worse.


No matter what happens we will always tend go back too each other. there always seem to be way we find each other, thats when we both are vulnerable. that is one of the nastiest habits we have developed. maybe perhaps we both should try really letting go of each other. I am trying to let go but its impossible with whats going.


I just thought it's very odd. internally, i feel terrorized by math. meaning, i approach it expecting to fail, and hover honestly like a buzzard as i worked through the easy stuff, ever alert for even the slightest hint of hey, i might not understand this thing coming up, and i tense, and i just focus on the dismay that i can't understand it and i just shoot this impulse to distract myself: i have to pee, i need some coffee, didn't i say i would. my whole working memory is overturned and i assume that is the amygdala, since that is all wired under the cortex. what i mean is, if i just described my relationship to math, a person would probably think i like math, or understand it. if i never said anything i mean, no one would know. when i not battling eating for consolation, i'm battling interrupting myself for escaping. i don't know how people with fammily and loved ones around them can actually do any work. i never had that kind of discipline. when i wrote my books, i just got up when they were sleeping, or after they went to sleep. except, you know, when with the report there seemed to be a crisis every third day.


"Oh #!$%, OD touched the sacred cow of the interwebs. No one wants to talk religion. Have you ever heard of Deism? This is not a patronizing statement, but more a literal question, it is not known by many, it states that an all powerful God created the Universe then stepped back to watch his creation unfold. This was very popular in the 17th and 18th century, and has recently made a comeback to the forefront of many people who were searching for the answer. What is your thought on that?" - Finn the #!$%@&!$%@%@& Human I made this back when I had Nny. Pretty much sums up my views on religion as a whole. -Caveman


Fan Q: So i know this is kinda weird. but my one year old son doesnt really show sometimes that he's hungry. say i lose track of time and i'm late on serving dinner, he's perfectly fine with that. he just plays and plays until i tell him its time to eat. is that normal? or is anyone elses kid like that? Im not complaining either, i think its kinda cool. and he's a wonderful eater too. I just thought it was kinda strange. lol ~Amanda~


I tend to nap on the recliner wednesday nights as it's my night off of work... woke up at 10pm and laid down. Serenity climbed into bed and usually that is my cue to go back downstairs; as a 5 year old she is dangerous and beats me up and kicks me out of my own bed, so it's for my own good... she usually does this 3 or 4am... i felt so rested and just assumed, i came downstairs... now i'm wide awake and it's just past midnight.... *sigh*


Cool test to try at home! There are a lot of probiotic capsules that contain dead, inactive bacteria. Test to see if your capsules are viable by mixing the contents of one capsule with a half cup of cow or soy milk. Leave another cup of plain milk as your control group. Leave both on the counter overnight. The bowl with the probiotics should develop a distinctly sour smell the next morning. The texture should be curdled, bubbly or have a thick film on the surface. In other words, your milk should have begun to turn into yogurt. If both bowls smell the same and have identical consistency, you should return your probiotic capsules for a better brand. Professional companies like Metagenics, or companies that specialize in probiotics tend to be better quality. I'm afraid most store bought yogurt don't provide enough good bacteria to replenish stores after a round of antibiotics.


It's hard to hear my mom crying over a close family member diagnosed with cancer n getting admitted to hospice from one day to another. Nothing they can do but I know God can do anything. I know she in Gods hands. That's gives peace for he knows why and when. But it also shows me how time is so precious. We tend to take that for granted. Keep my family in prayers please!


Love is separate, usually are more affectionate than near. Because, iImajinasi tend to raise just beautiful and blinding yourself from that will disappoint. Love that near and intimate, often proved was bland after marriage. So better be careful when you love distance apart. Imagination in love tend to overestimate beauty. Cinta yang sedang terpisah, biasanya memang lebih mesra daripada yang dekat. Karena, iImajinasi cenderung membesarkan hanya yang indah dan membutakan diri dari yang akan mengecewakan. Cinta yang dekat dan mesra, sering terbukti hambar setelah pernikahan. Maka lebih berhati-hatilah saat cintamu terpisah jarak. Imajinasi cinta cenderung melebih-lebihkan keindahan. by: maherZ


Beyond the Reflection of Self - Corrupt hearts make beautiful things seem ugly, while the pure in heart behold beauty in that which is unappealing to the corrupt. It’s easy to judge a book by its cover, but not so easy to read a book that appears to be less than ideal. And that’s the essence of our problem; isn’t it? We tend to be more focused on outward appearances than on content. We live to get but not to give. When we ought to take a closer look at things we deem unappealing, we treat them as though they’re too insignificant to pay attention to. We need to stop doing that. We need to stop looking for mirrors of our own thoughts and start seeing life for what it is. We need to look beyond ourselves. When we begin to do that, we will see all kinds of beautiful things we were blind to when we were too busy to take the time to notice that there’s more to life than that reflection in the mirror.


As people we tend to worry about the things that don't matter and forget about the things that do. Enjoy your life to the fullest, cause you never know when its going to end. Dwelling on things Just ruins your life. Being mad Or upset with others for things They have done is justa waste of energy. You can't change the past oe the mistakes you can only change your furture.


