How to use Swag in a sentence as a noun

Sentense used with swag.

Svp likez cette page elle est nouvelle -shey Le swag des ados elle à 7 likes

I got twenty dolla in ma pocket. Gonna pop some swag. ♥

My idol is Sonia Cakebread - she has so much swag !!! She is way cooler than me even though i tell her that she's not !! I think im going to wear flowers everyday to be like her xx

Chicos necesito su ayuda quiero que entren a esta pag Beliebers Forever y le den like a todas las publicaciones de -hueleachurros-alci swag por que sino la van a hechar de la pag

Ain’t too many of my level only knew a couple Plane swag, I fly steady renew the buckle We eat like the mob you on a tuna struggle I left a piece of every where Stalkers do the puzzle

She got her own cash i #!$% with that, she got her own swag i #!$% with that, she turned up to the max i #!$%@ with that, she only #!$% with me i #!$%@ with that

Oh, you got swag?? I bet that looks good on yr welfare application...

1year ago I was myslf..........nw I dnu wt I've becum is wt kills a person 2 much trust nd kindness .......dnu we're my ego nd swag went..........nd I need it bck I guess its cz the person tht 1 person can kill ur spirite or faith or wt eva!bck 2 my dreamz cz realilty is 2much....................!

- Put zzzz t'es swag! - C'est quoi swag? - Classe. - Ah ok et toi t'es en quelle swag?

Oh and the remix...thrown in with some swag haha bless you darlin mwaaah xxx

Oh yea, da weather is heating up, let's see who can turn dere swag up, no soldier boy, lls

-Zayn: Yo soy el chico malo de Bradford. -Louis: Y yo soy el maestro del swag de Doncaster... -Zayn: Pero su mamá lo llama Boo Bear. #vashappenin'?!

#Jugamos adivina el nombre de la canción. Premio: una edición sorpresa♥ A los 3 puntos ganas! W_ A_ _ N _ _ _ _ E _ _ _ G_ _ _ _ _ _ B_ _ _ T_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Pista: Taylor Swift cual es su nombre? Jesu:1/3 Hania:2/3 Mario:2/3 #swag♥dueña♥

As much as we hate cher lloyd her first audition singing turn my swag on still smashes it n she sounds bt than kerri hilson only on tht track!!

Peep my student and i getting it in on this meek mills beat!! This lil cat goes in!! He's gonna be a problem! Kid stays motivated!! Never thought i'd do a track with swag!! Haha

Starting my 24 day challenge and new membership at the gym today!!!Getting my swag back! see you soon sweet summertime, bikinis, shorts and tanks yeah!

Só que eu que acho que o único significado pra swag é pilhagem? ah, só eu que acho também que "estilo suagui" é uma coisa babaca?

I don't have to wake up in the morning and turn my swag on i'm already me,i always do me!

Stip what you guys doing and go add teen swag only;

Before a burglary trial, the judge explained to the defendant, “You can let me try your case, or you can choose to have a jury of your peers.” The man thought for a moment. “What are peers?” he asked. “They’re people just like you – your equals.” “Forget it,” retorted the defendant. “I don’t want to be tried by a bunch of thieves.”this thief had swag

Love her in ths pix...keep doin ur thing Ma!! Love ur image n ur swag"...

Oh my goodness thank you everyone for your support! We are so happy and enjoying all the free swag we're getting!!

"Find a man with ambition because in 20 years swag won't pay the bills" Yeah, quotes from google won't pay them either.

Ya boy on sum new #!$% #!$%@ get lik me money gon #!$ soon i aint #!$ way up here for no reason bleave dat #!$%@ 32 savage life in dis bih u already kn im gettn my cash n im gone stay fly n if u dnt bleave me u gon see all da pics i put up watch n see...s/n:32 swag n if u dnt lik it swerve wit yo soft ass str8^ #!$%@ get lik me

A little harder, but free swag is worth it. I already liked the majority of the pages, so it was easy for me.

On bois, on fume, on fait les beaux, on répond, on prend nos parents de haut, on fait les grands, on répète à longueur de journée "swag", on veut être libre, on aime pas l'école, on s'en fous de tout on veut juste s'amuser sans prise de tête, mais au fond on est que des enfants qui réclame les bras de leurs mère quand sa va pas, on est pas méchants on veut qu'on nous regarde, qu'on s'intéresse à nous que tout le monde vois qu'on est là, nous sommes des ados qui demande juste à être écouter.

{ SaSa } Le classe, c'est pour les hommes. Le swag, c'est pour les gamains.

