How to use Successful in a sentence as a adjective

Adjective successful sentence.

THE Sharks have been hugely successful so far in this year's Super 15, having won six of their seven games so far. But all the victories have been in South Africa.

A successful marketing strategy should answer three main questions: What is your brand? How does your brand fit into its industry's future? Why should anyone care?

Do the Blackhawks need to repeat as Stanley Cup champs in order for you to consider this a successful season?

You know it doesn't matter how successful you are, how much you have done ... even I still have doubts some days ... you just have to find a way to believe in yourself ...

Michelle Bauman asks: "I have about a week to go until my ride-along. I am excited but a little nervous." What's your one piece of advice EMT students should follow to have a successful ride-along?

With two decades of successful Bike Week’s under their belts, Phuket’s party-central, Patong, has pulled it off again with a full schedule of activities amid a sea of bikes, babes and brews

To be a successful CEO u don't need a college degree or money. U just need a lot of common sense backed up by a willingness to work hard.

A lab has been able to successfully create Vaginas in a Laboratory! Awww #!$% the game done changed! #TeamDl

How successful is Apple? More successful than most of its competitors combines, says latest report.

Will Michael Phelps make a successful return to the pool or will he be a fish out of water?

Take control of your tax! Our research shows successful businesses manage their records electronically, keep their GST separate from other funds, lodge online and use their quarterly BAS as an opportunity to look at their business performance. For additional tips and advice, check out:

Another cold night tonight in Arkansas. Are you still using frost blankets? Have you been successful with them? Here's what you need to know to protect your plants. Bonnie Plants

Fendi loves a good update, and this time they’ve amped up their highly successful 2Jours tote. The Trois-Jours unifies the elegantly structured, frame-top look of the 2Jours with the easy functionality of an open tote.

We would like you to have a say in the issues we bring you in the news, and tonight’s poll question is: Suggest possible ways how the exercise can be successful?

The TWO main elements of successful game: 1: The ability to see a negative response or situation as a step towards a positive outcome. 2: Pattern breaking. Nearly all that I teach is governed by these two factors.

A very successful meeting with Underbelly today, the planning continues...

Urine is typically considered something to get rid of. But urine is largely water, and that’s a valuable resource in space. If a new process can be successfully scaled up from recent lab tests, future space travelers could more efficiently recycle their own urine to reclaim up to 85% of its water - and make a little electrical power to boot.

Pharmacists have the education and know-how to look after patients and now a new Canadian study suggests that they can successfully manage the health of stroke survivors.

Television show host and successful fashion photographer Nigel Barker shares some valuable tips.

Urine is typically considered something to get rid of. But urine is largely water, and that’s a valuable resource in space. If a new process can be successfully scaled up from recent lab tests, future space travelers could more efficiently recycle their own urine to reclaim its water and make a little electrical power to boot.

Laetrile and Amygdalin have been used successfully around the world for the reversal of many types of cancer. The Hunza tribes in the Himalayans are virtually cancer free, which has been attributed to their daily consumption of apricot pits and millet, both which contain amygdalin.

Over the weekend Hope had the great pleasure of releasing a heron that has been in care for over 6 weeks. This was the first successful great blue heron release in 7 long years!

It's that time of week again when you get the opportunity to brag... who's got a yellow cap on this morning after a successful weekend's picks?

America became great because there was an equal opportunity for any person to work hard and become successful. It is time to return to that. Click here to read about my views on taxes

It is difficult to be a perfectionist and a successful competitor. Too often the perfectionist is so worried about making mistakes that they walk around in “full tense mode” waiting for something bad to happen, instead of thinking what will happen when they perform well. The best competitors are always in an “attack mode”. Playing with Confidence booklet on our site

In this web-exclusive video, the hugely-successful music producer-singer-songwriter looks back at his youth, his schools and his neighborhoods, and tells Anthony Mason how he grew up seeing life "in a colorless way."

We would like you to have a say in the issues we bring you in the news, and tonight’s poll question is: How can government ensure a successful registration of citizens for the national IDs?

Got back from NY yesterday after a successful trip and headed straight to Coachella! Good times 😊

Keep getting back up. That's the secret of successful people in any area of life. We all make mistakes. Get back up!

Tech giant Samsung Electronics seems to be at a crossroads as it searches for a new growth driver to counter slowing sales of its successful smartphones.

"Then the seventy returned with joy, saying, 'Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.'" Don't rejoice in "successful" service, rejoice in Who you serve.

The lazy call me obsessed & over the top, the successful call me to do business with them. #WhoAreYou

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I am pro-life and so are the people below. If you are pro-life, please consider having someone take your picture with a pro-Life sign and then send it to me as a message on my Facebook page. Our goal is to post multiple photos everyday between now and the Election. We will only be successful if you participate so please do so today! Thank you. - Mike


If your plan is to live for the day, then you will be successful in ruining your tomorrow. Be wise. Prepare for the future. Invest your now in things that would add value to your future. This will also be a good time to meditate on eternal issues, the reason and the message of the cross.


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It's ALL up to you. Successful men are the ones willing to do what unsuccessful men are not.

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I would like to thank You all for making #PyarMeinPadipoyane Audio Launch such a grand success!

Study while others are sleeping. Work while others are loafing. Prepare while others are playing. Dream while others are wishing.

Americans continue to be unhappy with Obamacare for a number of reasons, but the biggest one is that it limits choice. I proposed the Health Care Compact that returns healthcare choices to the state and to the people.

Success is not a destination it's a journey

Now that we’re all back to our regular routines how will you apply what you learned at the Richmond Success Tour? Here are some tips to help you out...

How do you balance being one of the greatest singers in country music with running multiple businesses? We talked to the woman who is doing just that, Dolly Parton

Growing vaginal tissue from a person's own cells could potentially be a new treatment option for patients with vaginal cancer or injuries who require reconstructive surgeries.

Have you been using Facebook Ads? Would you like to be more effective with your ads? Find out how in today's article! - Andrea

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

The chances of success? Maybe between 30 and 40 percent.

Happy returns of the day Srikkanth Anirudha. May this year bring you great success and happiness!

How do you follow up the success of an art project like the Snail? You build an even bigger piece--this time, the #CoachellaAstronaut.

“The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs… one step at a time.” - Joe Girard

Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.-Albert Einstein #quote

The second edition of Spinnin' Sessions at Nikki Beach in Miami was awesome! A big, BIG shout-out to our DJs, staff and everyone who joined us for being part of the Spinnin' family and making this a huge success!

Always striving toward the next goal? Never satisfied with what you've accomplished? Stop to read this.

Success called and said if you want it, come get it because it's not coming to you.

New Zealand policewomen are in the spotlight as a range of initiatives - and a new reality TV show - are announced. Will the new initiatives encourage more women to join the police?

After several seasons of 10 or fewer sellouts at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, fans have responded to the Pacers' success with 28 sellouts this season, the most since the arena's first two seasons. Have you returned to the Pacers bandwagon this year?

Jason Potash’s film career was off and running when he was 15 and a family friend asked him to make a one-minute video on laser eye surgery.

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having succeeded or being marked by a favorable outcome