As I sit outside and look at the sky I tend to pour out emotions. The pain that I feel. The joy that I feel. I owe it all to you. I write letters to the sky hoping that my faith behind it will reach heaven. There are many things in life that I might not know about but one things for sure is I'm disciplined and willing to follow and for you to guide me wherever you want me to go in life. I'm ready.


I keep reading the "W4M" personals, and I keep noticing a pattern. They always say "Gotta have a job" "Gotta have a car" "Gotta be taller than me" "Gotta be handsome" The worst part is: They're always saying "Looking for a good man", but good men like myself always tend to be boring to them, so they go for the douchebags who treat them like #!$%. then they say "All men are potential rapists and murderers". God damn! How do I prove that I don't have a criminal record, and I'm a non violent person? This #!$% that a lot of women pull is driving me insane. So what if I don't have a damn car? So what if I don't have a job? I don't need a "sugar mama", and I don't need a personal chauffeur. I just want to love someone whom I'm not related to, and have her love me back. Is that really too much to ask for? Y'all, level with me, don't lie to me, hurt my feelings if I have to. I bounce right back every time anyway, so don't worry about hurting my feelings.


It seems people in america tend to take things for granted like running water or electricity.... i may be living paycheck to paycheck but i know one thing is for sure i got kylie's back and she's got mine ...... im not perfect and neither are u you .... but one thing is for sure... i'll fight till till im dead before i give up


From our wall: Okay, well, I have a small story to tell. Today, when I was at school, this one girl who was claiming to be my "Best friend" she was telling me that I couldn't have a sleepover with her because I am a lesbian. I was quite upset. I went to my next period class almost in tears, then I was talking to my friend, I asked "Hey, Do you feel... Awkward around me because I'm a lesbian?" This was her reply, "No I don't, I don't feel awkward cause we share our weirdness." She smiled while I was in tears thinking about the other girl. She told me not to cry and she gave me a hug. I told her what had happened and she asked "Is the other girl catholic?" When I told her yes, she flipped. She said "Just because she's Catholic doesn't mean she needs to treat you like this, I'm Catholic and I think that people should be able to love whoever they want to." She continued to tell me about how she had to explain to her younger brother many times. She said she would say something to the girl and she reassured me that her and her sister will always be there for me. She went and talked to the girl and I felt so much better. I felt so alone before, but she has reassured me that there are many good people out there. I feel blessed to have this person as my friend. ♥ -Sammy


I noticed that we tend to give cute names to our loved ones with reference to food. Examples include: "Come here, sweetie pie" "That looks good on ya, sugar bun" " Great job munchkins!". For a Malaysia twist on this.. I suggest the following names.. " You really make my day, rendang!" " Sambil tumis, that outfit looks hot on ya!" Let's try this and see whether it catches on...hehe


I swear this #!$%@ Destiney Renee got my #!$%@& up.. Nd yeah i did tag yo name in it because i knw for a fact that i aint no scarey #!$%@ and i aint gone bite my tough for no #!$%@.. you call yourself a real muthafuckin 17 year old women #!$%@ well act like it and hop off my dick. I don't have no respect for hoes like you and im more then happy to put my address on this #!$% cuz i ain't no pussy ass hoe like you.. you wanna settle something meet me in the muthafuckin streets off tops..


As a person grows older they tend to look back at all the things they have done or could of done. We take what we knew then and what we know now and apply to the wonderful and new aspects of today. Don't try and change the past but learn from it and move on. Apply what you learned from those mistakes and remember whether you know it or not you are a role model even to a child that you may have only met once. And it may not be a child but a teen struggling to try and do the right thing. Everyone is a teacher in their on way. Spread the love and lessons that you have acquired in the wonderful and blessed years that you have spent in this lifetime. And for the young one be open minded enough to be taught the lessons your predecessors are willing and caring enough to teach you!


"music memory can teach psychologists about how to treat patients dealing with memory loss. 'It's an interesting everyday phenomenon. It happens to at least 90 percent of people once a week, they get a tune stuck in their head. And it's a very effortless form of memory, so we're not even trying, and this music comes into our head and repeats. And it's very often very veridical, meaning it's a very good representation of the original tune that we're remembering. So my big hope is that that can tell us something about the automaticity of musical memory and its power as a tool for learning. So imagine if we could recall facts that we wanted as easily as we can bring new ones to mind without even trying. Simplicity is one of the elements that we're looking into. It does seem that the majority of the earworms that people report are relatively simple. But it can't be the whole story because I've got people reporting whole symphonies being stuck in their head. The songs used to combat earworms tend to be slow, which is an interesting characteristic. Some people think that the British national anthem sung quite slow is good for getting rid of earworms.'"


The world is in a mess. Society is bleeding it dry and we dont have to go too far to see it. We have created it to be like this, it is all our work. Do we actually want this for our children and our children's children? I certainly dont want it for mine. So it is time for me to change. To be more conscious of what I do at all times. To heal my part of the matrix.