What I want to say to every swag #!$ who calls women #!$%@&! and says " Pussy" Every two seconds. -Seven

#Jugamos adivina el nombre de la canción. Premio: una edición sorpresa♥ A los 3 puntos ganas! L _ S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Pista: Angie Vasquez cual es su nombre? Jesu:1/3 Hania:1/3 Mario:2/3 #swag♥dueña♥

Picking up girls at the grade school. #some more boner swag. I love #!$%@&! kids

Weed, drugs, clothes, and "swag" does NOT make you a boss. Diplomas, degrees, and jobs do.

¿Cursi yo con Justin? La tostadora es tan brillante y con el fuego de su swag que derrama sobre el pan es hermoso, oh tostadora. -YohanaC

Us guys need to find girls that are kind,respectful,loyal,loving and dont cheat and trust worthy becausegoing out wit girls jus to tap that aint gonna get you a new car or keep a roof over your head and like Antoinette Marie Johnson said swag aint gonna pay the bills Guys and Girls

Girls should start looking for responsible and educated guys because ten years from now swag wont pay bills.

Wiz Khalifa ja ta em floripaaa...dia 11 estarei em sp na tour wiz khalifa brazil 2013...da um curti aiiii...#swag #wizinbrazil #workhard...lets go baby

#Jugamos adivina el nombre de la canción. Premio: una edición sorpresa♥ A los 3 puntos ganas! T_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Pista: David Guetta cual es su nombre? Jesu:1/3 Hania:1/3 Mario:1/3 #swag♥dueña♥

How to use Swag in a sentence as a verb

1:u a confiance en tw 2:u a du style 1+2 :u a l vrai swag lkel u e??

Imma wear my dads suit and do the chicken dance, #swag #yolo. -dex

Let's go all you fans out there...A chance to win some very cool swag!

Yes, My computer background has hardcore swag <3

Nadie pasa de esta esquina aqui mandan las Beliebers porque somos panesitos panesitos de verdad Todos saben quien manda en este grupo por que nosotros somo gente con swag gente que siente con sangre morada que quiere hacerse oir sea como sea aqui no entran fans pa, que lo veas te voy a mostrar mira esa fan, aquella otra fan aqui no pueden entrar. Mg si lo leíste cantando xD No la supero hdkglfñglslsñah -Ferss

Got a fresco haircut a zero on bottom and a 1 on top #becoming swag hahahahah

I'm on that eastside shyt swag out stands the kompetition nobody in our lane #51/50 hustle gang #dufflebagboy #millionaires klub

Batalha de beliebers mandem as fotos nos comentarios #swag

#Jugamos adivina el nombre de la canción. Premio: una edición sorpresa♥ A los 3 puntos ganas! B _ _ _ _ _ A_ _ A B_ _ _ Pista: Justin♥ cual es su nombre? Jesu:1/3 Hania:1/3 #swag♥dueña♥

My new fav sng atm is swag surfin by lil wayne

I might be ugly but my swag handsome!

These girls be copying my swag, on me ! It's Finna piss me off .

U can break my heart but u cant break my swag - anna mcswaggie swag

Purple swag , purple swag , im in the zone , im gettin old , dat purple swag , purple swag , dat purple smoke , up in mah clothes .

My older bro stole my swag and my color

Hit 605 likes... you know what that means... Saveatunities swag bag going out to a loyal friend... watch for more details coming up on Friday !!! <3

Je suis swag !!! si vs etes d accord aimer si nn commentaire

If your a guy and you're wearing a scarf to "swag" it up. No, you're just a dude wearing a scarf.

#Jugamos adivina el nombre de la canción. Premio: una edición sorpresa♥ A los 3 puntos ganas! L _ L_ L _ _ _ Pista:Es de demi lovato. cual es su nombre? Jesu:1/3 #swag♥dueña♥

Nekem ne mondják hogy ezek a "swag" os gecik is Trógerek mert én kiégek

No party 2nite wid me g den fellas bdu i staying home pack uh dis swag 4 ah while

Slide in that thang, dirty game, bust it so good girl whats my name, hit it from the back headboard swag, when i talk #!$% shorty answer right back, i be on her like, who booty is it, who booty is it, who booty? who booty? who booty is it? lol... #tight song...

Weed,drugs,cloths,and "swag" does NOT make you a boss. Degrees,Bsc,Phd and good jobs does

Inspiring parenting at the beginning, absolutely phenomenal singing. swag out Carly!

Janna was here once again! #sneaky #hashtag #kony2012 #swag

This Thursday is snap back and swag night.... Come and show us what you got.

J crois que swag man et swaggy doggy se sont suicider!!! #martin

I be tha honcho no #!$%@ ass lil m so class act no #!$%,while he tha shittest no way #!$%@ rispek dat dope boi swag #!$%@,cherry chuck's damn wen we stand bitchez flip out like crazy dem so mad az #!$% damn,chip on chip blowin errday errthang metal on metal apprec8 dat, bitchez.