One of the interesting myths about Mental Health issues is the assumption that people are just looking for attention. I have found that this is rarely the case, most just have no clue to re-act differently. Their reactions are often uncontrollable, some are fortunate enough to learn and be able to enact behavior control skills, but some may never be able to. They are not at fault, it is a medical disability. We can come up with no workable strategies as long as our view is jaded by myths. <3


When we seek to control things by ourselves, we tend to lean towards arts like kabbala, necromancy, freemasonry, occultic practices and divination. We feel lost and we desire knowledge, so we open doors which offer to us enlightenment and hope, excitement and power. So we dabble with the devil, and we begin to feel that we have wings, that we are more enlightened, we have power to manipulate people and situations. Our egos are fattened. Self-pride and becomes our clothing. Then we say "God! Which God? I am my own boss! I know it all. I have all truth, all knowledge!'"'s like bending to sniff at a rosebush! The initial fascination is deceptive. You get stuck!! hahaha......


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Hello FB FAM thanking God for another blessful day you know in life we tend to miss so many blessings because we ignore a lot of signs that God gives us and not only that we sometimes find ourselves afraid to take that next step or make that big change in our lives blaming everybody for the situation that you're in now in life not believing in faith the choice is yours just as the sun shine in the day and the moon at night don't be afraid of failing because that's what makes us stronger that's life God is real and if he has your back than what's stopping us besides yourself you cross bridges when you get to them because sitting still gets you no where in life so don't worry about what folks gonna say about you that's there problem because if they was handling there own business they wouldn't have time to worry about yours you think they care about what you think when they high on the hog keep living and you'll keep on learning don't stop your life according to other folks focus on you and yours making positive moves and the rest will fall in place have a blessed day!!!

"In other words, people tend to see what they've been trained to see, and hear what they've been trained to hear."

Gt a list full of problems bt ill tend to 'em later.

Llegando del cine. Cambiando vendajes y untando pomada de arnica y belladona, si mañana le sigue doliendo tendrenos que aplicar Voltarén gel. Flash consintiendo el tendón lastimado de Ricky

As women we tend to be more forgiving than men, that's okay I love being forgiving and forgiven. Continue to work on yourself single Women there are great men out there ones who know your value but u gotta know your value First!

Bietnaan B. Longbam wrote: Lonely and isolated people tend to have weaker immune systems. Love and close relationships greatly improve immunity. Learn to be kind to the person next to u u never know if u will push or stop the person from taking his or her life.

I decree by the name that is above all other names, let there be peace to every storms you are facing, anything that seems impossible in your life, shall be possible beginning from today, kings shall come to your rising, no more delay again in your life, beginning from today you shall experience supernatural speed in whatever you tend to achieve in life. So shall it be in Jesus name!Amen n ve a blessed day!

Why is it that when your in love you tend to forget the world around you coz what matter most is the person that means the world to does'nt matter what will be the consequences as long as your both in love and willing to face watever it takes to fight for that LoVe...

We tend to learn the most when things don’t go as we had hoped. If anything, past failures can make you better prepared to take advantage of greater opportunities.......

“People tend to think that happiness is a stroke of luck, something that will descend like fine weather if you're fortunate. But happiness is the result of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly.”

I tend to get in my feelings at night , i just need to calm down .

People just don't glad my son was home wit me! Anywho..I got a job I got to tend to in the morning and a son to join right now for sleep I love u Todrick with all my heart babe you n zavi you guys are my everything! Sweet Dreams... #in love

Dear Guys, if yuhh really like a girl, yuhh shud tell her. if yuhh really cared about her nd thought she was worth it, yuhh would tell her. because if yuhh dont tell her, how do yuhh know she doesnt lay in bed at night nd wonder to herself "why isnt she good enough"?

The nerve of some people....go to a meeting at a restaurant and we had an awesome waitress....the best one I've had in a long time...probably in her 50's....she had to tend to all about 25 of us....awesome lady.....we're the last ones to leave and she comes up to me almost in tears knowing that she will most likely get yelled at cause one lady had the nerve to write at the top of her check that she wasn't coming back cause of her not being included in her husband's military discount and horrible service......excuse the #!$% out of me if it was already mentioned that per their company's policies that if it's not a Tuesday then only the active person gets the lady have no right to complain about're not the one out god knows where serving and protecting us and the waitress did amazing.....I know everybody is entitled to their own opinion but in this case keep it to your #!$%@&! self instead of writing it in bold lettering at the top of your check....thank god you won't go back there....the restaurant will be alot better without your rude #!$%@ ass

I really don't care about making a big emphasis on friends, this page is really just for my own gratification and tracking of self progress which, if this were my real Facebook, my friends wouldn't necessarily all want to see all the time. Being as that I am an ever changing alien, I sometimes tend to post a lot.

Why do we tend to always look at the bad things in our lives rather then focusing on the good.

The funny thing about hearts is, they tend to break easy...

People tend to forget the good you do very easily, but just a little mistake..... 'll be remembered for life!!"

U see wat kids pick up from they parents eh keep ya ass home and tend to ur child

Did you know that almost 90% of bible verses you tend to know & quote are the ones you were taught dem days of sunday school?

Ok due to me not having a male figure to protect me during my early stages in life I tend to be tougher and a little bit more aggressive when Arguing with a male and those traits come out today,GN

Many times we tend to think we are better than others, we heart our neighbors in the name of correction, we only think about ourselves not carering about how others feel when we tell them somethings. its so awkward to think other people immitate what we do, if you think so, know you are much behind, grow up.

"a politician is one who is an expert in the art of inexactitude,his statements tend 2 b blunt & rounded ortherwise tomorrow they might turn & wound him"

Lonely and isolated people tend to have weaker immune systems. Love and close relationships greatly improve immunity.

"We tend to forget that by constantly looking at or interrogating the past, we have our backs to the future. Progress is the casualty." Barney Mthombothi

RCA où allons-nous? Le pays dort, rien n'avance. Journées fériées jusqu'au retour de Libreville? Oh mon Dieu tend nous la main

In my opinion, we tend to think worst of those with the most body tattoos and piercings dressing like vampires - what we would call Goths. But to be honest in the respect chain I would probably deem goths to be higher than most white collars because they tend to be more 'what you see is what you get' and really don't succumb to the 'social norms' of society's idea of what is correct. ... They certainly aren't sheep!

Successful people tend to become more successful because they are always thinking about their successes.... - Brian Tracy

In difficult situations we tend to blame others, but life is about choose your before its too late..make the choice that will grant you ever lasting happyness...bit by will get there..Good hello

Ok I am now officially tired of the cold. The fireplace is nice but messy have to tend to it. Chop wood drying my nose out and just to much work. I want to open the door and feel at least 80 degrees

Sometimes we tend to be in despair when the person we love leaves us, but the truth is, it's not our loss, but theirs, for they left the only person who couldn't give up on them

Ppl tend to think because I talk a certain way and express myself in a way that they wouldnt I don't know God lol....well I bet I look like I know him. #flashy#blessed

This halfway house needs a new #!$%@&! dryer. i just ran the dryer for the third time praying that it dries my clothes cos i have to wake up at five thirty and its one thirty now. and i have to pay for it. oh well at least i had a good day.

Think i need to layoff FB for a while. amazingly stupid, ill-informed post are disturbing my serenity...Mmmm my original intent for friending, to hear opinions contrary to be informed what opposites are thinking...didn't realize the actual impact ofverbal vommiting I'd have to simple...unfriend...

Peolpe seriously neeeeeeed to go to #!$%@&! helllllll

People tend to forget the good you do very easily, but just a little mistake..... 'll be remembered for life!!

The lion doesnt have to roar to prove its a lion but sometimes other animals tend to forget there is king Lion in the jungle! There comes a need roar to stamp my authority..father in the name of Jesus i pray that you may awaken the lion in me...

12. I hate it that I tend to be happy but I know that I am not... ~BTS

Whoever is happy will make others happy around him/her, and whoever is miserable will tend to make other around him/her very miserable. Happiness and misery are very contagious. Ricky Monticello

Real friends do not care about the size of your house, the material possessions you have or what brand of clothes you tend to wear. And that is because it's never about wealth, it's about loyalty.

It's so funny how d principle of right peg in the right hole still dnt appeal to many of this age,associations have been told and retold to be a major influence on success and's so true that 'putting confidence in an unreliable person is like chewing with a bad tooth or running with sore feet' let it b knwn dt ur true company is that in front of whom u can dream aloud. Real company is that person who understands my past,have so much faith in my future and just accept me the way I am.

''Many criminal lawyers, particularly in countries of Romano-Germanic tradition, being used to interpreting and applying criminal rules laid down in written codes of criminal law, tend to believe that the major source of International criminal law can be found in the Statute of the ICC or at least that Statute is a sort of ‘code of international criminal law’.... the truth of the matter is, however, that that Statute makes up a set of rules only applicable by the ICC: the Statute does not apply to other international criminal tribunals ..each of which is regulated by, and must apply, its own Statute or Charter..."

You may be smart but you sometimes tend to do stupid things coz you are human..................

While older siblings tend to live longer and have higher IQs, younger siblings tend to have more sex

And this is why i tend on not painting my own nails because ii suck balls at doing it ahahaha

One more: "Although people tend to bring occasional drama into your life, a life alone is far more bleak. So enjoy others for what good they are, whether their value is easily visible or sometimes takes a keener eye to observe..." -JFW

Cn I ask if I may? Y we ppl like 2b pretenders? Wats this competion amang us 4? False check-ins,good jobs tht ant there,nice relatnships tht dnt xcist etc God knws ur pain so y actin kwl while it hurts? Cryin s nt a sign of weakness bt a sign of pain n we pray 2 God nt cos we kwl o smart bt cos cnt dzeal witout Him........heared some1 says "talk 4 yoslf".........I need U JesusƠ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ Lebza n I talkin

From this day forward I will no longer iron pyjamas ... or tea towels or pants. Can't quite decide what the future holds for bed sheets.

Oui se vrais tu et tout le tend la pour moi mon copain !!!!

Many of us I think,tend 2b 2careful nd sm how afraid of failure or things goin wrong,dat we fail 2realise da possibility of thingz actually goin rite...u need 2jus do t!

"People with Ne as a dominant/auxiliary function tend to have issues with keeping their hands muddied with just one task." No #!$%@&! #!$%.

A shepherd must tend his flock. And at times... fight off the wolves.