So im all like i got swag and this girls like yolo and im like right? warm weather and drinking alcohol on the weekends, i am soo cool

Share this status for your chance to win TRU Recreation swag!! We'll give away one bonus prize for every 15 new "Likes" on our Facebook page before today at 4 PM. Happy sharing!!

J'aime me lécher les boules avec des pâtes au tarama trop fun fashion swag ♥

Haha this little kid has swag lol...teach me how to dougie!!

#Jugamos adivina el nombre de la canción. Premio: una edición sorpresa♥ A los 3 puntos ganas! T _ _ _ Y_ _ cual es su nombre? #swag♥dueña♥

Is it me or am the only person who doesn't find tattoos attractive? Also, swag/bad boys don't impress me either and of course guys who want/have kids. I support the troops, but I wouldn't want to marry someone in the military, because they go away for long periods of time and you constantly have to move. So all that being said, I just have no interest in marriage anymore like I used to. I just want cats.

Torell Taylorman Taylor got me a fresh ass laptop hmu when you want dat beat untagged and sent out to you ma G im back im my big boi #!$% wit da producing game and got me a lil hustle my #!$%@ #swag #swerve #skurr

To all the "swag/#!$" society, This world doesn't fit for both of us, it's either us or you, You brainless retards.

Quote Examples using Swag

¿A Justin le cambia la voz? Lo apoyaremos. ¿Se tatúa? Lo apoyaremos. ¿Bebe? Lo apoyaremos. No importan los cambios, siempre lo apoyaremos. #KarlaBiebs{7}


Proper Noun Examples for Swag

Swag el que le escribe los temas a justino castor xD es este capo

Swag, swag, swag, on YOU. MG sí sabes donde sale. *ve el primer comentario*. -KenyaSwaggy.-

If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go I can take you places you ain’t never been before Baby take a chance or you’ll never ever know I got money in my hands that I’d really like to blow Swag swag swag, on you Chillin by the fire why we eatin’ fondue I dunno about me but I know about you So say hello to falsetto in three two I’d like to be everything you want Hey girl, let me talk to you If I was your boyfriend, never let you go Keep you on my arm girl, you’d never be alone I can be a gentleman, anything you want If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go, I’d never let you go

Can somebody tell me the definition of gear/Swag?? Cause you can go buy a new pair of J's but that don't mean you got gear! #Js

My Swag is a 90 swagg dnt be mad at me cuz I don't wanna join you one of has to stand out oh it you with dat bowl cut Lls. ..

Girls need to begin looking for Guys with goals, ambitions, and education. Cause 10yrs from now "Swag" isn't going to pay bills.

I think everyone's actually forgotten where the term 'swag' comes from. Short for Swagger, which is like the Rat pack and old school 40's gangsters, not snap backs and stupidity...

Manche leute denken die haben Swag wenn die tyga oder kid ink hoeren ohhh man hahhhhhahahahhah

Swag.. Let em cook, just stand there and look. #Goddamngoblin

Justin y Miley salieron dos semana y Selena se interpuso, ella es mi amiga pero no fue lo correcto- Demi lovato Jiley #!$%@&!♥ -MonseSwagϟ

Why are people now that are decent and normal say that they have "class"? I mean, seriously, class is actually the same as swag, they're both words that came from one word that has been around for a while and how people say "class" and/or "swag" is exactly the same. Swag is more of a childish word saying basically about your or their confidence and fashion. Not normal fashion, though. More like gang fashion. But this word, if you follow it, you're more likely to be more stupid. Class is a word that implies maturity, you or them actually want to work on making a better society for everyone, not just one. But you'll look more like an idiot if you use that word. Saying that you have class makes you look more like someone who is an idiot and doesn't think about what they're saying. Saying that you have swag makes you look more like a teenager who isn't going to see a successful future.

Año 2045 * Como te llamas? - Justin * Y tu? . Drew * Mama belieber? - Ni lo digas! Me obliga a decir que las hamburguesas hablan y las mariposas muerden! . Y a mi me obliga a odiar los vidrios y decir Swag cada 5 minutos! Jajajjjajjja moorii *-* #JoseLaQueAmaSerUnPanConNutella

-. "Huele a ,Churros !.-" :3 By: -".~Maly Swag ~ -".

"As long as you love me." Los largos "Lo" representa el amor de Justin a su chica. Cambié tú vida, lo sé! -MonseSwagϟ

Bonjour, pouvez-vous aimer cette page, c'est une de mes amie qui la tiens ♥ Swag & Fashion Style †

Que quieren hacer?: -eliminatoria de Directioner -eliminatoria de famosos -veo veo -abc Directioner -adivina el famoso -adivina el video -Hechos1D Comenten :D va a ser con premios #Directioner#MaQa <3 Swag

I refuse to have the word swag compromised by faggots in skinny jeans. Swag is a full alligator suit with the matching hat and shoes!!