Nd to those stupid ass ppl who hate and wanna talk #!$% bout My Gays Trannies nd Lesbos excuse you the #!$% out but they get down with they #!$% they the ones who tend to be there for yuh when yuh need someone nd by far the nicest ppl so you can go sit on yuhr thumb nd gladly stfu and #!$% yuhreself aint no one care about yuhr lame ass fucken hating status dumb #!$%

FQ My husband and I have been talking about conceiving again and we really want twins my dad had a set if twins in his first marriage before me I'm not sure if that means anything but we'd really like to Know is if there's anything we can do to push our changes of havin twins up??? Please no bashing just advice I just really wanna have a set of twins.

Ive never been suttle, i tend to be too loud,but im not ashamed of my words clearly im gone and im going into the deep end, its shown all over my skin...

Call me a fool, but the reason I see good in people is because others have seen the good in me. And I tend to trust, because many have trusted in me

Anything outside yourself, this you can see and apply your logic to it. But it’s a human trait that when we encounter personal problems, these things most deeply personal are the most difficult to bring out for our logic to scan. We tend to flounder around, blaming everything but the actual, deep-seated thing that’s really chewing on us...

By the way, did I happen to mention that for the past 5-6 years as a travel consultant specializing in warm, sunny cruise vacations, that Calgary stormy winter nights like tonight, tend to boost my business spirits? Love that day after the winter night before!

Ku gjendeni ne keto monete ?? 1-shkoll 2- shtepi 3- ne bar 4- ne treg:P 5- vend tjeter ~GeRa~

Knowledge by themselves do not bring inner peace 2individuals, families or the society in which they live but education combined w/ warmheartednezz, sense of concern 4the well-being of otherz, has much more positive results W/ great deal of knowledge, but we're governed by negative emotions, then we tend 2use our knowledge in negative ways Therefore, while we're learning, don't 4get the importance of warmheartednezz

"There are people who are really good managers, people who can manage a big organization, and then there are people who are very analytic or focused on strategy. Those two types don't usually tend to be in the same person. I would put myself much more in the latter camp. .."

UnusuaI Facts: Women tend to take longer when making decisions, but are more likely to stick with them as opposed to men

Man porn aint as interesting as it used to be i think its time i upgrade to a blow up doll

Hi could u plz post anon plz.. my partner and i recently had a talk and we decided we were no longer going to keep trying for a third anymore and keep it just the 4 of us..and now im between a week week and a half late so ive just taken a test and ive got 2 faint preg lines and im not sure how i feel about it yet.. my question is has ne1 had this and then gone to the dr and not been pregnant..thanx

Tryna become more closer to God cus I know I tend to slip up as a man and things I should have been doin long ago is finally in the making I'm tired of the old me tryna figure out the real me its good sometimes to take advise from ppl on the outside looking in and I know what's expected of me so I plan to be what I know I'm capable of bein and doing #B0$$

Tenderness towards animals or pets is very unusual in that category of social standard......I have seen many heart breaking animal abuse among garbage collectors who own donkeys ...this guy must be very smart he knows that his donkey is one of his essential tools to bring food to the table of his children.

Since getting my Juice Extractor for Xmas I have yet been able to mimic any of my favorite drinks from Naked or Odwala plus cleaning this thing is a betch. Does anyone no of any recipes that will taste good?

In life we tend to worry and stress when in actuality all we need to do is let go, and let God handle it.......just a thought!!!

Highly religious people tend to have lower IQs. #UberFacts

When you're in love with someone, you tend to look at them with your heart, not your eyes. ♥ #I'm glad I met you, I hope you know that.

What would create a more peaceful world is if people actually paid attention to themselves rather then the whole world, "fix" you own personal world first, that's what will help create a peaceful bigger world, also get in contact with your astrological sign, what people tend to not like about that study is that it's science and science proves facts and it doesn't narrate fiction..

Do you think Celebrities tend to date a lot more than Ordinary people or not ?

Yep this is true and some tend to over look it till it's too late.

I tend to piss people off at times.

Wotcher :3 Just about to head to school. Question: What do you normally wear when it's 8 degrees Celcius and you have to walk to school? 'Cause I went in shorts and got the weirdest looks. ~Shadow/ Tonks's Shadow/ Miss Tena.

A tendência do mundo agora não são ateus "diretamente" mas sim pessoas céticas que desafiam um invisível pleno segundo alguma crença as pessoas agoram buscam um deus interior um caminho de felicidade e esse Deus não tem limites, é apenas amor bom saber que isso está ocorrendo!

Não é fácil lembrar que o Criador está sempre nos ajudando. Especialmente em momentos de dificuldade, depressão ou dor, nossa tendência é esquecer que até mesmo nossos desafios vêm do Criador. Quando estamos perdidos na escuridão, por mais difícil que isso possa parecer, é importante lembrar que essa situação também vem da Luz. Senão, é como dizer ao Criador: "Não quero sua ajuda! Prefiro fazer isso do meu jeito." Saiba que independentemente do que você estiver passando, é exatamente o que hoje você precisa vivenciar.

Do you have a problem like spending millions of dollars,buying fancy stuff and smashing them with baseball bats? Do you tend to buy automobiles and blow them up ? Do you feel that life is wonderful and be enjoyed....then call me!

When we talk I tend to forget about everything else. I swear it Ahahahaha.

That cat that u embracin wit love. might clap that gat cause he got hate in his blood. keep ya friends at a distance and ya enemies close. cause the ones u call friends tend to envy the most.

#225 Lol your big boy bestfriend && my cousin but tend to always be on his side I thought blood was thicker than water ??

Things I can say about my time at UF now ....... - tables and sits are tiny - classroom are usually huge - I have hard time read the notes that are high in the sky - A lot speakers from different field - tend to fall asleep at least 3 minutes in each class - heavily information are online - sleeping schedule skew up - walk ! everyday, everywhere - money ~~ on books, notes, food, school supply, etc. .........

When one door of love close anatha one opens bt we tend 2 stare long 2 the closed one not knowing the one which has opened 4 us 2 enter.

The girls I usually tend to end up liking, usually show interest in me until they find something more appealing to their deceitful eyes, then act like I never even existed at all. Its rather hurtful although I'm well aware that the likeliness of you giving two #!$%@ is slim to none. Dumb #!$%@, your loss.

Tonight was a real curveball. Good thing My Stats show I tend to hit those pitches out the park...

Nerds tend to miss the whole joke because they are too busy over-analyzing the probability of the joke being logical and precise. "I am that nerd"

People tend to make rules for others but exceptions for themselves -.- im not tryna point out anyone coff MUM n DAD coff coff #MR YUM

It's funny how people view them selfs in this world compared to how other people see then and even the difference in how two people can look at the same person and see two different things... How do you see your self? Are you a "nerd" or awkward?

If there is anything I miss the most, it would have to be working with all of you, the late nights, having to put up with angry customers and trying not to laugh at them, getting into trouble for not working, giving the wrong pizzas to the wrong people, the laughs and the heat inside that kitchen, and having to put up with eachothers #!$% the most! <3

Hello people who tend to like small pages such as this one! Like us or I will eat a puppy! :D ~Tex

Coming down from a breeze up high I have fallen between the shore lines Took me under and flushed me away from sanity My existence is nothing but a dream I am delusional, self efficient hole of nothingness Curious and alone Conspicuous and unknown Fulfilled in enigma Self obscured And overcome in dilemma between realities Welcome new counterfeit world I am born again And cast from the land The ear eats the tongue of a serpent But listens to its desperate teacher One shame leads to one lending hand It pulls me away from this sleep This caved in womb This happy catatonic home To be away from this is vital But I tend to easily rebel against order I climbed on stars above To hide my shame behind the half lit moon It tells me stories about the earth Lent my ear a thousand noons But dreamt a million about her There is more than one reality One push for reason Whether I feel this moment To be trivial or significant, They are all possibilities Sink into where ever the light shines And await the overcast in our minds We can watch the world end With Lifting realities and dreams But in my memories, none of them are real

If the tool you have is a hammer, you tend to think of every problem as a nail

We tend to waste our efforts on the effortless.

There is a vry thin line btwn hatespeech and freedom of speech....the lawyers work hard to complicate things 4 us.

When you see this, do you think what a wonderful, diverse, interesting world we live in? ... or do you inwardly sniff and think "how primitive"? Inquiring minds need to know....

Life... I know there's high's and low's... but all in one hour??? Uuuugh! wtf!

So I "won" a weekend at Napa but we have to listen to a timeshare presentation at a hotel in Anaheim this Friday. I declined after we found out it was just lodging, and asked John to call the guy back since I knew he would try to convince me. Now I have a meeting request in my calendar from John... he got the guy to offer the weekend in Napa, a trip to Puerta Vallarta, and a $100 restaurant gift certificate.

When people have the Heaven/Hell conversation, I tend to abstain from the conversation using the excuse that Gingers don't have souls therefore, I'm not worried about it.

This song will never get old... It will always be our song. the four of us <3 "...we tend to die young."

Lesson learned. Don't give David Dana a pack of saltines....they tend tp fight back...epic fail babe!

It no threat and you got no cause to over venture a place up in my home with you so call validation, the minute you step to make that obsessed claim in your own progression, link pop account for your invilvement in the premedication.

When you star giving 2 much importance 2 some 1 in your life you tend 2 lose your value in their life strange but true

Any time I consume spicy food , I tend to stay up all night

Now, everyone wants to be successful, mmh? and none of us would dare to endure the nightmares of becoming a failure. Many are times we tend to ignore the authorised protocol that enable us access the kingdom of success thus we render ourselves to failure. As for me, my first step towards success is taken by me refusing to be a captive of the environment in which i first found myself...try it out!

I really love how people hated me and bitched at me for drinking so much when I did. Now since I've stopped alls I see On fb is how drunk everyone is. Go #!$% yourselves Hippocratic scumbags.

It's funny how sum ppl feel so inadequate abt themselves,they tend to write #!$% abt others so as to fill that void of inadequacy...<Just saying>

How does one know if she has forgiven? You tend to feel sorrow over the circumstance instead of rage, you tend to feel sorry for the person rather than angry with him. You tend to have nothing left to say about it all.<3.<3

The are people living in motion... Having no passion and doing what they don't wanna do! #KeepingItReal

I have a hard time making up my mind most of the time I tend to want one thing at one moment then something else at the next.