Swag beliebers! What do u wanna do? :3 -Lien x

Justin le preguntó a Alfredo ''¿Qué es puto?'' Alfredo contestó "Lindo", Justin sonrió y dijo "Swag, soy muy puto". Awww', Justin es tan inocente:3 Alfredo le dijo eso por los haters .l.

Agrego a todos los que cometen y den like Cuando diga stop no agregare a mas personas sorry pero no quiero que me bloqueen denuevo 77. Háganlo por mi si *~* -CSwag'-

Related Sentences for Swag

Top 40/jaren 70,80/hipster NEE joh, weet je wat pas hipster is!! Gregoriaans :D

Wtf, this status bar thing just said "How are you feeling, Ludwing?" well im good thank you for asking.. lol time to chill on my couch, and watch some more breaking bad :b

I'm just thinking about my future. I'm so excited !

Aaaa agora deu de os jornais ficarem inventando coisa -.- já foi falado que era mentira o negocio da maconha,o cara até ja foi preso '-' não tem noção das coisas e ficam inventando essas tontices ¬¬ ~Mila

Berenice es una guapa y una de mis mejores amigas Likes likes a ella, esta deprimida y necesita animos

LOL Minusmensch warum hast du mich gesperrt war ich so böse ?!?!?!

Nível de Belieber :::::::::::::::::: ficar falando sozinha pela casa em Ingles como se tivesse falando com o Justin ! /well Via: #SempreKidrauhl.

Justin y Miley salieron dos semana y Selena se interpuso, ella es mi amiga pero no fue lo correcto- Demi lovato a ustedes les gusta Jiley ??? #Jerryesmio¡¡¡[3]

Justin se enojó cuando fue a comprar ropa la última vez, porque no tenía los suficientes músculos para usar una remera Bri~ [7]

Want a chance to win a pair of sticks of your choice? First one to comment what they think my signature, SDP means, wins. Go! -SDP

"Esto sabe como a pipi de dinosaurio". Like si sabes quien lo dice. -maggieJB<3

Vou por uma profissão no facebook. vai sugestões? surpreendam-me! e nada de obsceno. bjs.

When your teacher says "Get out" it means you won the argument. Like a boss. :D

C#703 I was dating this guy for 5 years and caught him with another girl although I didn't let him know I saw him.. So that night while he was at work I sucked and f*cked someone else and didn't shower after... When my man got home from work I gave him a huge french kiss and had him give me head and I smiled the whole time thinking to myself "how does that d*ck taste punk?!"

Doesn'y even make sense right dinny add me and say "oh sorry thought u were one of my family members" and then i say it's alright, i dont mind then you block me. can you not

Yo digo no? Cioffista ? Cerranista? Qe es eso ? Si yo soi kendonista daddynista :| bueeeeeeeeeenaaaa dejense de jodeer chee ya no sabeen qe inventar

Poxinha, o Justin não vai estar no PCA. Mas espero que ele ganhe todas as categorias. Quem ainda tá votando? /AnaBê

Übrigens: Beanies sehen völlig daneben aus. Und nur weil die Mädels im Cro Video die Dinger tragen ist das noch lange nicht schön. PS: Jedem das Seine, aber jetzt mal ernsthaft, wie findet ihr diese Dinger?!

Je#comprend#pas#pourquoi#le#monde#marque#sa#sur#leurs# photos# !!!!!!! C'est quoi, vous êtes pas capable d'écrire comme du monde ?

I hate my school so much. Somebody blow it up. Pls. -Bubbie

I just went on the Cut4Bieber page. Every like 4 posts are dissing screamo, and even more importantly, Mitch. And now I'm pissed for life. You know you're a Mitch Lucker fan when...

So I get a call and it's a Recruiter from a hotel saying I Heard alot of good things about you I want to interview you I'm like ok didn't know I was looking for a Job she laughs and I say how did you get my number she goes I have my ways ❤ her Style

Il paradiso lo preferisco per il clima, l'inferno per la compagnia.

Hagamos una historia, empiezo shooo xd Erase una vez una niña que amaba el color morado {Siganla e.é} -Mary♫

#conosciamoci chi vi ha coplito di più dei ragazzi? a me niall :'D -a.

Everything I know is a lie... ... lol

Rockstar, ookal is t niet egt goed voor me boeid me even allemaal vrij weinig, not affraid of death imma badass.

Swag definitions


a bundle containing the personal belongings of a swagman


goods or money obtained illegally

See also: booty loot pillage plunder prize


valuable goods


sway heavily or unsteadily


walk as if unable to control one's movements

See also: careen keel lurch reel stagger


droop, sink, or settle from or as if from pressure or loss of tautness

See also: droop flag sag