Im to stubborn for my own good, I never listen when I know I should cause I tend to think im always right even though 95% of the time im not lol

Im originally from the Northern Cape and proud of it. Anyway on Christmas day we tend to have our very own Trick or Treat called die koek staan stil opi tafel. Although its dying a slow death last year Dec this guy came to our house trick n treating. Ot was hilariouus and we were singing and dancing with him and these two little girls

Funny thing about painting a target on your back and wearing it like a medal. When there's a hundred people around you doing the same you tend to blend in, when your out there alone it's still inspiring. Someone is watching and they will eventually do the same.

How I end up masturbating: 3%: I was horny 97%: I was scratching my balls and, well, one thing led to another...

I tend to lean toward the liberal side of political views, yet as much as I fight for the rights of the middle class, I will fight twice as hard to keep my guns! Just sayin'!

My doc said I need to eat fish okay wait I hate fish what kind should I eat .

Persians are the most judgmental creatures alive , i wonder what benefits them?

People tend 2 become what the most important people in their lives think they wl bcome.

My egg people tend to pick the same day for requests. The girls pay for themselves.

If you tryna be down with it hit my inbox or hers and we'll let you know..cause im def only lettn a certain amount of ppl come...nd the minute yu tend to get disrespectful w. hands or mouth bets listen jus come out nd chill.

-You knew me for how long ? && you knew her for less then a week and you wanna pick her? Just remember when your hurt don't come to me </3

The reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have gotten

People tend to confess everything during late night text message conversations# idonunderstand.

Saindo agora do serviço vc´s trabalha aonde ? são gogoboy kkk Ja escutarão isso kkkkk

Men tend to dream more about other men. Around 70% of the characters in a man’s dream are other men. On the other hand, a woman’s dream contains almost an equal number of men and women. Ha >.< Sweet Dreams Guys!

I love watching Japanese horror movies. They are some really good ones while others tend to follow a similar story from other movies but still creepy or disturbing in their own way

Facts: People tend to fear spiders more than death...

If you repost things on Facebook about dying animals and children, please unfriend me. I use Facebook to connect with friends and family and to post pictures of funny cats. People tend to look at the negative part of life. I like to look at the positive and funny part of life.

One of d hardest parts of a lng distance relationship is trusting ur partner nd bliving in d promises he made 2 u b4 leaving,bt at d end,God's kws wat?D reason dat dis is d hardest part is that most people in a lng distance relationship tend to be cheat nd unfaithful,they easily break promises nd dnt care hw d other person feels which is very bad.

If people haven't realized by now, I'm not the biggest fan of Carl/Cell, JonNny, T-Cad and many other people. Hence I tend to rant a #!$%@&! lot about them. I'm sure you can deal with that. By the way Sorry for all the statuses I'm not home, and posting images from mobile is a #!$%.

Night owls unite! It's good to be nocturnal! Does anyone else do their best thinking late at night?

When you start giving too much attention to someone you love so much, you tend to lose your value in their life. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""""""""%%%%%%%

Woke up this morning with a swollen inner upper eyelid.......and it hurts when i press on it, its as if i was biiten there.

Ladies do you think two lesbians can be friends and nothing more? Whether it be a stud and fem,fem and fem or stud and stud. Is it more likely for things to happen between two friends who are stud and fem? -Toria

Its sad how majority of people can change their promises / feelings / respect / their own words , the same way they change their f underwear ! Loyalty/respect/honor its a mens word"

Some people don't knw that love fades away,the more u mistreat a person,the more it go,therefore most people tend to take advantage of others feelings!!!true love comes once so hold on to the person who stil hav time for you!

This just in swing top bottles are awesome!!!

Nobles en peasants marry early, businessmen tend tew wait.

Why do men tend to snore more than women? Just a thought!

We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come from getting something we don’t have, but from recognizing and appreciating what we do have. Good morning!!!

A lot of people really hate this cover, personally I love it.

When you go against God's plans you suffer greatly. We tend to pursue the things we want but God knows what we need and he will redirect our paths when we're wrong.

"Because people tell me things about you and the things I hear tend to be true. Do I even know you? "

People tend to abey the creation of this world and forgettin the creator of this world

Keep the faith. The most amazing things in life tend to happen right at the moment you're about to give up hope.

“None but ourselves can free our minds.” ― Bob Marley

Dnt search for a sumone to love yhu..let dem find u..hmm i tend to do dat sumtimes..gudnite.!

Sometimes the best thing for us is right in front of us, but we tend to turn away from it...smh

There is an Indian belief that everyone is a house of four rooms: a physical, a mental, an emotional and a spiritual room. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time, but unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not complete.

I know how the clouds feel I know it Always there when you're not there, I'm not worried about you making it Can I just hope that even you can be desperate? Was it anyone else who would know? Never such a surprise that I would be the one to beg, All these little things are getting to me too much now, Now I know that I am, or can be, The autumn walker. Another fined and unkind scenery that you need; One such soul should grasp that no one can make the peace Without the unpeaceful story, It's ending now and I don't care if you want to bear I tend to see through the ugly and imperfect, All true humans are good at raising to fail, Will not change any second off of the story you may tell.

You wanna eat meat? Go out there and #!$%@&! find a full grown deer or cow and kill it with what you were born with. Your bare hands. Let's see how far you get.

Today, I have been reminded that it is God Almighty is in control. We tend to forget that for a while when blessings just keep flowing, but in just one instant, our lives can take am unforeseen turn...... Just like that!

"Successful people tend to become more Successful because they are always thinking about their Successes." Spread Happiness.

When I worked here, it was called the Sun Rest Corner. As I managed the bar, I was going to beauty school and used to tend bar and practice manis at the bar, sorry, no pedis! Pretty ironic! I was there 13 years.

Has noticed a tend lump on the top ofhmy head. Id u push on it, it kinda hurts a lil.

I've bruised my foot or something and now it hurts to scurry from one place to another. Unfortunately, I tend to scurry an awful lot.

If I offered tuning on some of the more exotic racing fuels, I wonder would anyone local actually use those options?

Webble wobble and they all fall down. Goodnight everyone. Gotta tend to my lil princess then get some sleep.

You know there are a good bit of 'family' that I'm disappointed in them having that title. They tend to be Childish and inconsiderate #!$%@&!$. I may be an idiot at times, but at least I don't hold deep seated hatred for idiotic things.

Confession:one day it all fell apart for me. Tragedy had struck and the enemy designed it to destroy me. I know God only allowed it to enlarge me. You can't keep a woman of God down we tend to rise up to the challenge.

Couples who shower together on a daily basis tend to be closer and engage in more sexual activity!!

If ur Gf or bf went to jhb or pta 2 study loool jst 4gt bwt him or her

So apparently I am a micro-managing person...... Hmmm I didn't know it was such a bad thing to want things done a certain way... Lol

This kind of toxic trash is bad enough without links to weapon purchasing. The entire violent video game industry should be put on trial as far as I'm concerned. What value are they adding to an ostensibly civilized society?

Q:Are you guys going to accept new admins in the future ? A: idk I tend to not like to but we end up adding someone anyway in most cases lol. I only like adminning with people I know. It makes it more fun ~TimmiesJimmies

Sleep would be so nice right now!!! Why can't I sleep anymore?? I think its cuz I have so much on my mind that its keeping me from sleeping.. I'm just grateful that we have cable to keep me company...

If u rollin wit me darlin let me tell u how this goin to go... U goin to go back & forth w/ your feelins bout me being like the rest but really you scared to let anyone close cause u tend to treat boys that seem like men like kings and that makes u treat the next nicca like #!$%... See now u feel like men are all the same cause all u have ever delt wit was lil boys, but dont ever mistake me for that #!$% #!$%... If u new better u would do better right?? #KeepItG

The heart feels before the mind sees; thats why we tend to ignore some things because of love.

Servers are becoming critical in every aspect of our life. Without them things tend to have serious problems. A school in Florida spent days of stalled bus service simply because the transportation bus scheduling server had failed. Another school had a food server fail which provided all the shipments and expiration dates on the food [...]

Here it is again yet it stings like the first time Seems it never ends, Double nickels on your dime I thought we were friends, I guess it just depends who you ask These feelings tend to leave me with a hole in my chest A hole in my chest Now the time has come I just wish I could erase All the damage done

Interesting statistics. I guess the ignorant tend to vote for republicanderthals.

Really need to reread this Cunningham book for coven, but I remember this was the book that pretty much convinced me that I wasn't a fan of him writing. Yes, he presents the material in a simplified way but it is a little too simplified for me, and I disagree with his comparison of Wicca to Shamanism. Grrrrr....

I can't tell if I'm an extraordinarily funny person or if people just laugh at my jokes to make me feel like I am. I'm in a real mental pickle here, guys.

Obviously I tend to remember Ephesians 5 on to each other out of reverence. I am trying to focus more on the wrongs I do and not the wrongs that are done to me. My only problem is with the lack of quality and trust in communication it builds up sometimes and it makes it worse.

Heartless #!$%@? maybe, but when u been though as many #!$% storms as I have u tend to get cold and dark!!!

I know i tend to joke about lubbock drivers being bad a lot, but.. Just avoided what would have been a pretty serious wreck just now, some guy came straight at me on the wrong side of the road

If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me, and we can make fun of people together.

What The Facts wrote: While older siblings tend to live longer and have higher IQs, younger siblings tend to have more sex.

Thami Tsolekile...I'm with you my brother...Poor statement by CSA.. Hudson I lost all respect for you..*true story*

People always tend to blame others for their problems when they need to take responsibility for their actions

In life we all tend to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of working, going to class, or even paying bills on time. Regardless of your success and failures you will always have roots. Never forget where you came from.

People think just bc I don't work I and all the rest of the pipe liners wives and girlfriends have it made, umm no not true! We have to miss out on so much be away from our families and etc, to be supportive to r husbands and boyfriends! It's not as simple as people tend to think! I would love to be at home working some, this is what my hubby wants to do for us and I'm going to be supportive!

The secret of building sound relationships is not found in getting people to treat you a certain way, but in looking objectively at the way they tend to treat you and learning from your findings.

When you walk backwards you tend to stumble over the #!$% you left behind, keep pushing forward, you'll figure it out..

Wow as soon as as stuff starts to look up, it shatters again... Fml man!!

Tending definitions


the work of providing treatment for or attending to someone or something

See also: aid attention care


(usually followed by `to') naturally disposed toward

See also: apt disposed given minded